Nice Tekken 5 info


Heihachi is alive and well and in Tekken 5 (Arcade)

release date for PS2: feb 25th

Whats funny is all those dumbasses saying “Its fake its fake! Photoshopped!!” then its proven to be real. People are dumb.

Someone even said “if you look at the intro vid at 47 seconds, its teh same as the face in the pic!!”.

I just want to slap them with my schlong.

can you use him?

So are the rumours correct that he’ll be unlockable based on hours of play? Or was that just an arcade version rumour anyway?

Best news ever :clap: now to collect $50 from someone hahahahaha! :devil:

I hope they take away that thong. Ewww…jea.

I thought he wore a nappie? LOL.

Does it really matter? It’s repugnant either way.

HeiHachi has his Tekken 3 default Outfit and the Black Karate Uniform. For some reason, Namco is pretending most of the Tekken 4 outfits never existed. I miss Paul’s Red Overalls, Boots, and White T shirt outfit

I’m pretty pleased with the outfit choice for Heihachi then, his gi is pretty much his trademark alongside his T3 outfit, his two main costumes seem like a good choice to me.

Other than Jin’s gi I’m not sure there was any costume I liked all that much in Tekken 4… I thought that Yoshimitsu looked like an idiot personally.

Beats the thong/nappies/whatever.

T3 Pimp suit better be purchasable.

so that means Gamestop release date will also be Feb 22…is the game and bundle the same release date?

damn im dying to play this. still havent gotten the time to hit the local arcade yet…

Props to Namco. This is, like, officially the best Tekken ever now.

It seems like Tekken 5 is getting a console release really quickly when compared to Tekken 4… It seemed like 4 was in the arcades for ages before it came out on ps2. I’m glad, though, because there are no arcades left around me, so a console is the only way I’ll get to play it. I’m almost tempted to buy a ps2 just for this game. As things are now, I’ll just have to play it at my friend’s house.

no Online = no buy…

damn namco.

Shit, you’re one tough customer. Oh well, your loss I guess.

can’t wait till the 25th… I pre-ordered and paid for the bundle yesterday!

Testify. One of my favorite game costumes of all time.

Damn I wish he really did die cuz he needs to, oh well.