No friends... so instead i'll Level up

I’ve lurked these forums for a while now, and i finally have a problem myself that i felt would be good for my first post. I’ve tried googling the keywords and searching the forums to no avail so please forgive me if someone had a simliar problem.

SO, I picked up SS4:AE around last year kind of playing casualy with people who i thought were my friends at the time, not really playing online but just running sessions at a house of a few people. Well recently ive come to realize they arent really my friends, long story short I’ve moved on. Im a pretty introverted person, this is actually my first time posting in any kind of message board. So my question is, besides working I really have no life. So I want to persue getting better at this game, like really grinding it out. I have no arcade near me as i live in the middle of no where, online games can be fun untill i run into so many randoms who lame me out and i get pretty frustrated and I can only lock myself up in the lab for so long. I really like playing next to someone as it feels so much natural but I’ve never set foot into an arcade. Ive been thinking of taking the two hour drive to WNF just for casuals but i really dont want to show up by myself. But I guess What I want to know is What type of mind set do I need to have and Where do i start? How can I level up my game in this point in my life?

Find new friends before you start anything else…

I’m confused: how have you never been to the arcade? I used to ask game store owners where different machines were located. I’d even go across town or to a laundromat or something to find one I wanted to play.

No joke: the hospital I was in once had KoF 2002 in the patient rec room. That was pretty badass!

And also check out Regional Matchmaking:
Particularity Pacific South…you might just find a scene closer to you.

From what you said you are two hours from WNF…which is in California.
Teeming with FG competition.

I guess what i should of said was I havent been to an arcade since the 90s and even then it was only a handful of times. I use to enjoy playing my consoles so i never really had a reason to ask my parents to drop me off in downtown when we actually lived in an urban area.

I didn’t think about that, i guess what i really want to do is level my game enough to where im confident that i don’t show up as a scrub.

Show up anyway…

Arcades are easy to find don’t you know?

Let’s be honest, nobody is gonna hate you because you’re easy to beat.

i guess fugg it right? it’s not going to get any better unless i do something about it.

Just show up to WNF. A lot of players who don’t know anybody in the community are all hesitant to join any local tourneys or sessions.

Just show up and play. It’s a great way to test yourself as a player, and it won’t be hard at all to get to know the players there. Just be sure to shower, be nice, treat others with respect, and just talk to people. The vast majority of people there aren’t assholes, they’re willing to talk and get some games in with you.

People who lack confidence in themselves usually try to make up for it in other areas so people will like them.

Although I can’t really tell if you’re being insulting this is spot on how i feel to be honest.

If you got an xbox and a headset hit me up. I’ll throw hands with you for a bit. If you require it, I’ll even tell you what I THINK you should work on after a few matches. Though from what I hear, local fights are the way to get good. So if you got a local FGC take advantage of it. Over here in Ohio I don’t have that luxury. I have no choice but to be an online warrior :confused:

Hahaha, that’s awesome.

Did you have to pretend your were injured and then play against sick kids??

you are also probably going to make new friends this way too! two birds, one stone.

They might, but that is no reason not to show up and start playing, even if you can’t possibly win.

Nobody has it easy when they’re just starting.

If you show up consistently, someone is going to respect that fact alone and hopefully try to be helpful. Show up, who cares if you can’t win a game, if you have fun then you’re doing well.

You are only as good as your competition. Go to WNF mix, mingle, and play. You’ll learn alot about not only matchups but your strengths and weaknesses and people will be there to help you.

haha, no but it was a great perk.

On the topic at hand, I’m agreeing with a lot of what people are saying here though. Faceless online battle isn’t like playing a face to face partner. Unless there’s something to win on the line or the opponent’s an angry bird, the VS experience is the best for learning.