NorCal GuiltyGear/Melty Blood

didn’t see a thread made for the NorCal GG and MB players.

post here if ya do. set up a gathering. discuss what you need.

Usually I post at the NorCal Dustloop forums.

I’m just starting, didn’t even know Dust Loop had a NorCal thread, neat


hey you guys should check under the “GZR Nights! Tournaments and more! Sept 21 - December ? (weekly)” thread we have a GG:Accent Core and Marvel Vs Capcom 2 tourny on Oct. 12th (this friday at Play N Trade in san lorenzo) . check it out trying to help the GG:AC scene. we should have a good turn out as well. LETS ROCK!:rock: :lol:

hit me up for casuals as well :bgrin:

and just in case you’re interested as well Smash tourny on Oct. 19th :wgrin:

IT’s GOING DOWN!! :lol:


Melty blood? where? >> <<

I’m up for more AC gatherings/tourneys in Nor Cal. Just a quick FYI, I post as Aggie Fan on Dustloop as well.

As far as I know, people occasionally play over at DVC… I’d like to go over there sometime and actually learn how to play and get decent at games and such.

Unfortunately I don’t know when they hold these gatherings or how to get there without a car/ride (coming from fairfield)… help me out someone? D:

I want to go but then I have to cancel plans…I hope some people go for a good turnout;that way we’ll have more tournaments.

Hey, why don’t we hold Guilty Gear/3S tournaments in the DVC Rec Room? Those are the two most popular fighting games played there aside from Smash, right? We could call out a tournament date weeks in advance, and organize it too.

If there’s multiple games people want to compete in, we could assign different timeslots for games so that everything fits into 1 day.

Howzabout it?

Trying to learn both of these games right now. Is there any body in the Oakland/ Alameda area? :sweat:

HEY guys, just to let you know, if you guys every wanna get some good practice and some casual play, i have gatherings at my house for G.G AC, the competition is good and i think you all will enjoy it!..PM me if you have any questions or just reply to this comment, some of us play on the ps2 d-pad, or on my MAS, feel free to bring you own stick, the days that i usually have the gatherings on are on wednesday, thursday and saturday nights!..let me know if you wanna come!

:lol:exactly, so we are trying to get as many people to come/enter as possible.:wgrin:

If anyone is interested, I believe someone at Sac-Con is holding a Melty Blood: Act Cadenza tournament this December.

More info:

I think it’s being held December 9th, but the organizer of the tourney hasn’t email me back yet.

They did one like last month and it was terrible. Room was hot as fuck (no AC), games were 1 game, single elim, 3/5 rounds, character lock, and PART OF THE FUCKING POT HAD TO GO TO THE CON HOLDERS. Not sure if it’ll be the same thing this time, but it was definitely considered a failure and not worth going to. D:

There’s MBAC only sessions at SJSU Mondays and Wedensdays. You can also find better comp for MBAC @ … We’ve got like 3 threads for NorCal.

Thanks for letting me know!

I’ll be at Sac-Con anyway getting Doug Jones to sign some stuff. If it turns out the MB tourney is how you described it, I guess I’ll have more time to look around at the con.

Wasn’t it true you had to use pads at Sac-Con. I also love how you have to stick to one character…

:lol: hey can I get more details on the mondays and wednesdays at SJSu like times and room? b/c I want to give the game another try or at least know who to do more stuff then just button mashing b/c for some reason my button mashing in Melty Blood isn’t that bad when I played one of my friends and his friends :bgrin::rofl:. good times :rofl: good times.

shit i hella wanna play people in Guilty Gear AC…batman, when you gonna come down to one of my sessions huh? i wanna play the D-PAD man himself! my order sol, vs your something!