Nidhogg is FINALLY slated for release this year. I’m really excited about it, even-though I’ve never had a chance to play it myself, and I was wondering what the opinions are on this game from those who have played it and have a competitive nature.

I’ve always been attracted to the psychological game in fighting games (never started playing myself though) and when Nidhogg releases I plan to sink a lot of time in it and become really good at, so my questions to you are how big is the psychological aspect of this game? What are the chances this will become a competitive fighting game with a decent player-base? Do you think it will be main-stage at EVO 2014. And most of all, please tell me anything interesting about this game from your experience playing it!

If like me people have no idea what Nidhogg is:

Here is the article in which the original announcement is made:
No exact date or month unfortunately…

A parody of Nidhogg to hold you of until the release

holy crap this game’s intense

Man that final really sells me this game, i can’t wait to play it :rock:

Yeah my buddy posted this on fb, looks like so much fun.

Will it be a “competitive” fighter? At EVO? Probably not. Will it have a good sized player base filled with good players? I hope so, it seems to have everything you would want for a fun multiplayer game

What do you think it lacks to become a ‘competitive’ fighter?

This game managed to get a room with nothing but guys to chant “GET THAT DICK! GET THAT DICK!”

SBO line up change incoming

Guys… the website is up, I can FEEL IT!!! It won’t be long anymore. Also more moves, this begins to look more and more like a proper fighting game!

Why the hell have I not heard about this before.
Looks absolutely twisted, I must download this!

I’ve had my eye on this one for a couple of years now. Would love to get my hands on it. Looks like a blast.

13th January!!! YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS. Let’s get that DICK!!

This is the real deal.

After divekick I’m very suspicious of indie titles that the FGC champions

I think divekick was pretty fun and good at what it was, but too expensive. But Nidhogg I suspect will be much more, it’s been in production for so long!

This looks like a really fun game for small get togethers as well as larger scenes. Definitely looking forward to release!

Divekick was a fun game, and it delivered on exactly what it adversed. A no nonsense test of footsies and reactions.

Unfortunately the game had zero staying power.

Why? Nidhogg looks awesome and at least indie devs are trying new shit. I’d rather see a bad new indie fighter that has some originality to it than “The Next SFxT”.

Because at the end of the day divekick seemed great, then it was way over-hyped and instantly died.