North Florida Bi-Weekly Tournament has been cancelled :(

This series has been cancelled. :frowning:

Thanks to all the players that came out and supported our scene! We are working on a monthly series now and it will be much bigger than ever before!

Good to see you starting this Spek. Best of luck to you.

Thanks homie! Gotta keep the hope alive.

Now…just got to get my philly heads to make a trip to Florida for it! :slight_smile:

I won’t be able to make the 1st Tourny on the 20th due to me being in Daytona that week, but I will go to them after that. Can’t wait for this, I hope the first tourny goes well! Record some of the matches!

spek im gonna add you on xbox live sometime this week.

Damn, that reminds me…Project Storm is that weekend. I’m going to move the first tourney to that friday night. Should make some good practice for PS.

I don’t have a way to record HDMI at the moment, but I will soon!

Now, while I would not really be intersted in just SF$, I would love to see the Jax killas really push themselves in their games. With that said, why don’t you hold marvel as well, or any other fighter. Our SF$ scene is really free for anyone good, while we do have like 2 killas with mad skills (3 if you want to count a certin pad player!! :), they are just not challenged at all. All I am saying is that, SF$ will only stay popin if Jeff does not enter ever one of them, but rather is just there to help the less talented. Same goes for Brandon. They would be inclined to do that if other games were there and enough people showed up to play the other games with them. I mean I know they will want the free money eventually, but to have them in every tourney will only make the scene run scared.

I am not jeff or brandon and do not speak for them, but I do know what happend to the Hooters tourneys, and we need to learn from that.

Besides, JAX LOVES MARVEL!!! I can not get them off that shit. If you just let casuals be run for other games I am sure more people will show and this will last a whole lot longer for you. Just helpful hints.

But on the most postitive note of my post, I will gladly come to every house tourney you have and bring a friend with me, as long as you let us set up TvC:UAS there. We will pay the fee, but more than likely will not join the SF$ tourney. I mean hell sometimes I might even just throw 10 dollars in the pot to make it more money. I have the sticks, converters, Classics, the Tv and the game and system. All I want is some space to show off this game. It might even help to get philly down here… I know yahll got players up there for this shit. Demon, Steve H???

Bi-weekly tourneys!! Too good Spek… Hopefully it turns into somehing dope.

Just for clarification … That’s a 12.00 fee with 2.00 going to venue right??

Looking forward to the series!

that’s correct. total will be $12.

I can promise you that SF4 will not be free for Jeff or Brandon. You mention Hooters, but that was quite a while ago and I know many of the Jax players have leveled up. Not to mention, one of the main reasons some people have NOT leveled up, is because of the lack of offline competition. That is what this bi-weekly will bring…a good place for everyone to level-up their play and for someone to win some money.

Now…I know Jax is still on Marvel, but I will not run that crack at my tourney. TvC is a different story though. I have TvC:UAS and 1 stick for the Wii. I haven’t spent the time to unlock everyone, but I will soon.

If Jax is getting hype about this game…then why not put the money up and make a tourney out of it? Maybe $5 to start off?

While casuals are fun, nothing pushes a person more than putting money on the line. If you guys agree to make a tourney out of TvC, I will make the room for it.

I got two tvc sticks and all character unlocked… I’ll admit have played in a while but the game is fun!

8pm is kinda late for me but ill try but i cant stand playing SF4 online it sucks so bad almost makes me want to break my stick and i dont mean just by losing aether i mean lag and the very low level of communication it drives me NUTS!

pssshhh…8pm is early!

@beast: that would be awesome if people agree to having a TvC tourney.

also, i don’t have 2 360s at the moment, but i did just purchase a second Asus “evo” monitor. If anyone can bring their 360 (that plans on hanging out for a while) this sat night, it would be greatly appreciated. I have a PS3, but would prefer to run all 360.

let me know if anyone can. thanks!

booooooooo :arazz:

I dont think anyone would wanna run a marvel tourney but casuals are perfectly fine I would think. I can bring my 360 if u need an extra which has marvel, ssf2hdr, kof98um, garou motw.

Much respect to Spek for hostin, good shit homie. Lemme know if u need help with anything u got my cell #

spektrum running tournaments now?? damn man you can do it all.

I am all down for it. Any amount and I will add 35 to the pot if more than 6 people enter!!

Then show up and play the damn game!!

And now I have no reason not to be there??

But on the real, I will be there this weekend with no wii. I really just want to make sure I show up to all of these since you are all for TvC.

Jax lets support this stuff. This man has a plan to get yahll off your asses and playing again.

Spek, can I bring you a pizza or something, just some way to say thanks for the TvC support man.

Edit: I will also bring the Tv if you need me to. I can also bring a stand for it. Just let me know.

Now I have something to get hype over!!!

@JD: that’s how I roll, son!

@Stan: I have a 47" LCD in the living room we can setup TvC on. There shouldn’t be much lag since running through composite cables.

edit: i’m always down for free food! that would be awesome!

Awesome! You live RIGHT BY ME! I will probably show up. :slight_smile:

Umm as long as the Tv does not lag I will not care. I can not level up at all with lag!!! Online has been telling me that. I mean if you need the Tv just let me know before I leave. It is not big or anything but it will not lag at all!

Who is going to this???

I might just bring as many pizzas as TvC players. I want to see someone in this town actually pick this game up. (Other than Jon)

What time on sat is this going down?? 6 pm till when??

Well, since tonight is just casuals…you all can test my tv out. If everyone agrees to lag, you can bring your TV for the tournament.

I don’t want to put an end time on tonight, as you never know how long the hype will last!


Who is showing up to this???

Anyone for TvC???

I’ll be here. I’ll be bringing a friend as well.