Next Level Arcade, NYC

Next Level
4013 8th Avenue (In-between 40th and 41st street)
Brooklyn, NY 11232
Phone: (347) 618-8813
Arcade | Console Gaming & Repair | Trading Card Shop

**Store Hours: **
Mon:1:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Tue:1:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Wed:1:00 pm - 1:00 am
Thu:1:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Fri:1:00 pm - 1:00 am
Sat:12:00 pm - 12:00 am

All arcade games are 1 quarter to play!
Arcade Games:
DJ Technika 2
In The Groove 2
Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v.2012 (head to head setups, on freeplay)
Super Turbo (head to head setup, on freeplay)

Rates: (ID is required for hourly rates)
$3.00 First hour, per person
$2.50 Onward per hour, per person
$10.00 Daily flat rate, per person
*Note: If you exceed 4 hours, you’ll be charged the flat rate automatically.
Rentals: $3.00 Joystick, $2.00 Pad

Subway: D train to 9th Ave Station
Bus: B70 (directly in front of the store) and B35 (1 blocks away from store)

After 12am transportation (*If D train is not running at 9th Ave Station)
-Take the B70 bus (in front of store) to 36th Street train station for the N,R,D trains
B70 Schedule:
-Walk to 36th Street train station for the N,R,D trains, which is 8 blocks away from the store

For the latest updates, please check our facebook page:

Foods near by:
Ba Xuyen (Vietnamese Sandwich Store, 2 blocks away)
Vincent’s Pizzeria (2 blocks away)
Kam Wei Kitchen (Chinese take out, 2 blocks away)
Prosperity Dumplings ($1 dumplings, 3 blocks away)

Other things to do:
New Era Billards (Across the street)
Melody Lanes (Bowling, in-between 37th St. and 5th Ave)

Oh so its open now? I thought you said it wasn’t going to open until later this month? Anyway can’t wait to visit.


I’m going to try to come by tonight.

Gonna stop by today too.

Was about 10 seconds from saying in the CF thread and to some friends on Skype from saying we needed a TNL thread and look what I found!

Good times today. Glad a spot is in Brooklyn now. Too bad we don’t have both locations.

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Is it open tonight?

Anybody going?

I’m a short bus ride away…I’d like to go over…if I can get a confirm from someone that its open today I’ll go and at least get some Yang time in against the PC if its empty…

I’m gonna go today since I couldn’t make it last night. I’ll be wearing the Mets cap if anyone wants to meet and greet.

Henry please try to open before 4 since my ride will be before that.

How many games do you plan on having?

I seen ssf4, sf3, wwe all stars, tekken, mvc3, kof, and I can’t imagine people won’t play mk9 on console next few weeks.

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What’s happening with the ST cab?

The place is looking good cen. It was a depressing sight seeing that 1 guy play on the kof cab in total solitude that whole time. I wanted to give him a hug.

just so you know, the pool hall across the the street has a 3s machine.

good hint right?

Ha ha. That was me. Training mode is too much fun with a new game.

you could just play 3s at nl anyway

Lemme know when MvC3 hits the scene.

Just noticed mvc3 isn’t in the op…

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they have mvc3. there are console set-ups its just to let you know what arcade games are available to play.