Next to Geese, Who is SNK's second Franchise Boss?

Geese is the Fatal Fury Franchise Boss as well as the SNK Franchise Boss overall although canon-wise there are a lot more bosses stronger than him.

We can almost assume Terry Bogard is the second Mascot Behind Kyo as much as Wolverine is to Spidey, Ken is to Ryu and as Batman is to Superman.

And these “Second-ers” make no mistake has a stature almost comparable to their so called “First-men” (Batman to Supes’ stature for example)

So Here’s a collection of other Bosses each with their own set of qualifications.

  1. Wolfgang Krauser: Earl of stroheilm
    What are his Qualifications?
  • Second Franchise Boss of Fatal Fury Next to Geese.
  • Second Most Popular Fatal Fury Boss Next to Geese.
  • Cool Anime Incarnation
  • Badass KOF 96 and especially KOF 98 UM performances.
  • Royalty
  1. Amakusa: Sanuraiu Showdown
    What are his Qualifications?
  • Arguably the Franchise Boss of SS, the best representative of SNK time-displaced (meaning not modern age) fighting games
  • Has some real life historical reference
  • Creepy Foe yay (arguable though)
  • Arguably THE most popular SS Boss
  1. Rugal Bernstein
    What are his Qualifications?
  • The Franchise KOF Boss (KOF as a game not as a story) In which he even outranks Geese in most cases in that Franchise.
  • Arguably the second Most popular SNK Boss behind Geese rivaled by either Goenitz or Krauser
  • Arguably has the Most sinister laugh thanks to Toshimitsu Arai
  • “SNK-Boss Syndrome” a trope in itself originated from Rugal.
  1. Orochi
    What are his Qualifications?
  • He’s Arguably the KOF Canon’s most powerful entity ever…
  • KOF’s more lucrative era revolved around his storyline

Feel free to add, subtract, correct, agree or disagree.

I voted Amakusa, but even though he’s iconic, I think Zankuro is iconic as well (and he was a boss in same amount of games as Amakusa). Amakusa came first of course.
Talking in terms of power, Yuga is the most powerful entity in SS canon (if we are talking about fighting game bosses, since you could fight against Ambrosia only in SS RPG)

Based on his appearrance in just about every dream match, I’d say Rugal.

Rugal is the only one with even half as much exposure as Geese.

The thing that works against Rugal in gaming aspects is that it’s so damn hard to balance him, His Genocide cutter cannot almost have all it’s strength levels be a DP priority since it covers much more range (rivaling a flash kick) so Game makers tone him down to no end (either make his Kaiser wave slow [98] or erasable [cvs] and his GC either sucky [cvs] or wierd B and D properties [98]), that’s why he mostly ends up as “Sucky” or incomplete in almost all fighting games he’s been in playable LEGALLY and not as a boss (except for CvS Pro and arguably KOF 98 UM IMO very good versions of a Playable Rugal)

Krauser and Geese had lesser SNK-Boss syndrome for them, their moves where not originally created like a Deus Ex Machine, making programmers having an easy time adjusting them properly an just maxing them out of proportion when they need to be end bosses. hence more people have proper exposure to them and liking them.

I Do agree that Zankuro is almost up there, Goenitz nearly made it there as well but Ultimately they were less contributary than their predecessors.

I voted Rugal just because CvS2 made him all godlike. Also he seems good in KoF 98, 2002.

rugal, but i voted orochi.

yeah, when most folks think “SNK Bosses” they think Geese THEN Rugal

and then lovable Igniz :looney:


If you throw a blonde wig on Tom Selleck, he would be the perfect Rugal imo.

God Rugal was great, also a lot of kof mods had broke as fuck Rugals. I also remember the first time CvS came out and I was up against the boss Geese and he was almost dead and I had a ton of life so I was like fuck it and I jumped in and ate a lvl3 storm.

As overused as Orochi is, he just doesn’t have that boss feel that both Geese and Rugal have. For third place, Igniz, easily. Everything links into everything into brutal god project.

I would go as far as to say Rugal outranks Geese in terms of SNK iconic bosses. I remember hearing somewhere that Rugal is SNK’s favourite boss character, and he seems to be represented in more games than Geese Howard is. Even so it’s a very close call.

I voted Rugal, the man just has too much skill with class.

Rugal > Geese
like Batman > Superman

Rugal > Geese
like Batman > Superman

I always had a soft spot in my heart for Mizuki.

I would have to disagree with that one though… SNK did admit that Rugal is their favourite Boss (thus having Triple H protection), Geese is still the most popular SNK Boss and the fact that he was counterpart for Bison (CvS1) proves that. but anyway to each his own… I personally like Rugal better but that’s just me.

They should bring Rugal back for every KOF. Canon be damned (Capcom sure don’t play that shit, and I applaud them for it), that man is THE KOF boss. Even Geese and Krauser (BLITZ BALL) stand in the shadow of Rugal’s mighty mustache.

Best possible ending for the Ash saga would be Omega Rugal floating onto the screen and Shun Goku Satsu’ing Dark Ash or whoever the fuck the fruitcake last boss of XIII will be. Cue his '98 theme and let the stick-chucking commence as he psychic DPs every jump you make and punishes every roll.

They need to make CvS3 just so they can bring Rugal back. SF4-Groove Genocide Cutter FADC Gigantic Pressure for the win.

You’re probably right, I loved fighting in Geese tower in CVS1 for the final stage. It’s a tough one to call Ithink, like Terry vs Ryo. Triple H protection is a great expression, I’m going to be using that one!

That would be really cool, even if it’s just a console exclusive bonus or something. He seems to make it into every dream match game though, so I’m sure he’ll rock up again eventually.

Rugal Bernstein, simply because he grabs his crotch after beating the shit out of someone.

However I did vote for Wolfgang, he has his own castle and is Geese’s half brother.