Noob (Novice) Tourny

Has anyone made a Noob Tournament before?

how the hell do you determine if your a newb and wouldnt you just take a bunch of people who never played the game ever in their life before and make it into a tourney.

Novice Tourny (Not Noob)

Well uh… :sweat: what I ment was, I thought it would be a “well” idea for players like moi who has a little experience… I’m thinking below average.

they got those 3s scrub tournaments at ffa

you joined up here in march 2004 and you’re still a newb?

start a novice tournament if you want to feel better about yourself. play real tournaments to play people who are better than you.

Watching two inexpierenced players fight in a tournment is the most frustrating thing you could put yourself through.

Might as well be watching the special olympics.

I was just wondering man… If you hate this thread. Don’t post it…

Oh God! Such sensitivity…

I’ve been on the forums for almost 6 years, posting for going on 5… and I’m still terrible. Some people joined SRK because the GD and not fighters, and picked up fighters as a side effect, or played fighters once in a great while, found the GD, spend years on it, and started fighters up again (like myself). :lovin:

You joined in 2004? are you sure of it?

I entered a CVS2 tournement held by GameCrazy back in 2004…I took the tourney with ease and I won a 200 gift card from them. I feel so ashamed now =[

I swear this kid makes threads that have this erotic tone to them like he’s getting off – i am not making this up.

I did that once.
It was a Soulcalibur 2 touney. I use to mess around with the game with some of the top players in the nation. They would mash my head in religously. Then there was this random Soul Calubr 2 tounry at some LAN center. I went to it secretly without telling them about it. Took all the monies and had those guy’s thinking I was a Soul Calibur god.

And to add onto the scrub/noob shit.

Not everyone lives in SoCal with hella comp in every game they play. If you don’t have any/many people to play very often, you’re not getting better.

i suspect another apology thread?

anyways no such thing man up, get better and prepare to lose alot

it says his joindate is 04 but he talks just like an 07 member:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

And there’s a difference, I can read his posts a lot clearer than yours. In the 3 years you’ve been here, punctation has avoided you like the plague you are.

Whoa, whoa, let’s not bring the Special Olympics into this. Scrub matches don’t have half the entertainment value as watching paraplegics do the backstroke.

That pretty much sums up my ideas too.

you’re only as good as your competition…

Is this a serious question? And what part of NC do you live in?