Northwest Majors 09 Game Discussion Thread

In an attempt to have the planning thread stay on course, I made this thread. I figure for the time being that it’d be relatively easy for us to decide on the core games at NWM 09. Here’s what I think should be the core games…


Now assuming that it goes with a 7 game format again, this leaves room for three more games to be added. I personally think this would be a good initial lineup. Anyway post your thoughts, opinions, whatever. And really, let’s try to keep this within the realm of realistic expectations.

people will show up for 3s and cvs2 and as much as i think the game is ridiculous GG shall we call it good?

and perhaps to keep the day shorter run as many tournaments as possible and do the final one after the other that way people can relax and enjoy the finals similar to evo

I do like the idea of having the finals/final 8 or whatever for each tourney on the second day. Assuming we have a second day for this event. People can play much more casuals, chill, etc.

KOF 98 Ultimate match.

It might make sense to wait for a little while, since the games people are playing could change from now until then.

Correct or a lie? We have 10 possible contenders for inclusion.
Marvel, Remix, CvS2, 3S, SF4, SC4, 98UM, Guilty Gear, Tekken, Virtua Fighter.

I don’t have official numbers (somebody does, right?), but there were fewest pre-regs for VF, CvS2, and T5 in the last PNWMJrs. I suggest that if we cut games from last year, they be the ones that had the fewest players.

I like Mandel’s line-up. SC4 is great, and Marvel has to stay.

I’d like to try and include Brawl as a way to try and expand the scene and bring in more players. I would only want to include Brawl with Items On though, and that may alienate the whole scene, so it may not work anyway. :confused: But I still really want to try.

If you watch the EVO Brawl finals, you will see how exciting Brawl matches can be with items and a great announcer. I wouldn’t want to include Brawl without items, because that is the most boring shit I have ever watched.

I would definitely want to include GG or Blazblue eventually, but thats too up in the air to make any decisions. Its such a dedicated scene, they really come through for their game.

i hope KOF 98 UM makes it in, but damn i hope people from out of state show up for it as well :smiley:

Thats really the point of this thread. Nothing can be decided on right now, but it can still be talked about. Talking about it in the planning thread would create to much clutter, and wouldn’t affect anything anyway.

There is also KOFXII, and BlazBlue.

STHD Remix may suck horribly, even on classic mode, so we still have to consider ST also. Their is no telling when BlazBlue will be out, but I definitely think we should have a GG or BlazBlue for the GG scene.

The scene around a game can definitely affect the decision as well. VF seemed to die in a matter of 3 months last time, and only had 10 people.

KOF 12 wont come out for a long time, imo, unless we get told otherwise by SNK at TGS in October :confused: so lets worry about that when there is a verifiable console release date

So we need to start deciding on the tournament games.

The tournament is only 6 months away (which actually isn’t a long time) so the sooner we decide on games, the sooner we can advertise and start to build awarness. It would be best to have them decided on within 2 weeks or so.

So post up about what games you think would be best to have at this years major! Once we get some ideas, Mandel can make a poll and we can start voting. The poll doesn’t concretely determine the games, but we can really see what peoples opinions are.

The games that are absolutely going to be included are-

Street Fighter 4
Marvel Vs Capcom 2

Some things to keep in mind-

  • We are shooting for a 300 person attendance and preferably more. We want to bring in as many people as possible, so its better to have a lot of different scenes represented.
  • The tournament will likely be 2 days, from 10am-10pm, so I think we could try to fit about 8 games in, including a viewing for finals like at EVO. (Although this will depend on other things like expected turnout and run times.)
  • We want to represent as many scenes as possible while still having a great tournament.
  • This is just for official games, so any game that doesn’t make it can still be a side tournament.
  • Team tournaments are definitely possible.

My two cents-

I would strongly like to include Guilty Gear. I almost want to say it will definitely be included, but I would like to hear from GG players about whether they really want it or not. If they want it, its in for sure. Blazblue shouldn’t be out till Fall.

I would also like to include Super Smash Bros. Melee since they are so strong in our region and I would really like to have them represented.

I think including 3rd Strike and having all 3 Street Fighters would be a great too. I have a sort of voyuer obsession with it, and I enjoy watching it although I don’t touch, because that would ruin the magic. Anyway, I like 3S.

Those are the 3 I feel strongest about. If Soul Caliber still has a healthy scene, it would be great to have that too, and same goes for Tekken, but those are tottaly up in the air. It would be great to hear some input from people who are part of those scenes.

Its out in July on ps3.

Also, does SCIV have a scene here?

I’m iffy about Tekken DR since we’re between iterations now, I know I haven’t sat down and seriously played that game since last summer.

I knew this thread would be litered with " Insert my random ass SNK game " here stuff.

I vote for 3S. :tup:

No reason to let 3S and CvS2 clutter up the schedule, you can just give me the prize money.

Honestly though, GG and KOF games draw hella otakus and mexicans so I think it would be wise to include them.

With KOFXII slated for a worldwide release in July, why not add it onto the roster? Blazblue is slated for a summer release and it hasn’t been specified yet as to whether or not that’s a Japan release date or a worldwide release. I’m guessing Japan, but anyway, outside of SFIV, HDR, and Marvel I’d say…

Super Smash Something
GGXX Accent Core/Blazblue
SCIV maybe

No SC4 that game blows ass and no one plays it. Get GG or Tekken or anything in over that piece of shit please.

Need to start thinking about the definite number of game tournies which can be run given the time farme, manpower, etc.

How many were at last years? 4, 5? With increasaed space and attendance…can that number be possibly bumped up? Just thinking out loud.

pokemon battle stadium.

I think SC4 was a passing fad like Naruto and VF5 (at least in Seattle) were around here. Correct me if I’m wrong. Looking at what people play or are willing to play in the Northwest, this includes Portland, etc., I’d say:

Smash Bros Brawl

I’m willing to give KOFXII a try I suppose.

There were 7 games last year. Marvel, ST, 3S, VF5, Tekken, GG and CVS2

Last Tournaments Schedule- NWM 08’

12:00-1:00 - Registration and Set-Up
1:00-3:45 - Tekken: DR, VF5, CVS2 Tournaments
3:45-4:00 - Inventory Check
4:00-6:45 - Super Turbo, Guilty Gear:AC Tournaments
6:45-7:00 - Second Inventory Check
7:00- Finish - Marvel, 3rd Strike Tournaments with an inventory check at 9:00 as people start to leave.

It ended up going till about 12 to finish up 3rd Strike. I think it would be best to end at 10am at the latest for official tournaments, but thats just my preference. Side tournies can finish up a little later.

With 2 days, and a start time of 10am, I think we could host 8 games pretty comforably if we had adequate set-ups and volunteers.