None EX tackle combos

woah, 3 non-EX tackles after corner cHP against shotos (and other characters)? Are they all MK tackles? Can you pull that shit off in matches? Impressive

I too am impressed by RX 50cent. btw, why is your name RX 50cent? Are you somehow related to RX?

haha nice combos rx50. Got any match vids of yourself?

Quite a few here: Or search for his name and maybe GTASF to narrow it down. He also made some great combo videos under his Youtube account.

Tried setting dummy Q to jump, after 3 HK tackles and one MK, I couldn’t get anymore but I don’t doubt it’s possible. Maybe I’ll try on Necro sometime. I think the Saita video has 6 tackles vs Gill.

The vid you’re refering to is tool assited.

When U hit some with Uriens Projectile in air:

1: How many Tackles can you pull off?

2:Do you always use HK version?

3: Are there other options?

completely position/character dependant.

for example a high fireball vs q near the corner can nail you 4 HK tackles.

but an LP fireball vs yun not to close to a corner will get you maybe 1 tackle if anything.

cant you just do…

c.hp hk.tackle mk.tackle xx aegis , mk.tackle, mktacle xx aegis then 2 more?

I think the goal here though is to not use the aegis to add tackles. Meaning pure non super meter using tackles.