[Newbie] Magneto Thread - Q & A

I saw video on another site of some matches. In the match i saw magneto lk->sweep the oponent. Instead of falling in front of mag… he went up in the air a little and mag immediately had cancelled to hyper grav… grabbed him and proceeded to air combo him. Anyone know how this is possible?

the lk gotta be otg or a juggle, then the following slide will make the opponent fly up and over u for u to connect a hyper grav. best way to do this is to use psylocke AAA assist.

c.lk+call out psylocke, c.lk, psylocke hits, c.lk (otg or juggle), c.hk, hyper grav…

You’ve never seen that before?:confused: That combo is used ALOT and almost EVERYWHERE. You can also cancel the Hypergrav into magnetic shelter then when they hit the ground C.lk then launch them for an air combo then another super. It’s big damage. Since you havent’ seen that combo I assume there are more you havent’ seen yet.

Launch them go after them Kick them back down with H.k, DF airdash to follow them, L.k,L.k while your still in the air then if you have Psylocke do a regular jump towards them or straight up while pressing L.k,L.k with the Psylocke assist button. then when you see Psylocke, do Magnetic shelter. Then when they hit the ground land then either do C.l.k then launch or a sweep hypergrav combo. This combo=big damage. :smiley:

If you dont’ have Psylocke then after the airdash do the 2 L.kicks then when you land do a S.Hk(make sure the second hit doesnt’ come out) to Magnetic shockwave or cancel before the second hit of the S.Hk to a hypergrav then Magnetic shelter.Then once again you’ll have an open chance to relaunch them. You can also do the infinite after you land from the airdash L.ks.

note:Those combos only work if you launch them right off the ground. That means no Psylocke assist.

Also, after his basic Hypergrav super aircombo, you can do 2L.ks while your still in the air to another hypergrav then super again.

I hope my advice can help. you might already know about all that shit, but anyways, good luck.:cool:

needs help

Ok guys i been playing for sometime now and reading the forums but some stuff i dont understand… like What are roms and slides? can someone explain them to me? i need a walkthrough of the meaning of thing in these forums i get confused. i am learn to play with magneto and storm but i dont understand this slang talk heh so yeah can you help me out with that? thanks!

Rom is the person hu invented Rom infinite! i think, and rom is one of magneto’s infinites… and slide is a move of magneto!! just search for it!

slide = c. fk

well i’ve just started playin’ mvc2 again and i wanted to know things i should learn for mag… .if anyone can help me out please post… .

A whole lot of people can, and have already helped you out, all you need to do is search through the threads, no need to create this new one, from now on just use the search button.

yeah me too i can tri jump pretty good but yeah i need tips whats good

Magneto + Psy AAA OTG or Not OTG? that is the question.

Hey guys, I’ve just been wondering, is the lk, hk considered OTG or not. I believe its actually both, depending on when you hit them. I’ve been practicing on my ps2 and I assume the cpu almost ALWAYS rolls on hard difficulty so when I hit early enough, there is no roll. So am I right?

Simplest term for that would be an unrollable otg. Doubt it’s a juggle, otherwise the lk itself would bounce them up.

Isn’t OTG by definition on the ground, meaning that the player is touching the ground before he gets hit? I seriously doubt its a non rollable OTG because that is a contradiction in itself. I heard that if you can roll, its an OTG, if you can’t roll, its not.

I wouldn’t limit the definition of OTG as rollable. For example, IM/Doom. Connect a proton cannon in the corner and DHC to Photon Array super. The top array should hit the character, and afterwards you can dash in (AFTER they’ve landed) and c. short, c. fierce xx juggle. This is unrollable, yet they’ve already hit the ground. It could be just because Doom’s PA has weird properties. Also, in certain cases flying screen doesn’t allow characters to roll even though they’ve hit the ground (Mags, launch, fierce, fierce, rh, c. rh comes to mind).

Hmm yea the flying screen is definitely unrollable but then you can’t really do anything on the offensive side either. There isn’t a “Text book” definition of what it is? I think its a damn semi-juggle or an OTG if u wait that long. Just the combination of LK, HK makes the character pop up.

it’s a juggle.

There’s a few moments (frames) between when the character hits the floor and when they begin to roll. If you hit them in this period, it’s considered a juggle even though they reel from the hit as if they were OTGs.

You can see this because in Magneto corner throw combos, those frames are evaded entirely by tech hitting.

Weird Magneto Combo

I don’t remember how it goes exactly but I saw someone doing it at evo and thought someone here might know what it is, its on sentinel and it kinda looks like magneto is attacking a wave pattern like ---. I think it went something like this

c.lk c.hp lp lk lp d+lk ad/df d+lk lk lp lk lp or something along the lines of that anyone have any idea what I’m talking about?

it’s the rom infinite :clap:

hm no its not the rom infinite thats alot more basic than this, bfore evo i have definitely never seen this one oh well thanks for the help.

That is a weird combo… I’ve never tried that… >_<