Arcade Stick PS4 working on ps5?

In an old news i’ve readed that special peripherals like Arcade Stick of the “old gen” (PS4) Will be supporter on ps5.
have anyone tryed It ?
if you have some information please reply.
thank you

@Dubon shared some info about PS4 Hori controllers that will/won’t work with PS5

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Thanks a lot.

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I think its too early to tell.
Plus sticks are going to be something individual developers have to implement, like legacy support was on the PS4.

On a side note " Not trying to thread hijack";

I heard the duel shock 5 controllers are common ground so should be able to pad hack them. I’m awaiting the new ps5 duel shock controller board scans from RDC. Once hes done doing xbox series x and ps5 board scans, we will all know how to pad hack the next gen controllers.

I’ll share the board scans in a new topic when they come in. If u are like me u can keep checking in at and see when the board scans drop. RDC is very detailed and i.m.o is probably one of of the very best modders out to date.

As for legacy controllers working in the new gen consoles, I haven’t heard or researched enough to comment on this particular thread. Dont want to spread misconceptions
Appologies for posting off subject manner, I miss read the OG thread description and posted off subject. I’m editing my original comment to somewhat stay on the subject header.


Both sony and microsoft have made statements regarding controllers.

For xbox series X microsoft have confirmed full compatibility with xbox one controllers. Hence any xbox one stick should work on series x.
For padhacks im not completely up to speed at what the best (xb1) option is.

For sony its a bit more complicated.
Any ps4 controller will work for ps4 games on ps5
Specific special controllers like steeringwheels and arcade sticks made for ps4 will work for ps5 games. However the manufacturer of the peripheral needs to add support.
Once this is done the peripheral will work in the ps5 games and the ps5 UI, and will work just like a similar ps5 peripheral.
Note that hori arcade sticks will work for ps5 games, but fighting commander 4 will not. The cheapest option for a ps5 padhack currently would be the hori mini ps4 arcade stick afaik.

We are certainly in a better position then we were when we transitioned from 360/ps3 to xb1/ps4, when no periperals worked on the new consoles except when gamedevelopers implemented itin a driver, and that didnt offer full compatibility in UI etc.

The one thing im sceptical about is what will happen with UFB and the other Brook ps4 pcbs.
Those all rely on a hack that emulates a dual shock 4. And dual shock 4 is not supported for ps5 games.
From what ive learned over the last few years, Brook didnt come up with this hack themselves, and it remains to be seen how long it will take untill someone cracks ps5 controllersecurity.
Hence i would not recommend the brook pcbs to anyone looking to play ps5 games on ps5 currently.
Remeber what happened with ps360 that everyone kept buying, under the assumption that it would get full ps4 compatibility eventually, witch it never did.

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Also after looking over the PS5 Dual Sense, (I bought one) I don’t see people Pad hacking it for sticks.
It short unless you are a soldering/electronics wiz, don’t bother. It’s not a very viable route to take.

It is the same printed flex membrane Sony used since the PS1 era, the trigger housing more complex than before. I know you have to add resistors to make the pad hack work, I yet to figure out how to approach the trigger inversion (P.S. I am not going to so don’t PM me about it), and taking the pad apart isn’t easy ether as the screws are hidden.

For PS5 use with PS5 games, were best off waiting till some cheap pad (possibly hori or power a) comes out that pad hack friendly.

In short, I am not helping anyone with this as I am not ready to break a $70 game pad to find out.


From what I heard it seems that they are making a new (and likely backwards incompatible) revision of Fighting Board that adds a USB host port for PS5 passthrough auth. So definitely hold up until we got more info.

Also native auth might take as long as hacking the PS5 (if not longer) because $**y switched to an ASIC for DS5 which means trying potential attack vectors on off-the-shelf/gongkai chips and their SDKs and apply them to the controller (like what happened to JDM-001) becomes infeasible. Advanced techniques like glitching also becomes harder since one needs to do it blindly.

Membranes and connectors are actually the easy part, especially when O**P**k makes flex PCB for $10/in^2. That still doesn’t make taking apart and hack a fully working, beautiful (internal design-wise) and expensive controller any more acceptable though (at least for me)

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on which game?

Hori again

That’s a bit weird. Aren’t fight sticks considered main controllers instead of special controllers like wheels and guitars?

Did I smell a loophole?

Read my mind about thflex pcb fab co. I know the one u speak of, I have used them a few times and always satisfied. I personally wouldn’t want to design the flex board and do all that jazz but I’m sure someone or Co. will be ushering in the next fightstick pcb pretty soon. Where theres a market there be someone to cash in on it.

Fight sticks stopped being main controllers about the beginning of the PS4/Xbone era, some argue as far back as PS3 and Xbox 360;topicseen#new

Here are the board scans for the ds5 controller for pad hacking. With this u should be able to pad hack the controller to use a fightstick on the ps5!

There are just too expensive and not a lot of gamers bought them
As far as I know, there is a microcontroller of some kind that acts as a bridge between the controller and the console
and you can run virtually any controller from the previous generation with the PS5