North Carolina Thread LIX



Josiah (XxJosxX) hosts on Mondays
Jon (xS A M U R A Ix) hosts on Thursdays


Erik (Old Man Doom) hosts on Wednesdays and Fridays


Kevin (Jabroni Kenshin) hosts on Fridays


Kevin (IambicStrays) hosts on every other Thusday


Jason (EmoPrinny) hosts on Sundays


Demo (Orochi_Negro) hosts on Wednesdays



Brian (Tactiks) hosts on August 27th, 2011 - [Aug 27, 2011] Charlotte, NC, Rock’em Sock’em (ReSe) (Concord, NC)


Kevin (Jabroni Kenshin) hosts on August 20, 2011 - [Aug 20, 2011] Elite Zone (Fayetteville, NC)


Alex (Roski) hosts on Mondays - [Aug 1, 2011] CFG Weekly: Tournaments Every Monday Night! (Wilmington, NC)

Message the host of a session or tournament for details
Message me to add or remove a session or tournament

$5 someone posts on the first page of this thread asking if there are any sessions near Raleigh.

Please add the Charlotte tourney to the list:

continuing from last thread:

Roski: Corner-Trap isnt a dick. that shit is true. I know for a FACT ive posted 4 times talking about picking up Dale who lives in RDU. And its not a single occurence either, multiple times people come in asking about rides/sessions when everything is posted PLAIN AS DAY. Then as is typical, the ones who do the MOST amount of asking, do the LEAST amount of showing up. Like Will said, its just an irritating process. And its multiple members, not directed at a particular person. BUT

on that note

Sofa_King: Saturday morning I am picking up Dale (Robocurse) from Knightdale which is roughly 25 mins from me and another 25-30 from you in Raleigh (rough estimate). If you need a ride, theres two choices. 1. I can go get you when I get Dale or 2. you can meet me at my place in Wilson and we all go from there. Note that choosing option 1 increases my gas rate proportianate to how many miles it is from my place to your place to EZ and back by my gps. Anybody whos carpooled with me will tell you I dont bop people over the head for gas money, so dont be scared…but Wilson to Raleigh to Fayetteville to Raleigh to Wilson to Charlotte to Wilson all in one weekend is gonna be a killer.

Gamefrog Tournament July 23, 2011 Location: Durham, NC

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition(PS3)
Marvel vs Capcom 3(PS3)
Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion(PS3)
King of Fighters XIII(PC)

More details to come.

Ok I want to level up my SSFIV skills here in Charlotte but I dont want to go to any tournament or anything like that. i just want a chill atmosphere where i can learn. My friends only play sports games and there is no “scene” here…not even a SSFIV arcade machine. HELP ME OUT!

Ok I want to level up my SSFIV skills here in Charlotte but I dont want to go to any tournament or anything like that. i just want a chill atmosphere where i can learn. My friends only play sports games and there is no “scene” here…not even a SSFIV arcade machine. HELP ME OUT!

From the last thread.

Who said they were doing a carpool in the Triangle area then followed up with saying their carpool is full? Josiah was doing a carpool but I think Jon took that duty over and said he had a spot and no one ever took him up on it. I also think Duo55, DamagePoints and Nappze were doing a carpool but Nappze has to work so that makes even more room in that car. Demo just stated that he posted 4 times about having room in his car and got no replies.

  1. There is a scene in Charlotte, NC.

  2. We have a NC thread which I think you already posted in so why did you make a new thread?

  1. If you don’t want to go to tournaments you won’t find many players who are willing to play with you. Players like surrounding themselves with other players who are just as serious about their hobby as they are.

Will you calm down instead of trying to argue. Jos is riding with Jon and Jon said his car is full now (I’ve already contacted him). I sent a PM to Damage Points AGAIN (sent one over a week ago when he first mentioned about a carpool) and I’m STILL awaiting a response. I’m right now trying to calculate the distance if its better for me to just pick up Dale myself and meet up with Demo or take his option #1. Jeez.

And for the record I asked about a carpool earlier in the week for Lucky’s with no response until it was too late. My boss asked if I could work that day and without a guaranteed ride I said I could. That is why I was unable to ride with Demo although he had offered to pick me up.

Sorry I just thought that was for tourneys. i just didnt want to enter a tourney and get nervous and not learn anything. But thanks for the help

Just try see it from everyone else’s perspective for a moment. All we see is a lot of players in the Triangle area offering rides then a few pages later you post asking for rides. This has been consistently happening for the past couple of threads. Now imagine if you saw that from a third party perspective wouldn’t you think “damn is this dude even reading the thread”? Not trying to be mean to you, just letting you know how the situation looks to everyone else. If the situation is more intricate than that then I’ll take your word for it.

I would rather everyone not mentally catalog you as another new player who wants to go to sessions/tournaments but says they can’t get a ride despite players posting about rides plain as day. Cause we’ve had quite a lot of new players fall into that category over the past couple months.

I found this amusing because it could be read -

Will! You calm down!


Will you calm down?

You could be saying his name, Will or the word Will. And since it was the first word of the sentence it was capitalized just like a name would be, so you can’t tell the difference!

I guess this could all have been avoided with the use of a comma or explanation point. Or you could have purposely omitted punctuation here to give your sentence it’s double meaning.

Interesting stuff.

Yeah my car was Jos and Brent and then Jos contacted me and said Lawrence was riding with us, most of this was in PMs so sorry if there was any confusion.

Same thing goes for me with Demo though, I don’t mind going a little out of the way to get people but I’m not driving around the planet to pick up different people all over the place. IE: If you’re in raleigh and off 440 or 40 then it’s no biggy but if you live in like a shack behind a farm deep in the banjo woods then either meet someone at their place so I can get 2 birds with one stone or offer up some gas money for the trouble.

Not directed at you btw sofa, just for future reference for anyone riding with me.

Look, here’s a tournament in Charlotte, NC this Sunday:

Just show up there and get to know your local scene. You don’t have to enter the tournament but at the very least you can watch and play some casuals. It would be a good experience for you.

Hi Corner-Trap & NC Community, I host sessions for the Greensboro area in the UNCG library every other Thursday, with the next one being a week from today. I don’t lurk a lot here, so the best place to reach me is probably facebook, under Kevin McCarty (in the UNC-Greensboro network, I have posts in NC Fighters if you need additional help). We’ve had two meetings so far and the turnout appears to be exponentially increasing, so maybe it’s worthy of the OP? Thanks!

If there are any Triangle players with room I need a ride to EZ.

If you want your sessions to be more well known then it’s better to advertise them on SRK not FB. People check SRK for their FGC news, people check FB to hit on chicks.

Try to see it from my perspective. People post about sessions, I PM them, I get nothing back. That went on for a few threads. I can’t go to a session without an address. I mentioned this and more before so I won’t rant on any further on that topic since its ancient history now.

As far as carpools go its only happened once and that was for Lucky’s. Why does everybody assume something that has ONLY happened once? That’s irritating to me, but I’m not gonna hold it against people and be a dick to them over something stupid that happened ONCE. Plus I typically try to PM people when its something such as address, phone number, etc, so EVERYONE else is not gonna know that I contacted those same people who posted. Just stop with all the assuming. If you need witnesses just ask Jos, Jon, and (trying to think of his real name…screw it) Damage Points. I’ve been asking about carpooling on SRK and at the gathering.