North Florida Bi-Weekly Tournament has been cancelled :(

thanks homie. good to hear you are trying to build up allentown and lehigh.

tomorrow is the final vanilla SF4 tourney! let the hype train roll!


Thanks spek, jeff, francis, and everyone else for learning me up on the game. I took a lot away from it and can’t wait to go again for Super! -Brandon

i will be at all of these. if not all competing at least watching.

I need to get up more on those casuals that happen on the side of the tourney. It’d be cool to get some schoolin’. 8)

First SSFIV tourney is just a week away!

PLEASE NOTE: I have moved into a new house (no longer in an apartment) and the address is:

12364 Casheros Cove South Jacksonville, FL 32225 (Off Kernan Blvd North, near Atlantic Blvd)

There is street side parking, but please be courteous of my neighbors and don’t park in the grass…just along the street.

Bump for tomorrow!

Today is the day… I show every one that I am veri noob…

Today IS the day! Get hype people! Setting everything up now.

Casuals are starting at 1pm today for those that don’t know.

So… I was kinda telling myself that I did not want to go or did not care to go but I know now I need to go.

I am happy to see a scene for any game in Jax, hopefully when people realize that SSF$ is just not the game for them, they will migrate to a different game *(T. V. C. Top dolla with a gold flea colla dippin in a blue impala… T. V .C.) Or maybe the level of players will increase and people will go back to playing 4+ fighters (Man do I miss those days)

Oh hell who do I play tho… Guy for sure, I will be all about him as soon as I actually play this damn game.

See you fools later on today… Who wants snacks???

I am definetely am going to be there. I am finally going to be out of my house and start looking for some tournament so i can put my name out there so i can b next to luffy!!!He is my favorite Rose player. I haven’t seen any best guy player out there yet but i am still looking.Saqs is not match for me or luffy.just telling the truth

i look forward to it!

fyi…we have a really solid Guy player here in jax.

What up homie.

what’s up homie!

hows philly?

really? what is the solid guy player name. I really want to c how he plays with guy. Does he have a youtube video or something

his name is jeff and no…there are no videos of him online.

only way to find out is to show up at the tournament at play him.

If you’re in the 904 area and play Super… You have to be here for the tourney and help the community grow!! Want to figure out where you stack up in town… Best of the best from around the town throw down here…

hell…if you are within 120 miles of Jax you should come and compete!

if you are within 50 miles of Jax, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be here.

Hope to be there tomorrow.

And that is the tooth.

Have I yet said this man could lead me to war any day!!! Damn why do you not play TvC even a little, your push would be much appreciated. Good luck to you this weekend. Get you some fight money. Hit me up if you need “THA SNAKS”