Next gen fight stick?

I am looking for a arcade stick I am going to get a ps5 with sfv and I play uniclr on nintendo switch I want the arcade stick to hopefully under 100 dollars

Any PS4 stick will work with Street Fighter V on the PS5.

Qanba Drone or the Mayflash PS4 stick are in your price range, and you if you want later upgrade the stick with different parts.

Sounds pretty good with a adapter or should I just wait till ps5 arcade stick that work with the switch come out

Sounds like you would be better off to find an older stick cheap (ps3 or 360) and throw a brooks ufb in it.

Ok everyone has been a great help

You not need an adapter if its a existing PS4 Stick, SF 5 on the PS5 supports PS4 sticks.

The exception is anything using a Dual Shock 4 controller PCB, Dual Shock 4 specifically will not work with the PS5. Sony saw to that.

As for stick compatibility for other games, Sony is leaving it to individual developers/publishers to support extra/specialty controllers for their games.

Unlike ps4 retail stick, witch will work for ps5 games, the UFB will not, since it essentially emulated a dualshock4 controller witch as previously stated wont work for ps5 games.
The best route would be to get a retail ps4 arcade stick from either hori or qanba, that has been confirmed working on ps5, and get a brook usb converter for playing on switch.

Silly me for believing brooks own announcement

Op wants to play sf5 on ps5 which the Brook board will work for ps4 games.

He also wanted it to work with his switch.

I’d put money brooks eventually releases a ps5 game compatible firmware update

Oh ok I will just wait till I can get a hori rap 4 kai and a magic ns

That announcement is misleading since it applies to ps4 games running on ps5, witch a dualshock4 can do, thus so can the UFB.
Keep in mind the exact same thing happened lastgen with ps360. Everyone kept recommending/buying that thing because everyone thought it would get full ps4 compatibility through an update, witch offcourse it never did.
If brook actually releases an update that allows full ps5 compatibility ill be the first to recommend their products again.
On the other hand the rumour is that they will need to release a new version of their UFB that allows passthrough of a dualsense controller, since ps5 controllersecurity looks much more difficult to crack then the ps4 was.
Sure op wanted to play sfv on ps5, but obviously the stick not working for actual ps5 games is a pretty important detail witch he should be made aware of.

Thanks so maybe I should just wait till adorable ps5 sticks for like 100 to 120 and maybe pick up a magic ns. everyone has been amazing thanks

You are going to be waiting for a while then.

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Just buy a retail ps4 stick from hori or qanba. I recently picked up a fighting edge ps4 barely used for 70€. Just wait for a good deal on a retail ps4 stick and it should work just as well as a ps5 stick.
I explained to compatibilitysituation in detail in this thread

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While I’m 99% sure you meant “affordable”, I’d like to weigh in that I want adorable PS5 sticks too.



Sounds pretty good with a adapter or should I just wait till ps5 arcade stick that work with the switch come out

Well, guess that means I need to pull the DualShock padhack I have in El Guapo and replace it with the Brooks board. Good to know

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