New trick up our sleeves: The Hsien Ko changelog

Post all known UMvC3 changes to our blueberry zombie girl here. Will update OP as information becomes available.

f.m has slight better recovery (unconfirmed)
Grounded Henkyo Ki recovery is faster
Anki-Hou has faster startup
Win pose has received a significant buff.

Credit: LLND

New Anki hou items:
-oil drum(the wooden log everyone thought it was). Supposedly has high projectile durability points but given the randomness of items, it’s hard to test this out.
-hunk of meat. nothing special at least from what I saw.
-samurai doll/cat doll. Causes stagger.
-Chris’s stun rod. Also staggers with an electric effect.
-Snowman. Freezes opponent, rather, it just has an ice effect similar to ammy’s cold star. It doesn’t actually freeze you ala chris’s grenade launcher hyper.

Hit stun changes
-I’ve tried replicating this combo shown here in 1:15:53 (, but had no success. Might be build differences?
-Performed a corner combo that involved c.H, f+H, M Henkyo ki for 3 reps on several opponents. It felt much easier to do than in vanilla mvc3.

Other stuff
-Chiretou seems to have faster start up. No specific timing after an air combo was needed for this hyper to connect.
-f+M AND f+H are now jump cancelable!! Didn’t get to try any new combos utilizing this but I feel this should help her damage output a bit. Maybe even help her close in on opponents.

Tenraiha is now mashable, meaning that one can mash the attack buttons for more hits on the move.

One of her new Anki Hou projectiles is a log that’s rather large, might have good durability too. From what I’ve seen on the stream, she’s a tad faster, and her normals do far less hits now, leading to less hit stun deterioration. Gong also comes out really fast now.

I thought I saw a new projectile, but I wasn’t sure if it was a log or her trademark Akuma statuette. Any changes to her would be nothing short of improvements. I actually got used to her normals being multi-hitters and found uses for them, so I hope that they aren’t all gone. They were really useful against armored characters and players who forgot that they were multi-hitters. Gong coming out faster is also great news. It should solve the problem with some faster projectiles and beams blasting through it, and may make it more combo-viable.

To hear that they made her faster, even a little, is already a step in the right direction. Now we just need changed to her Anki-Hou bombs and a cancellable Sepun-Bu and I’ll be content.

Speakign of bombs - I’m pretty sure I saw Joe’s Shocking Pink explode on contact with the opponent on one instance during the stream. If this is true, it may bode well for Hsien-Ko.

Wonder if there are any changes to the armored assist. But more importantly, I really hope she’s faster. Cancelable senpuubu would be great. :smiley:

Oh god yes.

I still haven’t watched the stream, and being at a hotel, I’m sure it’s going to take forever to load. But I’ll add input once I do get to it. At what point in the video does she come up?

This is all kinds of exciting.

And though I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: her character art is really nice.

I haven’t seen any footage of her yet. I tried watching the stream but of course no one would pick her so I closed it. I’m just hoping she gets a decent speed increase, and I like the sound of her normals not all being multi hits, since her damage will be better. Although her standing H should stay a multi hit, since it’s a really good tool against armored characters.

Hopefully at least one good player is interested in looking for her changes, but I’m not holding my breath.

Think she’ll need more than a slight speed upgrade and an extra random item to toss to be good :frowning: Hopefully she’ll have more goodies.

She’s no where near as floaty as she used to be. That first and second match of Eugene v.s. DiosX showcased that. Any Lei-Lei mainer could see the glaring speed in which she descends from her normal jump. I think I saw her airdash also being faster than it used to be, though Eugene hardly used it on the stream. Judging by how he was super jumping a lot, seems Senpu Bu and her mobility is still clunky.

Something of value though! Lei-Lei isn’t as free on point as she used to be! Her hitstun and damage doesn’t seem to be terribad, as Eugene picked up a combo after winning an air to air against Doom; following it up with st. :m: into some fancy schenanigans. Was nice to see.

Tenraiha seems to cooldown a bit faster. I dunno if she can move immediately, but that awkward pause wasn’t as noticeable. No word on gold armor, as he never used it…D:

^yeah, I saw those matches and she does seem less floaty.
Things I saw:
-Her j.H and standing H still do 3 hits each
-anki hou seems to have faster start-up
-tenraiha>gong loop is still there but didn’t notice any quicker recovery

didn’t catch her doing air dashes and no sight of cancelable senpu bu yet… :<

I’m glad that she’s less floaty. That’s always really bugged me. It’s like I was playing a Smash Bros. character in a Marvel game.

Any link to archived videos? I’ve been busy all day and will continue to be busy and reading from an iPhone most of the time, so I’m missing these streams.

Instead of a new DLC character poll we should make our own poll with two possible answers and send it hand delivered into each member of UMvC3s dev team.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Would you rather…?

a) Provide Hsien-ko/Lei Lei with means to cancelling her Senpu bu special so she can keep her momentum and attain far more mobility in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

b) We know where you live :badboy:

… Oh, I think I forgot to mention our poll would be made up of typed out newspaper and magazine clippings. Minor detail.

Saw the stream recording. She’s way less floaty and much faster overall. She still has ass damage, and she still bleeds like she’s a corpse. - here’s the archive from yesterday in case anyone finds anything new.

Air dash does look slightly faster.
f+M recovery looks shorter??
ground henkyo-ki recovery looks drastically shorter, but air version looks the same.
hit stun on air normals have changed or j.H is faster (combo @ 1:15:53)
victory pose is adorable :3

From the latest stream, her Pendulum seems to swing faster.

I really hope her changes enables her to do an actual BnB combo on mid-screen, not just magic series into hyper crap. The stream LLND linked which showed Hsien-Ko doing a small air loop was something I’ve never seen being done with her without x factor. If her ground Gong recovery is indeed true, I wonder if something like Cr.:h: into Gong then a :l: attack afterward could work to extend her combos. Something like that would really boost her damage by a good margin.

Yeah, Ko needs something to give her complexity, which will in turn make her less predictable. Ground Gong loops will be easier now, which helps in that regard. Those loops in the video were caused by the new j.:h:. Does it still hit three times? What’s causing it to do that?

From now on, I’ll be sure to mention something about buffing her damage and Pendulum canceling once every stream. Not enough to be annoying, but enough to spread the word, I suppose. We need that stuff.

And d’awww, her cheering pose made my heart go all soft.

Is that Darkstalker guy coming to EVO? He’s my new hero.

I haven’t seen any of her :frowning:

anybody see;
if the rimoukon time has been shortened
if chireitou has faster startup
if you’re able to combo after houten geki or has more range
if her block stun on senpu bu is the same (I really hope it’s not nerfed)
if she got a new move (other than this additional item to her anki hou)
and if she did get a new move what it is

According to another poster, it’s the same -and effective- as ever.

I really, REALLY hope that she gets some big improvements in between now and November. I’m tired with hearing/seeing/using her as the weak link for teams and a half-baked character without much beyond simple magic series stuff. But seeing as this is the fanservice fighter and that barely anyone is picking her on these streams, the devs/Seth may not even realize/care about her problems. Hopefully Evo will hold more for her.

If someone else found her throwing her items on a stream, did she have familiar recovery frames or longer? I’m concerned if her new change makes it harder to setup an unblockable with anki hou H and make the frame disadvantage she already had from a blocked item even worse because from what I have seen like once, it only looked like Hsien-Ko had the same speed on her animation but threw the item earlier, or might be my mind tricking me.