NGC 2 Results. Top 5

~Born to Play~

2:30 something and I am still up, what the hell is going on here. Well people, thanks for coming out. It was a good showing especially in the case that we hadn’t host a tournament at Neutral Grounds in over 7 months. 70 players showed. ONLY 61 played. ??? That made no sense but what ever, but anyway here is the break down.

Tekken 5. (27 players)

  1. Justin (Marvelous) Wong -Empire-
  2. Sanford (Santhrax) Kelly -Empire-
  3. The Game -Syndicate-
  4. Blood Red
  5. Exalted
  6. Vysor -Empire- (Good to see you back in service)

Capcom vs. SNK 2 (35 players)

  1. Sanford )Santhrax) Kelly -Empire-
  2. Nestor (CT)
  3. Omar (Nyc/Tx)
  4. Citi of Brass (PA)
  5. Jeron -Empire-
  6. Arturo -Empire-

Capcom Fighting Jam (13 players)

  1. Sanford (Santhrax) Kelly -Empire-
  2. Arturo -Empire-
  3. Jeron -Empire-
  4. Harlem Hero -Empire-
  5. Kreymore -Empire-
  6. Dieminion -Empire-

Pokemon Puzzle League (13 players)

  1. BoswerLK
  2. Wyldflower -Empire-
  3. Duck
  4. Jeron -Empire-
  5. Q -Empire-
  6. Lady Harlem -Empire-

Boss Battle: TFGM -Empire- vs. BoswerLK 3-0 / 3-1

Super Puzzle Fighter 2 (8 players)

  1. Zaelar
  2. Ace -Empire-
  3. Duck
  4. Dieminion -Empire-
  5. Afo
  6. Snaaaaake

Boss Battle: Marvelous-Empire- vs. Zaelar: DNP

A whole bunch of random stuff happened, and blah blah… To tired to type. Why will tell you guys more or wa…zzzzzzz

Well I got some rest now, and I’m glad to see that you guys enjoyed the tournament. Good work to tournament runners, ShinNeoSnake (CVS2), Jeron (CFJ), Arturo(Tekken5), and Q; who took Marvelous spot to run (Super Puzzle Fighter 2).

Here are some notes of the tournament that I can remember:

#1. Sanford slamming his jacket down, on the floor after almost being peaced out of the tournament down 2-0 vs. Nestor then making a 0-3 comeback to win.

#2. Is it me, or is everyone getting tired of seeing Marvel vs. Santhrax in Grand Finals? If its not CVS2, its MVC2, if not MVC2 its Tekken 5. Guys stop it!

#3. Marvelous had to leave in the middle of the tournament, which pissed Nestor off big time. Nestor wanted to play Justin in CVS2. So now we made an agreement; at NGC 3 it will be Marvelous vs. Nestor FIRST ROUND.

#4. Chairs make long tournaments very comfortable.

#5. I must have seen 3 PSP’s that day and 1 DS.

Anyway… I’ve decided to make a couple of changes to the way NGC is going to be run and how it will change into something better in the immediate future for all of you to come. The boss battle concept to gain extra winnings on top of tournament winnings without jeapordizing your tournament winnings is a great idea. I just need to find a way to impliment it in more games. Soooo…at NGC 5, not 4 I am going to be setting bosses at the end of each game. I’ll break it down so you guys can understand.

Here’s how it is going to work. At NGC 4 winners of each game will be given an invitation to be a boss…aka “Last Master” for NGC 5. Those who take up the invitation will also be given $25.00 for being a “Last Master” of the next NGC which would be NGC 5.

Now at NGC 5, the selected “Last Masters” can not compete in the tournament. All players of the tournament play the standard, 2-3, then 3-5 winners finals, to 4-7 Grand Finals. Winner of the grand finals wins his or her money, and then is given the option to play against the “Last Master” of that game for extra money (TBA). Being the “Last Master” will earn you extra money, losing will not incure any monetary lost. However as for the “Last Master” (who pays no entrance fee, or house fee,)if he or she should win the “Last Master” will earn $200.00 or triple what grand final winners makes “IF” grand finals winnings is between $80.00 to $90.00 dollars.

Lets recap that now.

—Grand Final winners of NGC 4 recieve invitations to become a “Last Master” for NGC 5.

—If selected, Grand Final winners earn $25.00 extra dollars and a “Last Master” shirt. (Yes the shirt will be hot!)

—When NGC 5 comes around “Last Masters” can only play casuals they can not compete in the tournament, until the tournament is over to play against Grand Final winners.

—Grand Final winners “IF” defeats the “Last Master” wins extra money. (TBA: examples --$50.00 to $100.00 extra)

—IF “Last Master” defeats Grand Finalist "Last Master wins either 3 times the amount of what the Grand finalist won; PENDING if Grand Finalist won between $80.00 to $90.00 or “Last Master” will be rewarded the standard $200.00 if Grand Finalist earned over $90.00.

So tell me what you guys think about that. Until then.

Nice tournament guys. First time I actually understood what you guys go through staying awake that long and playing in the tournament. I was very tired, I’m surprised I stood up through all of that. Yeah I got 2nd :encore: I’ll go for first next time.

I took some pictures and stuff, and I have the other picture that triforce took of all the winners. I am going to put them on my photo bucket and put the link here if you guys want to see the link. Or just go to the Empire site sometime tuesday when we put up the article of the tournament to get a full run down of all of the quirky things in the tournament.

I’ll get you the photos in the next day or so. night.

Mad props to everyone who came. Thx shineosnake for running an awesome tourney. I really mean it. This was the best run tourney i’ve ever been to, not to mention i had a great time. Had lost of casual with people, the tourney matches were dope as hell. Upsets everywhere. Citiofbrass coming back against arturo for the win in their final match, damn that was a well fought game. Snaaaake also made a comeback win with a pixel of life A-bison, the tourney was hot. Can’t wait to see everyone at ECC!

gg’s guys thx shin for running a good tourey. smooth send me the vids whenever you get a chance thx

man, i suck :frowning:

ggs to everyone i played, i got fucking raped lol. kept blowing huge ass leads and shit. and Omar ocv’ed me! :clap: gg’s to koolaidsmile though.

Someone tell Censei to bring cvs2 back at CF! I refuse to go to PA to play, so I guess I’m done in cvs2 until then :stuck_out_tongue:

Definetely the highlight of the tournament was Sanford beating Nestor…I thought Nestor was gonna take this tourney, but Sanford motherfucking Kelly held shit down! Good shit! :karate:

Nice turnout and gg’s. Slighty disappointed on this end on this end but had fun nevertheless.
Censei’s not ever going to put CVS2 back in CF Arturo so were pretty Done!
Props definetly to my boy Sanford! Good shit!

Dont remember all the teamNice turnout and gg’s. Slighty disappointed on this end on this end but had fun nevertheless.
Censei’s not ever going to put CVS2 back in CF Arturo so were pretty Done!
Props definetly to my boy Sanford! Good shit!

Team Edit!

Capcom vs. SNK 2 (35 players)

  1. Sanford )Santhrax) Kelly -Empire- C-Ken/ChunLi/Sagat
  2. Nestor (CT) A-Bas K-Raiden/???/Sagat
  3. Omar (Nyc/Tx) K-Rock/Hibiki/Geese
  4. Citi of Brass (PA) K-Ryu/Sagat/???
  5. Jeron -Empire- K- Cammy/Sagat/Blanka
  6. Arturo -Empire- K-Rog/Yama/Blanka

Capcom Fighting Jam (13 players)

  1. Sanford (Santhrax) Kelly -Empire- Ryu/Hauzer
  2. Arturo -Empire- Karin/Rose
  3. Jeron -Empire- Guile/Leo
  4. Harlem Hero -Empire- Demitri/Anakaris
  5. Kreymore -Empire- Karin/Guy
  6. Dieminion -Empire- Ryu/Kenji

Very good tourny! Thanks to the empire and nuetral grounds for having such a great tourny. Lots of great fighting game players there and the tekken 5 tourny was the shit.

Im happy that I repped my lee to the fulest at this tourny. I deffinetly hope ya guys do a other tourny so I could meet new tekken players.

People say I did good for this tourney so I’ll take it with pride considering it was my first tourney I ever ran and there were close to 40 entrants (you saw the bracket, it was huge)

I was tied for 7th with David (RC Gief) in CvS2 so ya.
I hit a crossup super in my first match that ended the game, then I did some stupid X symbol with my arms, Im not gonna do that again.

Next time at any NG tourney, PLEASE make aisles so I can walk to and from the front row and the back without having to say excuse me like a million times.

I floated many people, sorry Master Chibi, couldn’t float you out of Sanford’s match.

Met some cool peeps from CT and Boston. Smoothcat, Mukai (looks like 50 cent), Nestor (I’ll get your match next time with Justin) and KCXJ AKA Chinese Connection AKA Kang AKA Kok.

Thanks everyone for bringing TVs and copies of the game, you guys made it happen, without the extra TVs and CvS2 copies, we would’ve been still playing today on that 1 poor TV.

Props to Citiofbrass and Omar for their impressive showing.

I look forward to holding the next tourney at NG and this time Ill do my HW the night before.

gg to all

To Jeron and Andy:

I would like a rematch whenever possible. :tup:

i want a rematch for my dollar back :razzy:

wtf cvs2 outdrew mvc2 on the EC?

Things are changing…

^ Random !! :clap:
And you owned me BAD on the last game…I want a rematch next sat at PA !

Good games to everyone,it was great for a first tourny :tup:

yeah i’m sorry that was a shitty match. we should do a rematch for money or something at ecc

and props to empire and shinneosnake for running an amazing tourney

I had a ridicously fun time, and did much better than I thought I would.

I’m also a bit more popular I guess, than I thought I was, haha.

Thanks to everyone. MBR will be there next time as well.

PLEASE hold more of these.


damn omar and andy beasting good shit fellous you niggas put in work for real.

snaake u not as bad offline as i though u be paint that shit!

i will get the vids online when i have time off work and nesstor your a bum!

that was fun, mad props to triforce and nick (shinneo)

omar, andy, and sanford were the main attractions for cvs2 by far, good stuff guys

chibi, it’s hard to not remember you after the “USE THE POWER” incident at PA =P and I ain’t losing to you next tourney, damn my crappy execution

man, now I gotta get better at puzzle league too so triforce doesn’t scrub me again =/

Melty blood tournament next time?

Some highlights off the top of my head. I didn’t watch most of the matches so sorry if I miss you and you think you had a highlight worthy match.

  1. Arturo playing money matches in CvS2 so he can win his entry fee.
  2. Mr. Fantastic setting up a poker table. I heard he won $42, good shit.
  3. SNAAAAKE’s 1 pixel comeback.
  4. Omar OCVing Arturo with Rock OTK style.
  5. Citiofbrass’s comeback to defeat Arturo (good shit man)
  6. Sanford coming back to win Winner’s Finals after being down 0-2.
  7. My crossup Super =D.

Pang, I dont see a reason to hate, I think I ran a good tourney and only 1 man can win the whole thing and that was Sanford. I had people from the same area separated and not in the same brackets, I floated lots of people, I had a casual TV to the side. Sure I had an easier bracket but that stuff happens.

On the other hand, I look forward to holding another tourney, I’ll prolly have 3S on the side (if people bring extra TVs and PS2s) and I can run a 3S tourney on the side as well.

SmoothCat “Napoleon” I look forward to watching the vids.

Good tourney, nothing like i expected an empire tourney to be, i had fun eccept for being tired as shit and driving back most of the way but yeah nice playing NY, sigley, Master Chibi(smoothcatkiller) and the rest of you guys. My pose owns your x simbol neosnake. Smoothcat your a bum stop trying to copy my rock.