New Year Gathering @ Lovegety (01/05/08)

Guilty Gear AC - 12 players

  1. Spicy Salami (Potemkin)
  2. DarkDragon (Jam, Faust, Baiken)
  3. ZeroFalcon (Johnny)
  4. Dice (Faust)
  5. K2 (Dizzy)
  6. ForestBlazer (Testament)
  7. Cheatah (Robo-Ky)
  8. Dawnbringer (Anji)
  9. Tim (Testament)
  10. Jabir (Eddie)
  11. Tony (Slayer, Sol)
  12. X-Sapphire (Order-Sol)

Arcana Heart - 8 players

  1. X-Sapphire (Saki)
  2. ZeroFalcon (Fiona, Yuriko, Lilica, Liesolette)
  3. Cheatah (Mei-Fang)
  4. Tony (Lilica)
  5. NagataLock (Konoha)
  6. Gerjay (Kira)
  7. Bill (Kira)
  8. K2 (Heart)

GG everyone. I’m gonna miss DAT Arcana. :sad:

YESSS JULIANNN fucking taking your rightful spot

Marvel results:

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Sanford Kelly
  3. Chunksta

I don’t have the rest of the brackets tho, GG to everyone, Sanford beasting Wong in Winner’s Finals was INSANE, too bad Wong won those 2 sets for GF.

1st - YellowS4 (Dudley)
2nd - Gerjay (Makoto/Chun Li)
3rd - DarkDragon (Chun Li/Ken)
4th - X-Sapphire (Ryu)
5th - Jiggabry (Ken)
5th - Jabir (Yun)
7th - Nagata Lock II (Chun Li/Ken)
7th - Berkley Brian (Chun Li)
9th - DaflipmastaXV (Chun Li)
9th - Carson (Makoto)
9th - Dice01 (Ken/Dudley)
9th - Ben (Ibuki)
13th - Spiral Guy (Yun)
13th - Daniel (Elena)
13th - Bill307 (Makoto)
13th - JED01 (Akuma)

GG’s to everyone. It was a lot of fun.

Contrary to Quan’s stupid post, Marvel didn’t get off the ground due to a lack of players (I can’t believe we were missing Eric, Nathan, Roger, Howard, Aaron, Cyrus, Jack, 1/2 of Sauga Crew, and all of the random DTFL Marvel players. If even one more person showed for Marvel I’d have donated to make 8 and ran it. Talk about disappointing.

Alpha 3 didn’t happen because the 400 in 1 is a quarter eating piece of shit.

CvS2 didn’t happen because Noodleman didn’t show and the machine killed itself.

word juliaannnn got rid of that tournament nervousness. lol pui must be seriously bored playing johnny, i wanna see him pick up bridget next lol

Noodleman, not showing up for CvS2?

The game is dead. :shake:

Guitar Hero > Marvel.

lol i cant believe with all the bitching at pui to get the cabinet fixed that people didnt show up for the tournament, i mean the manager completely changed the sticks on both sides and not just the white square underneath. lol i wonder if he will keep CvS2 there or change it back to Fist of the North Star (btw which is another pain in the ass thing that the mananger changed for people that didnt even show up for the tournament.)

Anyways very disappointing. You guys kinda fucked yourselves there i mean this isnt playshit where you have had tournaments before for these games, this is was virgin tournament for marvel and CvS2 at LG, who knows if the manager will want to do anything for those shitty games anymore.

Oh! Jay won first in 3S~! Congrats!

Tims already playing bridget =)

and dont forget i also used lieselotte on AH!! cant play a 4/7 game without switching 4 characters lol

anyway ggs to all

no matter what character i use, the result is the same vs julian
jhs (gets backdashed) pot buster, frc, combo, half life, repeat =(
joe must have blazed some strong forests coz he played like a beast today

cvs2 will stay there, i actually see some ppl playing it… if anything more than HNK

Unfortunately i cant say the same for AH =(
AH was great though, i deserve to lose for being such a pussy lol

Sorry to Gerjay if you feel scammed, i didnt find out about ur stick problem until after our match

if it makes anybody happy, tk6 is coming next week for sure, and AH will be gone

to ggac players



and. thats probably why the results are what they are now.

Brackets for AC were so against me…you bastards.You guys had to pin me up against K2 AND DD for 2 straight matches,and then I lost my beasting streak.You bastards. =(

And I missed my respect cancel in one of those matches which I had them fooled…STUPID 3S!Somehow that came out instead of 2S.

PS- I was the one who made K2 use his Eddie,his I-no scared me too much to give a mercy round. =(

i hope he didn’t pull a muscle from overexertion. :confused:

GG’s to those I played against. Played against some real good players. I’ll be on Kaillera once I get my video card for my new computer.

Marvel a shitty game? You need to STFU, k? thanks.

And here I thought you’d actually got past the whole posting on subjects you have no fucking clue about. The reason these were “virgin” tournaments is because management either didn’t have the cabinet (we’ve been asking for CvS2 for what… A YEAR?!) or the sticks have been broken forever. It’s not up to the players to run en masse to play their tournament because management pulled their shit together.

Concerning Marvel, that game got play from 1:00pm when we showed up until 10:00pm when we left. That cab was NEVER not in use. In anything, Lovegety made a hell of a lot more money in casual play over that span of time then they would have in tournament play so get your shit out of here. You want to talk about dollars and cents, then the few marvel players that did show definitely made Gety’s far overdue stick replacement worth the time and money.

CvS2 was a gamble from the get go. The fact it replaced HNK only works in our benefit because that game got NO PLAY at all and it’s arleady been stated by multiple people that CvS2 is drawing casual players. Again, you shoot yourself in the foot without thinking about what’s already been said. We didn’t have the man power to run the tourney so it didn’t happen. What would you have the players do? Line up to get slaughtered by me/Gerjay/Bry all day just to prove a point? I got to sit down to play CvS2 after running 3rd Strike and saw my R2 what… twice in 8 games… on a broken stick? Get the fuck out of here. CvS2 will make his money for him.

Moving along…

The owner is a good guy and was easy to talk to. We definitely had a language barrier over the course of the day though. I thought talking to Simon was hard, this guy is going to be ridiculous. We did yap a bit about what new games to bring in though. I talked about bringing in Arcana Heart 2 (which he was very keen on after seeing other people outside his regulars play it), Tekken 6 (which he said he’d done anyway), and the new Melty Blood. For those of you who would even care, I told him not to buy KOF 98 (revised edition or whatever the new one is) as I doubt anyone would play it.

Pui; can you PLEASE have the owner replace the coin slot in the 400 in 1? That machine ate so much money yesterday. If the owner wasn’t good enough to credit me and Steve EIGHT GAMES (that’s what was eaten) worth of Alpha 3 matches I think I might have flipped out. That’s the only 400 in 1 cabinet in Ontario (possibly Canada) that has zero input delay and could be a gold mine for side tournaments as it can be reset at will (basically a bastard event mode). Please talk to him about it.

Marvel made more money than any fighting game machine that day.

Fun meeting Justin and YellowS4 I can’t believe I showed up too late, fucking work

lol i’ll ask him about it next time

look at the bright side, at least he credit you the games the machine ate and didnt give you a suspicious look and tell you that you have to insert the coin “shooowly”

ant: i dont even know u were planning to come at all lol if someone else does and didnt call u, thats not my problem =P

:tup: Good meeting you Andre. I wish we played more 3S casual, I got sidetracked. :tup: