New Years Resolutions 2013 aka "I thaw da word wz gonna end cuz"

another year, another dollar

2012 was a pretty bland year, outside of the mass killings in the world

things I accomplished this year :finished school and got a new job

things I want to accomplish in 2013: get a body of a Mayan god, get a better job, new car and new apartment

what about you guys?

try not to get fat


I’m not gonna lie, man: first-world country, that seems kinda low for an annual income and I think you deserve better. :frowning:

Oh wait, so did you like… only just get the job earlier this morning?? Because otherwise if you worked more than twenty minutes I still definitely feel like you should be earning more from your employment. :frowning:

Okay, yeah. Yeah, I see. I hear you, man. I hear you. :frowning:

If you have to wait until January 1st to get started on a goal, you will probably never had the motivation to see it fully through to begin with.

Close this thread.

yeah but its a dumb excuse lol…whatever

like I am totally going back to the gym. at least friday/sat/sun.

then what would be the purpose of a new year resolution, its a chance to start fresh every year you are suppose to get better as a person

eat cow feet dipped in sugar


But why wait until January 1st? If this goal is so important, you’d have started working towards it the instant you saw the need for it, instead of waiting for a fad holiday to tell you to. Starting immediately on a goal shows that you actually are serious about changing whatever you need to change. Welp, time to deal with an unnecessarily crowded gym for a month until the “resolutionaries” start dropping off like they always do.

so much truth, ok you win this round beta >:I

but id like to think that it would help prepare them mentally instead of just starting out of blue like august 12 or something because then you would think “oh ill just wait until next month to start” and then September 1st hits its like “oh ill just wait until new year”

Actually, I can think of several good reasons to start something after the new year (mostly because other people and businesses are organised around the date as well). For example, many shops hold sales shortly after the new year, making necessary objects easier to obtain, especially if money is tight. Many organisations also close down for the holiday period, so joining at the start of December when there is only a week or so left is probably not worth it. The common resolutions of losing weight or no longer smoking, drinking, etc. are probably better left until after christmas and NYE celebrations when there will be significant temptations. I could keep going on, but you get the idea.

Naturally the above examples only apply if you realise you need/want to do something towards the end of the year - If you want to lose weight in April but decide to postpone it to the following January then you’re a fool.

I don’t make resolutions because I think they’re silly, but I also don’t go around arguing with people just because they do.

I resolve to beat you in Mafia.

Oh wait.

Get A or S rank before you’re allowed to speak to me about Mafia.

1vs1 in mgo

I will use handgun :sunglasses:

1vs1 in Uncharted 3.

I will use bare hands

I miss Big Boss avatar. Van Damme doesn’t suit you :shake:

less bruv luv

you think you can do that gd?

My resolution is to survive and to protect those close to me.

With Obamacare, the new taxes, and a ton of new crap the government is hitting us with this upcoming year, the US as we know it is likely to collapse.

2012 was a dark year for me but I did…
-get my degree
-pay off all CC debt
-get serious back into guitar and songwriting
-get a good job after almost 2 years unemployed
-apply for JET program
-get 2nd in the last ffa 3s team tourney lol

hopefully move to japan this year, and complete the 1 goal i didnt accomplish last year…a pull up :rofl:


My son was born
My left nut got mutilated but no more kids
Gain 35lbs
Over spend & barely save any cash this year


Lots of sexy time w/ asian wife
Make sure to work out at least every other day
Stock up on weapons & survival stuff
Focus on kids college fund
Save at least 50K
Get more rest
Finish Game room
Fix Back Yard
Finish Home Theater room
Try to avoid buying arcade cabs

Your grading scale or one that matters.

Going to stick to a gym schedule this year and learn how to play the guitar.
Be more social and play less video games.
Also going to be more responsible with my money.

Its a misnomer, it has less to do with a ‘fad holiday’ and more of a separation in time that helps people work there way into it. New Year’s caps a roughly 2 week break in effectiveness at the work place. It marks the end of holiday season, it actually is an easy time to mark changes and prepare for them - no matter what they maybe as schedules typically change around this time of year and things such as energy levels are ‘refueled’ after either an extended vacay or a lull in work load.

I hate folks who act as though because they found a particular stream of effectiveness that when others have their own means of doing it - they are wrong for it. Instead of being a DICK about folks who flood the gym, help them out. Its a noble goal that for many people require positiveness around them - especially since results are super minimal early on. Its a shitty feeling to have a goal like that - hop on to say FB and see your friends literally shit on you indirectly for trying to make a positive change in lifestyle, simply because of the time of year.

For me personally I’m in a weird place because I actually partially agree with ‘making changes when you see the need’ - but I’ve literally been in the middle of a HUGE move, I’m finishing up moving out of the trailer and into my new apartment today. I now have a REAL refrigerator. I no longer will be solely responsible for my son after work since my wife won’t have a long commute, we have a ton of changes happening right now. so I have a laundry list of life style changes that I’ve already started on. So for me - they are practically “New Year’s Resolutions” - doesn’t make it a fad thing, it just makes sense to make these changes right now.

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As for me? 2012 was a major year, but it was a ‘setup’ year - so this upcoming year is when the dominoes fall
Moved to NC
Got serious about house savings
Got in the same book as my wife with regards to finances…same page is forth coming
Got into a situation at work to finally take the next step
Rented out condo
Started "Meatless Monday and have been 95% with it (became Meatless Tuesday once, and Holidays made it difficult)
Reignited spiritual relationship with God
Wardrobe shift, no more jeans, no patterns/designs on shirts, periodically ties
Time outside with son
Buy house (crossing fingers, but wife thinks it will be 2014)
Start college savings
Become full blown PM and work on certifications (later part of year)
Get two albums out
I’ve stopped gaining weight, time to go down the bell curve now
Take two vacations, including visiting one of my best friends in FLA with his soon - daughter
Figure out this church thing with family

I have other goals, but they are minor or build towards the aforementioned ones, like finances/work/weight/music. I’ve started alot of the stuff already - as soon as I started the move in mid-Dec, but the grind won’t really get in-effect until I’ve finished moving and gotten most of our stuff unpacked.

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