None EX tackle combos

another crap thread about tackles?

I was reminded the other day of a video I watched ages ago of a jap urien player pulling 6 non ex tackles against Q (not in a match just an exhibition combo). And although it was direct feed (ie, you could see his hands) it was claimed that it wasn’t tool assited. Firstly, does anyone have this vid floating around? also, am I making a big deal over nothing? can other people pull this off? if not what’s your record for most non EX tackles in one combo with any set up you like, against any charcter (i suggest Q).

when I remembered the vid, I tried some stuff out and managed to pull this…

MIDSCREEN, anti air fireball, RH. tackle x 2, F. Tackle, S. Tackle x 2 xx aegis. (that’s 5)

EDIT: I just managed 4 against ryu, I’d be amazed if it’s possible to do more by hand.

it was pretty tough and I managed to capture it. I was thinking of using it in a random vid but if people can pull this stuff easily I won’t bother, lol.

dude, its not that hard for a few reasons
A. Charge buffering isnt that hard so pulling off six isnt that bad.
B. Q’s hitbox is different than everyone elses so what works on him dosent work on anyone else.
C. The max air combo counter is six so six is the max amount of tackles possible

So then… you can pull off six in one combo? I’m not a urien player but I would think that’s it’s pretty damn difficult. By all means proove me wrong though. I suggest you try it, then come back and tell me how ‘not that hard’ it is.

I don’t think you can do six tackles with Aegis not being activated. Some tackles come out faster and push the character higher. I am 99% sure you need to do an Aegis to get the charge for a tackle.

it was one of rx’s throw away vids i have it i’ll up it when i’m not lazy

cool, look forward to seeing it :slight_smile:

are tackle combos specific on some charecters?

or i can do tackle combos on everybody the same way?

Yes. There are specifics. Some require strict timing. Q is an easy one because of his hitbox. Look at one of the Sticky threads. It’s on there.

if they are specific then that means i have to memorize them…aww that gonna take a long time haha!

sorry i call bullshit, most tackles i cud pull off on Q was 4. 6 if a reflector is out.

Really who cares LOL

I kinda care, cos I don’t wanna try something that’s impossible to begin with :slight_smile:

It’s possible, but nobody cares because it’s never gonna happen in a real game, it’s just to show in a combo video

well I could post my vid of 5 against Q but it’s pointless if someone has a ‘throw away’ vid of 6. Plus, you’re not pulling off more than 3/4 against anyone other than Q in a real match 'cos it’s hella difficult.

There’s no point me including this in a video because someone can just use a program pad and get 6, so I don’t mind posting it up if anyone cares… I don’t think anyone does, lol.

you can pull off like 3/4 HK tackles on Q if you start from midscreen, im sure you can get another two lighter ones after that with great timing.

did he do the six tackles after the aa fireball?
or just start off doing tackles.
because urien cant do more then six hits in a combo like that.

if not mistaken you can get 5-6 tackles on Urien mirror match

I would very much like to see your video of the 5 tackles Desk.
I’ve done 4 tackles and a head butt after an anti-air sphere on Chun-li, and that’s my personal best.
The best video I’ve seen on tackle showcase would be RX’s:

^^nice one. Have you ever tried 6? or even 5 but without the AA sphere? I really have difficulty believing anyone (even RX) can pull 6 by hand. I notice both when I did it and in that vid you posted that there’s a distinct gap after the last shoulder where you could juggle but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t charge in time to get another one out. Even though it wouldn’t hit because of the juggle limit, it would make 6 more believible