No Girls Allowed - eSport organization institutes segregated competition


They have a rule that specifically states that only Finnish male gamers can compete. But it’s not only Hearthstone that’s affected either:

I’m wondering what Blizzard and (especially) Capcom will do, if anything at all.

aint this in the lounge already?

I don’t go there often, plus it’s kinda chaotic. I figure this deserves its own thread.

Translation from IeSF: Tekken is a ladies game

Evo did this a few years ago running a women’s only SF4 pool. And poker does the same thing with some women only tourneys.

Not really a big deal imo. There are reasons why it’s done that way, and the reasons tend to work out. The same goes true for participation trophies in youth sports, the people bitching about it are invariably lardasses that never competed in anything as kids themselves, but just like to insult people whenever they can. There are very good reasons to have these things, I prefer to support them.

So Scarlett would join an all females league and completely dominate that SC2 league.

Time for a transgender league for true equality! shit lets make two, one for male -> female and another for female -> male!

Evo tournament was their shitty way to get female entrants. The females weren’t barred from the main tournament.

I feel like the Evo tournament wasn’t the same thing. To join the women-only you had to be registered for the regular tournament and the women only was a side tournament they could elect to join. Unlike this, they weren’t barred from the competition entirely or segregated.

women’s sports are segregated because women are physically weaker than men on average. this isn’t the case with playing video games, so there’s no real reason for this, unless this is their plan to encourage more women to become pro gamers.

Thought this was funny.

Oh hey, let’s make a female HS league… I can’t even think of good players besides Hafu.
Gender or age (besides minimum age ofc) restrictions in video/computer games? No thanks.


People are making tournaments on Blizzard’s version of Yu-Gi-Oh :wonder:

That’s news to me!

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bring back the Evo Women’s tournament. Dat lady bipson battle was too epic.

Those games all suck ass so they are not missing out on anything.

Damn didn’t know this had its own thread…

Well anyways I don’t exactly see the point behind this separation between men and women. Then again I think all sports should be a open single division so yeah…this makes no sense.

Its true that physical differences don’t matter in gaming. Girl gamers have a time problem instead. Pro fighting gamers put in hundreds of hours of execution and combo practice in, as well as going up against other serious players. They don’t step up going “go easy on me, let’s just both have fun”, either. Most male fighters who are actually trying to improve are there to win, or lose, learn, and adapt. Girls just give up, hence the huge lack of female fighting competitors. The vast majority of male gamers have the competitive drive to want to spend time to develop more advanced skills, while women have tons of other things distracting them from developing the same advanced skills male gamers have. There’s lots of hanging out with peers (who don’t play anything beyond Candy Crush, or if they’re otaku, Squaresoft rpgs with girly men they have a crush on, if they play games at all.), consecutive HOURS on the phone with said friends, and then there’s relationship bullshit. All that equals an unbelievable amount of time guy gamers would have used to become better. The difference usually would be like entering someone in the olympic freestyle swimming event who only has maybe 25-30 total annual hours of access to a swimming pool vs the highly trained pros. Their basics may be good, but they’re just too outclassed even early on. I think this is why there is a separate league now. This is just my observation on the different ways guys and girls approach fighting games, apologies if it doesn’t match what you think, or if it’s offensive somehow.

Right cuz men don’t hang out with peers, or spend hours on the phone with friends, or have to deal with relationship bullshit.
By that laughable logic, men should be even worse at FGs than women cuz we have to deal with everything that women deal with plus the additional pressure of having to be a good provider
So therefore men are obsessed with making money and getting a good job, etc. and have no time for FGs.

Clearly that’s not the case.

I’m in favor of segregation between the sexes only when it comes to sports, where the physical differences between us put women at a disadvantage.
But I don’t support separation with things like video games, or chess, or backgammon or poker or jeopardy, because clearly those things do not rely on athleticism.

And if female gamers suck at FGs, then it’s not because of physical differences.
Females need to step up their games and put in the time and effort that the males do in order to compete.
EVO and other organisations need to find other ways to entice female gamers to their competitions without the use of segregation or woman-only tournaments.

does this even matter> Would people be saying the same things if females made an all female league? Just questions