NINETY Iraqi students killed for having 'strange hair and tight clothes'

**[SIZE=4]90 Iraqi students stoned to death for being emo’s… **[/SIZE]

The youth was one of nearly 100 who were targeted for having a western hairstyle or wearing ‘American jeans’

unnamed teenager was brutally killed by religious police for having an ‘emo’ hairstyle
this guy looked nothing like an emo.

A picture of an “emo” Iraqi teenager killed. Extremists kill these teenagers by battering their heads with concrete blocks.

Well thank God that America went into Iraq and fixed it all up


If looks could kill… DAT SWAG

WTF next thing you know these guys will start killing everyone that looks cooler than them… oh wait…

Do you have a legit source for this story?

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those were probably kurdish students

I need to take over this planet. I really do. My mind-altering nanomachines will make it all right. You won’t object because my nanomachines will ensure you don’t want to.

You had me at Dr B

anti-douchbag cops ??

Good thing they haven’t killed the girls, emo bitches are wild.

its all the West fault
the youth has no opinions and its either the wrong way- Free thought about most things like style and then just commit suicide due to Cyber bulling by social circles
Radical Islam


death to hipster scum

Is anybody really surprised by this? Did people forget Iraq is a middle-eastern Muslim country? Sad but sadly not shocking.

Jokes on them. Those clothes are all made in China.

He gots dat miami vice w/ a touch Maverick aviator look, while sporting a KOF hairdo…Dude is drop dead gorgeous!

The major religions need to do what the beer companies do and append all their literature with the warning, “Believe responsibly.”

lol The only thing worse than regular police, is religious police.

wakeup call to teenagers in countries that like to kill their youth for being young: move. grab a couple friends, and gtfo. there are plenty of countries to choose from, many of which refuse to kill people with concrete blocks.

more like fashion police amirite

Well yea: