[Newbie] Sentinel Thread - Q & A


o c’mon guys…pls share your stuff…i’m practicin this new team and i’m hoping to learn good tricks…all i know w/ cammy is the 4-hit aerial rave…it goes like this,launch,cammy-aaa,sj.hpxxrp(hp)
it does great damage considering it only has 4-hits…and that fly thing w/ mags…fly or normal jump lk+mag-a,hk,rp(lp)…

c’mon guys…pls share your stuff…:frowning:

All this stuff has been posted you have to look and read up.

Cammy: Launch, lk, fast fly, lk + cammy, fp, cammy hit’s, upward rocket punch. 45% damage.

Mags: Launch, lk, fast fly, lk + Magz, Fp, knocks them into mags, down rocket punch. 45% damage.

Those are the easiest I know with those two. Theres better ones but like i said it’s all been posted.

*note theres a shitload of “fast fly” threads out there.:slight_smile:

thaks chief…ive been practicing the fast fly combos but i can’t seem to master it…:frowning: pls give me tips on how to do it properly…

As soon as you activate fly mode your stick should be in the neutral position. When it’s in neutral you can tap any direction plus you attack of choice.

Practice this:
dash in, lk, lp, fast fly lk, fk.(on the ground).

When you cancel into fly let your joystick spring to neutral then tap a direction and you next attack.

thanks lol…:slight_smile:

help- i dunno wat to do with sent…

hey hate to sound like a total n00b but i need help figuring out how to use sent… that may sound really dumb, but no1 at my local arcade uses him… and whenever i try to use sent i get owned… ive read faqs and threads but honestly, i just need help figuring out wat the guy can do… he can fly (but i suck at flying) and… is that it? can some1 just give me a hand here? thanx a lot… and for any1 wondering id prob use him in a team with mags(a) and im (b)…

Basics on Sent

Hey i would really like to use him but i can’t seem to find notes on him like the ones they post in the mag thread general things to know etc

Basics on Sent

Just go to Gamefaqs.com and Search for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and click of faqs, then just look Sentinel and whola!

Scrubfaqs.com :frowning:

I could try. :slight_smile:

With Sent you’ll want to learn the basic c./s.FP XX Rocket Punch XX HSF. Then you can add on from there.

For instance…

c.FP XX RP XX HSF, launch, magic, RP… then FP, FK if they’re in the corner. Or you can continue from the HSF with FP XX RP XX HSF over again for meaty damage.

Then next come blockstun traps and flight cancelling. Stuff like j.FK XX flight, FK (call in an AAA assist of your choice) repeat. If done right, you can keep your opponent in blockstun for a ridiculous amount of time, all while chipping his life away.

Learn to cancel flight mode at appropriate times. You don’t want to get caught by a random hailstorm or AHVB with your pants down. Then comes the unfly stuff (which is elabrated on in the articles section of SRK).

After that comes all the flashy stuff like OTG combos, fastflying, the unblockable c.FP, guardbreaks (although there aren’t a lot), and advanced air combos (i.e.: (in corner) launch, LP, LP XX fly, throw, LK, FP XX RP, etc.).

Fast fly is best used for wat? and wat does unfly mode give him?


unfly mode explained…

in normal jump mode, u have a single command… block, or attack…when ur in the air flying, and u drop out of it, ur in normal jump mode, but u used ur move on unflying, so u can’t block

what unfly mode is… let’s u block and attack during ur fall… makes for nasty combos as well as protection as u fall…

to achieve unfly mode:
get hit by anything that flips you over… if u don’t get hit into the air, or if u land on ur back, u wont get it…


MAGNETO > sentinel

clk, chp, sj, hp will give u unfly, cuz u flip around after the hp
clk, chp, sj, hp, addf, hp, hk will not, because u land on ur back
if he messes up rom in the middle, u will get unfly mode.

launchers with nothing following it will give it to him, other stuff, like cyclops or cable’s anti air give it too.

now fast fly, is this…

fly, return to neutral, attack or move

normally when u fly, there’s a lag before ur allowed to move, but by returning it to neutral u can move or attack instantly

it’s mainly used to get out of somewhere quickly, but more so for combos.

thx alot! :slight_smile:

ive seen people do like c.hp fast fly c.hp fly is that like a string or what?

no, it’s a lockdown

If you want to pick up sentinel don’t look to do combos. First look into the game plan. Combos come later.

i’ve always had problems with cable with, well, every character i’m using. but for me it’s really difficult with sent. cable’s obviously on the other side of the screen and i can’t find a way to get remotely close to him. any strats… at all? anything would be appreciated.

Practice wavedashing. All good sents should be able to wave dash or fly/unfly to attack/run.:smiley:

lockdown kinda like zoning?