New Year's Party (Free Play!) @ FFA

Hey guys,

FFA will be having a New Year’s Party tonight (12/31/09).
All games will be on freeplay.

See ya there!

Time will be from 3PM till 1AM


Please, no parking lot activity. If you’re here to have fun stay inside and not hanging out in front of the arcade.

Those who attend may benefit from other surprises ^_~

Will attend if that handsome gentlemen Tim is around.
He is my next victim.

holy shit! am there

I have another announcement about the party:

Tim will not be here at all tonight! I’m going to be closing, so you won’t see him, he has the night off.


This includes SF4, BB, all consoles, racing games, etc.

what time does the free play start?

around 10pm. It’ll take time to switch games over so I can’t say exactly. I’m also not sure how late Ralph wants to stay open, but I’d guess till 2am.

Edited first post for rules and times. It will take place from 3PM till 1AM.

damn! thats what am talking about!

Wow ffa, there may be hope for you!

Here I was thinking it was some scrubby arcade the dinosaurs used to go to in years past. I’ll be here and I’ll be bringing some friends who are newer to the games. This will definitely encourage them, thanks a ton!

this looks like a lotta fun.

are the marvel cabinets fixed?

I just checked the main two and they’re working perfectly. I recently switched out everything on the inside with brand new switches. I’ll be around so if there’s anything broken let me know and I’ll fix it ^_^.

P.S. Everything is now on freeplay so come on down! (with some minor setbacks that will be fixed [air hockey]).

I am on my way!!!

I will have to talk my girlfriend into driving up. :slight_smile:

This was pretty sick! Pretty much all of the machines were in good condition and there was no catch, just walk in and play (everything was on free play). It was cool because it started early enough in the day so that I didn’t have to miss my main new years festivities. Thank you FFA for celebrating this occasion with your customers like this.


Yeah, back in the day I would inspect every machine on Friday morning. Then our shipments of switches and stuff started running scarce so I had to be conservative with my supplies =/

However, the shipment of switches have been flowing in much better recently, so I’ve been inspecting all the machines again. I’m a player too, I know how much it sucks to play on bad controls…

If anything is ever broken make sure you let the guy behind the counter know (yeah, even if it’s Tim >_<). They’ll write the problem down for me to fix later.

Happy New Year! What time does freeplay end tonight? Still at 1am?

Yup, we’re closing at 1AM. Games will be on freeplay till then.

Damn by the time I get there FFA will be close. Oh well Happy New Year. Hopefully same freeplay party next year:)

Happy New Years FFA! Had fun tonight playing mvc2 and played Msp and Abel. Will continue supporting FFA when I’m around the valley.