Northwest GG : Accent Core

Alright, even with all this Evo talk going on, I am still interested in pushing the GG scene forward in the NW with the latest iteration. I’m gonna borrow some of Nick’s threadmaking ability, although I have enough enthusiasm for the game. I want this to be a good advertisement for Portland GG crew, although most of the regular players meet at the PSU weeklies every Wednesday, they are coming to an end, and I’d like to extend the invitation to get some casuals and push the player base forward.

PDX Players :
Me, Ross, AlexK, Matt, Andrew, Thomas, Caedmon, SamY, SamB (maybe?) and a few others
I’ll try dropping by Art’s one of these days to muster up some support…

So far we have a Zappa, Slayer, Sol, Jam, Baiken, and Axl covered. I’ll expand to Testament or Eddie, but right now we lack a strong one of either. We got a bunch of secondary characters, so I wont bother.

Seattle :
They’ve got a strong crew playing most of the cast, but only a few commonly on SRK. We’ll pretty much be pushing for PDX to compete with them, as they have more numbers .

Evo :
We pretty much have enough for 2 teams, but the main conflict is the AC debate. Whatever, we still are gonna be playing AC and not slash, but it would be cool if we could solidify 2 full teams.

Question is - Anyone else up for playing?
Wednesday 3pm-9pm Portland State University
My House, nearly everyday. Hit me up on aim or drop me a line. Later.

Hey Hellsap!

Wish you guys the best on building up the Accent Core in PDX. Unfortunately for me, I know nothing about Guilty Gear (as made all the more obvious when I assumed Accent Core was Slash today).

Eventually, I would like to learn the game but I’m not very good at learning 2d fighters (more like I’m too lazy to work on certain things that would only take a day), but perhaps this Summer I’ll get my 2d-fighter act together.

As far as I can tell, I’ve always liked the flow of the GG battles. The games are visually beautiful too.

For whatever silly reason though, I always want to play Anji, but I have no idea how he stacks up in any of the games. If he’s a worthwhile endeavor, maybe I’ll try to actually learn how to play him this summer when the schedule opens up?

Are you guys considering an official Summer alternative to the Random Select meetings? I think that would be a great idea for those that will still be around this Summer. Just a thought.

One last question… Can you test out Accent Core on a PS3 running on an HDTV and see if that’s playable to your standards? I’m not sure what to make of the lag controversy, but I will be involved in setting up some sort of publicly visible fighting game night in the future and it’ll be on setups like that… And I have heard there’s at least issues with PS2s running Component into HD. As for PS3, I think there’s a chance it might be okay with upscaling turned off, but I don’t really know anything about that.

I mean… If Accent Core is announced for Evolution 2008, with enough people, I might be able to setup another form of competition based sponsorship deal for a player or two in the Accent Core community, but it would be a problem if the game is just unplayable on HD. And it’s not like I would want to make people play on a laggy setup if there’s no way around it.


Well… HD will probably create lag regardless, but if you can find a way to input it and turn off upscaling, it may get rid of the problem. Of course, the other problem is that PS3s would have to be Japanese (or modded, but I doubt that’s been developed yet) to play AC, since there’s no american release. Also: It’s a bit far ahead, but I’d gladly take part in a tourney here for sponsorship. Heh.

Aaand… Anji is the worst character in AC. But don’t let that discourage you from playing him. His worst matchups are something like 3.5/6.5, but he only has one or two that are that bad. Then again, the majority of his matches are still 4/6 or worse, so you’ll probably have to work a little to win.

aren’t ps3’s region free?

Oh wow. Really? I seriously had no idea. Even on PS2 games?

Nope PS3 games are region free, but the PS3 itself is region-encoded for PS2 games (to my knowledge)

The PS3 systems are region-coded.


PS3 games are region-free.

Most commercial DVDs, PS2 games, and Blu-Ray Discs are region-coded however. And the PS3 respects those region codes.

Therefore, while you can play any PS3 game from around the world. It’s a different story with DVDs, PS2 games, and Blu-Ray Discs.

Right, so for AC, you’d need a japanese one.

that planned sounds very backwards to me =/ oh well CONTINUE GGAC TALK =D

So, what is the general opinion of this game? Is it better than all the other GGXXs? My main problem (as well as a lot of Marvel players problem) with Guilty Gear was that combo wise it was very easy to hit a plateau, and that there was really only like ONE combo you needed to do at any given time of the match, with no real room for improvisation. Is this the case with this game? Is it balanced? One shot one kill, what’s the dill?

Whats Guilty Gear ?

It’s not backwards. It’s in order to respect the manufacturers and publishers of the said media. It’s not legal compliance, but think of it as corporate ettiquette. You wouldn’t want to be on the bad side of the companies that either either choose to release their product for your console or not, would you?

And Mandel: By many opinions, Slash is still superior, as Accent Core overbalanced some characters, making them less effective, and making particular matchups more one-sided. If you remember #R, Potemkin was actually a very good character if played right, but against a good Faust, there was absolutely nothing he could do but hope the faust messed up and got in the right range for a 1/2 health juggle or super. The AC system is much more robust, though. It offers generally better gameplay on a casual level. Still, it comes down to a matter of opinion. Mainly on the characters you prefer.

I suppose it still is relatively limited as to the combos you use, but it is more robust. In any GGXX, there are just a few combos that you use with each character once you connect. It just depends on what move you hit them with and what range you’re at. basically 5-6 different combos you use for any character primarily. And two of those are corner combos :rofl: The damage you can inflict is similar to Marvel in what you can do on one character at once without DHCs. Anywhere from 1/4 for a punished whiff or somthing to 3/4 damage for a perfectly placed combo into a super.

I’ve yet to see you win at any fighting game. Seriously.

WTF? I’ve played you… twice ever? Down in the media room, I wasn’t losing a single game in 3s until JTM showed up. STFU. You haven’t played me in 3s, GG, or any game besides marvel. Maybe ST. What is your problem? I really don’t like having beef with people I don’t even know well. I didn’t have anything against you, and don’t intend to.

Kuenai - Umm… who’s opinion says GGXXS is better than AC? I think you’re a bit
off on that one. The majority of the community thinks AC is the best one, casual players think AC is the best one… and check around cause we sorta had this big ordeal of having almost everyone who plays GG competitively say “we want AC @ Evo” and we’re finally going to get it.

But back on topic : AC still has a “plateau” of sorts, and I would say a lot of them have that… there are a basic number of Bread and Butters for all your characters, and the first step towards learning them is probably learning the BnB and doing it consistently. Most characters have a BnB that is character specific usually falling into weight category or M/F (as they float differently)
Messing around a bit more you’ll notice a lot of character specific combos, or situations where what you can do can drastically differ. counter hits, wall position, amount of meter, if the opponent is airborne, do you want that knockdown, etc…
All this is stuff you marvel players should be familiar with… theres just a lot of traps / etc you can mess with in training mode, and if you play against a wide range of characters you will certainly get a feel with what you can get away with.

Of course, AC as well seems to be a lot simpler for people to pick up at a basic level, its more inviting and its easier to do well with a character when you’re starting up, but theres still a breakaway towards actually getting advanced. Fish around on Dustloop and hope you find some useful information or watch up on vids and check out what the JP players are doing and what you’re not…

Off-topic a bit but, when I return to Portland, I want to play some GG:AC to see if it sways my opinion into actually playing GG seriously or not. Hook it up HellSap.

Have you even seen Potemkin in AC? He’s ridiculous, but still loses (like a lot of the “top characters”)


Nah, I haven’t seen AC potemkin seriously yet. Like I said, I don’t play AC. I’m still hung up on #R. I tried out Slash, and just couldn’t get into it. Plus, I love the way Ky plays in #R. He’s gotta be my favorite character, even though he’s not so great. I like Anji, too.

as for AC, I’m gonna have a bit of trouble getting started on it as I don’t have a PS2 at the moment. I only play it at Adam’s place (a friend of mine that has all the fighting games you could imagine and doesn’t even play them :bluu:). Why would someone pick GoW over GG? I just can’t relate…

Hellsap: After looking around, you’re right. I tend to fall into groupthink pretty quickly, and the few friends the play GG don’t like AC. I don’t really like Slash, honestly. If it weren’t for Eddie in #R, I would prefer that in tourney play. He’s too powerful :tdown:

Ky was essentially the Eddie replacement in Slash, and Eddie was nerfed pretty hard. In AC, the tables have kind of turned again with Eddie being the better character, but not as dominant as he was in #R. In both games, Eddie’s shadow no longer builds guard gauge (which lead to ridonkulous damage in #R once he got you into an unblockable) and in AC the shadow behaves slightly different as well.

But yeah, most people prefer AC over Slash.


This is out for ps2 right? I saw a couple of nasty ass glitch videos for console AC. That’s disheartening.


-Order Sol and Ky look bomb.
-What are the tiers in this game?
-If anyone has this, they should bring this to Zach’s on Friday.