Nintendo 3DS Friends Code Exchange

The Nintendo 3DS has finally released here in America, and adding friends now is finally and almost as easy as PSN and XBL.
So, anyone down to player match in Super Street Fighter 3D Edition? Post up your Friends Code’s!


how da fuck u get a 3ds so early

it’s official release was today, i had no idea myself too. just walked into a gamestop randomly and they asked if i came in to buy the 3DS haha.

Added RoveZer0. Here’s my code if you wanna play: 0602-6261-8316

i envy u lol.

This game and system are awesome. It plays identical to console version. Seen no slowdown or gameplay problems so far. Online match went smoother than expected and even had a rematch option. If you have the money this is worth picking up. Getting used to using pad takes a few minutes but isn’t that bad, the D Pad on the 3DS is very good. Added RoveZer0 and Rareform. Anyone feel free to add me, I’m looking for people to fight with.
Friend code: 1977 0158 7674

Added the both of you, look forward to playing some time.

I’d have to agree with you Scars, the d-pad isn’t bad and it definitely does take getting used to. Once you mess around with the shortcuts and practice some combos it’s pretty easy, the only thing that takes getting used to next is the constant jumping idiots and the over spam of hadouken.

Other than that the game is pretty amazing, they really changed nothing which makes the game so much more fun.

Alright let’s scrub it out.

CATCHMAN 4210 - 3971 - 4367

Adding the lot above, shout if you add back.

Can I join?

I wanna join in the fun. Added all of you.

I’m assuming everyone is using pro controls here? If so, add me. If not, don’t worry about it. I’d rather nit have to deal with touchscreen rapid fire sonic boom spam :).

U-Volt: 4339-2479-1695

I was looking for the FC exchange forum here. I’ll add everybody here, get at me!


Same here was hoping one of these would popup didnt want to make one myself just incase there was one that i missed
pretty much added everyone that posted

Pretty sure you’re going to tear me to shreds as I’m pretty new to the street fighter series in general but I’d rather get destroyed by people who actually know what they’re doing than to suffer through another round of akuma-touchscreen-fireball-spamming-3D.

FC: 1203-9235-1972

i added all of you


added you all
mrhadoken1 fc_5155-2916-7413

anyone on now since this console fails to have a basic messaging system ATM
only way to really get a game is to be here on the forums live
so anyone down as of now?

Desync - 1418-6702-3979

Just finished adding everyone in this thread. Get at me!

if you on here gg wobbly305 u got me, lucky im new (to the controls) :slight_smile:

Add me: ERRDAYIMHU - 1977-0181-7920. I added everyone.