NEW XCM Cross Fire Adapter - PS3 Controllers on Xbox 360! (Now on Sale)

Did anyone every really test XCM converters? Are they any good? $65 is quite a bit (especially considering they do not even need a licensing chip for this converter), and would be a sheer ripoff if it lags.

alright looks good so far. sooo markman. wheres the review??

Do you still have to connect a wired controller for this? If so, it’s pretty ridiculous, and doesn’t justify the price they’re selling at.

I guess it’s the only way to get a security chip on there, though.

MarkMan himself tested the 360-PS3 adapter and said that it dropped inputs. I’m curious why he sounds enthusiastic about this one. I’m sure it’s equally as bad.

Sheesh, that’s even worse. Thanks for pointing out the post. Seriously, these guys need to establish better products before they ask for these prices. I would gladly pay that much for one of these without lag or other problems (probably even more).

The website looks sorta…I dunno. Crap…That dominator PS3 stick looks like an SE ripoff with flashy bits.


Now available for purchase.

Looks nice. But will it work nice?

how will this work if the ps3 controller is wireless

No. It will not work.

markman, if you plan on testing this product, please test with a ps2 controller hooked into a ps2->usb adapter as well!!! thanks!!!

I will, hopefully I can get a unit in soon.

yea a unit liek this and if it works without any lagg will be a definate plus for guys that dont want to tamper with there sticks.

yeah, I need a PS2 to 360 (or a good 360 to PS3) more than I need a PS3 to 360 converter, but hopefully this one works better.

PS3 controllers are USB

I wonder if the Cthulhu would work with this…

Looking forward to the tests!

wow… they want $80+ bucks for this thing!might as well make an entire joystick for the 360 for that price! ouch!

They need the extra money to hire a web designer.

Edit: They have this site also:
But it hasn’t been updated in over a month.

Available for retail here:

PS3 TE Joystick to XBox 360

Has anyone confirmed if you can plug the PS3 tournament stick into this converter and get lag free response on the Xbox 360? I would prefer not to buy another tournament stick for my Xbox. Thanks …