No Online Play in Tekken 6 = The Mistake that will sink Namco

I can’t believe it’s 2007 and here we are with Namco still ducking online play because they don’t want to pay out to develop a good server. Such cowards.

Think about it, a $600 system with one of the top fighting game franchises as an exclusive, and no online play. Or you can get an XBOX 360 for half that price, with Street Fighter AE now compatible, Virtua Fighter 5, DOA Ultimate, DOA 4, and DOA 5 coming. Then you add all of the classics coming to XBOX Live Arcade.

PS3 is like the NEO GEO and Namco is in so deep with them that they will never recover. The future looks great for Microsoft.

VF5 will never be online on the 360… at least not without hacks…

online lag?

this does suck

but doesnt doa4 always lag?

Uh, I don’t think it’s actually possible to play a game that fluidly online. I do agree, for 600 dollars, I best get online for every damn game. (Which ain’t happening)

Online play beats playing the computer any day, regardless of the lag competition is better than none at all.

Get out of your damn house and play it with someone else, I mean you have amateu P2P shit with doji games using better netplay code then these games being made by million dollar companies, this isn’t going to sink Namco for shit.

lol @ “cowards”

It definitely WON’T sink namco. They’ve done damn well so far without it.


LOL. I love how rep shows you how people are gonna act before you even read their posts.

Yeah, this is what, the third thread in as many days that’s batting your rep into the ground, fighter_guy999?

Start more semi-informed threads, please.

Also, Master Chibi == truth on this one.

VF5 for X360 has online now? LOL

lol, if you actually knew how to play tekken then you wouldn’t be saying this.

I guess op doesnt undrstand lag makes fighters unplayable…

not everyone has a scene what about that guy in montana with noone to play

well obviously master chibi lives in la la land

Dont really care to be honest, it would be nice but if it affects gameplay to much it ends up being two different games.


I concur.

First thing that comes to mind.