No boring Tekken character type Rooms

I’m Curious, I would be interested in joining rooms that were “SF” only characters.
I find the cast of Tekken characters dull. dull character design, dull abilities.
Who else would join “SF only characters” type of match rooms?

I’ll get into tekken characters one of these days, (Ill have to try again, again).
I could never get into tekken, I tried a few times over the last 15 years, but the characters were
just so dull. Nothing but poke variations it seems. unless im missing something?
People say shotos all play the same, but tekken characters don’t even have projectile type variations.
Surely im missing something, surely something makes them fun to play.


Oh im sure most people would just say “no” lol.
but im sure there are people who agree, tekken was always pretty boring.

tekken characters play as much like “tekken” as phoenix wright plays like “Ace Attorney” in MVC3.
it’s a new frigging game. don’t be butthurt about they being to complex for you, and getting raped by their high/low block strings, becaus it actually requires you to learn something new.

Nowhere near as boring as Ruy/Ken teams; Tekken doesn’t have a monopoly on monotony.

tekken = boring?
DragonsFist_IV = fail

They make a game for people like you. its called Street fighter. Its actually a fairly new game as well. I promise you that you won’t run into any boring tekken characters in that game.

just play street fighter…


but this was the guy protesting the game on capcom unity too…what a riot~

the post above mines explains how i feel…play AE and be done with it.

ex fucking actly.

I hate how like half the dudes in tekken are some nickelback fans wet dream, sweet hairstyles, totally cool tribal tattoos, woah broooo.

just my 2 cents

Was this a failed bait topic? Cause I could have sworn that if a similar topic were to be posted on GameFAQs, people would be going damn near apeshit.

i much prefer the broken family dynamic and plotlines of Tekken to the stereotypical world fighters of Street Fighter…a japanese karate fighter, american army soldier, mike tyson, russian wrestler…very thoughtful/creative character design indeed.

Ridiculous… The tekken character’s are the only thing that makes this game worth playing… and it’s laughable to suggest that the SF is any more unique. Go back to SFIV and be happy then. The reality is the tekken characters are much more complex in character design and have more variety than the SF cast.

Learn to play or GTFO

Is this some sort of troll

The Tekken characters are actually new and different, unlike the majority of the copypasted SF characters

Really agree with everyone. To get the best out of this game, you’ll have to embrace both sides of the roster. I thought everyone knew this as they got hype for its release?

Street Fighter characters cover the weaknesses of Tekken characters, and vice versa.

Judging from my avatar, Poison disapproves of this thread as well.

pretty sure tekken predates nickelback

Wouldn’t you just go play Street Fighter then? Seems silly to go out of your way in Street Fighter X Tekken to avoid half the cast.

I didn’t know 3 was half of 19.

The Tekken players are hardly even similar to the players from Tekken games themselves. In a few months we’ll have 12 more characters so its probably best to just learn all the high/low strings now cause you’ll have 6 more ‘tekkens’ to get sick of.

I think the actual problem you have is the majority of online players in endless lobbies and ranked seem to stick to the same characters. Hopefully things open up more in the future!