NorCal Arcana Heart

I know you guys are somewhere. Post up, let’s get this ball rolling especially with domestic release coming soon!

I was thinking of making a topic for this. Glad to see that you’ve already gotten in started.

No wonder you said the NorCal AH scene was a little lacking…

I, simply, had no incentive to play the game since there’s no competition.

If this thread has a lot of active players, then I’ll reconsider


lets do this i am in nor cal too but i dont have any decent arcades around me, i live near sac

Mizuki TURNING it up, good shit

We play a lot more in stockton now. If anyone wants we will prolly gather next friday again for more casuals.

Yo, this friday at Chabot college during GZR nights thing I’ma bring Arcana Heart. It’s in the cafeteria it’s a big place and I’ma have my ps2 up and running until I leave which is when they close up. Peeps takin the bart stop at Bayfair and take 97 to the college. Address is:

the address at Chabot College in cafeteria:
25555 Hesperian Boulevard
Hayward, California 94545


Sabiiiiiiiiiiiiiin how could you forget about me Arturoooooooooo!?!!?!? afther all those blunts we smoked in ohio, and me buggin you on questions about arcana =[[[

what about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! =P

everyone start playing this game. and if you play guilty gay sexx and dont play this game, then you suck bridget dick, nigga… the end. lol

so i was thinking of learning Arcana Heart but I cant find a forum for the game?
could anyone point me in the rigth direction please?

Whoa, this thread’s alive!

Things are looking good for this Friday. Should I bring my PS2 and Arcana as well?

The best place to start is right here.

There’s a wiki and a small forum found here.

If you really want to check out other spots, there’s these places as well

thanks man i appreciate it

hahah. i could never forget about my nigga korngonizzle. <3


Ok, if anyone is interested, imma throw a gathering on a saturday two weeks from now in stockton for arcana hearts and maybe accent core. Prolly buy in some pizza and drinks too. Ask me here for info or ill pm ya if you’re interested.

damn. around that time… i’ma see wassup with visiting my mom LOL damn, i wanna play some arcana!!!

SABIN <3333!

seems like there’s quite a hype for arcana. after our finals, we should get monthly ranbats going. i’m looking forward to the competition.

I’ll be in SoCal from May 24 to late August, so it looks like I’ll be missing out on a lot.

Tomorow it’s going down, Hopefully I’ll see some of you guys there at Chabot! I’ll bring my PS2, and sure Beats it’ll be nice if you bring yours, 2 is better than one! Get these niggas hype!

Yooo, post in here if you’re going tonight. I don’t wanna show up to no one being there!

I’ll be there, don’t worry.
I’ll probably arrive early and walk around Hayward. I’ve never checked it out.

Edit: Forget about the early thing. I just woke up from a nap. I’ll probably leave in 20 minutes… after I check out where the 97 stops are at.

YOOOOO I go there and only see beatsstayflowin! Where is everyone else?!