North Carolina Thread LXVI

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Boone Gatherings! (Narcowski) on Fridays

Jon (Jon Slayton) hosts on Thursdays

Elite Zone Weeklies (Jabroni Kenshin) on Fridays


Brian (Tactiks) hosts on Wednesdays - Rockem Sockem Wednesday Night RanBats (Greensboro, NC)


Brian (Tactiks) hosts on March 17th- [Mar 17, 2012] Charlotte, NC, Rock’em Sock’em (ReSe) (Concord, NC)

[Feb 25, 2012] Elite Zone Monthly (Fayetteville, NC)

BFP Mindgames Fight Club presents… Tuesday Night Throwdowns every other Tuesday (Greensboro, NC)

Tierless Heroes (Madskizophrenik) host Wednesdays - [Feb 29, 2012] Wednesday Night Brawls

Great job Jon!

I am coming by for drill inspection tonight. “no homo”

hahaha love that video!

See you out later.

Trying to gauge interest for a Saturday gathering. Anybody willing to host? We need to play.

Where? What games?

Posting this over from the last thread.

I will be there. Given it’s on 360 I will suck since my converter isn’t here yet. But I’ll manage best I can. See ya then.

There will actually be no Bar Fights for the next 2 weeks due to Final Round.

I would host on saturday but there’s a tourney that day and shit, I don’t even have chairs or tables yet. Go to the tourney instead!

so whos going to EZ? im not being mean but the only game I really care to play is KoF and I want STIFF competition…so Jon and Darrell…either of you guys going? if not I may still go for the competition and to support the scene like I always do, but I NEED a crack session before Final Round.

thats in no way a snub to the regulars but I need to grind hard and get my lessons beat into me, and thus far they are the only guys I straight lose to. I made ground and achieved what I set out to do the other night at WNB, and I want to keep pushing towards my goals. theres no reason NC cant storm the top of the bracket at Final Round.

Yeah Demo, I plan on going to EZ this weekend. Speaking of which, that tournament needs some more promotion, almost forgot it was this weekend.


So as far as a carpool goes:


I will drive if not. Lets get organized peeps.

If I don’t pass out tonight I will PM some of you about EZ >_>

It’s been posted almost ever single page in the NC thread sometimes multiple times by both me and Tracey.

I plan on going tomorrow, not to play in a tournament but to hang out. I can bring a console setup to try to alleviate that but here’s my dilemma:

I have an Xbox with KOF XIII and SCV on it, and a PS3 with 3SO, and SSFIV AE. The problem is having the opposite consoles for the games played.

As to question why I’m coming and not entering is because I’m new to the area, and currently unemployed (those on HC would know). At this point I haven’t practiced at all. I’m just looking to get out of the apartment and meet people so I can get ready for future events (though if I feel like I should enter I may enter in SCV). I’m coming from Goldsboro by the way.

I haven’t heard of any of the arcana guys are gonna be there but it will be good to see you.

Tekken 6 at my place, Saturday (tomorrow), noon.

Are you actually the Lingmassacre known as Justin? I met you at Final Round in 2010 if so. I don’t expect you to remember, I just find it cool that good people are in the area.

Not going to EZ. Don’t feel like driving and spending my whole day in Fayetteville. Have fun, guys.

I plan on going to EZ this weekend. I’m about 90% right now.

Oh and I finished dual modding this stick. Pretty EZ mode.

I think for those who cannot or do not want to go if possible it would be cool if there was a gathering going for that group of people because obviously it’s not always cost effective or possible for people to spend an entire day at a tournament. Gotta keep NC leveling up.