New to fighting games (first one I've ever tried to actually learn)

I’ve never played traditional fighting games other than with my friends from time to time. Decided I wanted to try one so I got this after watching streams of the gameplay. I’m trying to do a team with kid buu, android 21 and one other but I don’t know who to use for the last one. If anyone has some advice I would really appreciate it. Mostly just going to do combo training for the first two weeks or so and the story before I start trying online matches. So far I’ve only done the tutorial and the goku combo training. Have had the game for about an hour.

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First off, I’ll just advise you to pretty much ignore any of the in-game combos it tries to teach you for each specific character. Find a team you like, figure out which order they should go in, and then stick with it. That part is important.

If you’re going with Kid Buu and 21, you’ll probably wanna put 21 in the front and Kid Buu middle. As for a third, any of these seem like pretty solid choices in terms of how easy they are to play and how effective they are:

-Z Broly
-SSJ Vegeta
-SSJ Goku
-UI Goku

If I were to pick from these, I’d probably do something like:

A Assist 21
B Assist Bardock
C Assist Kid Buu

Spend time in the lab and just mess around. See how your moves work. Try out your supers. Do random combos and just get a feel for every single character on your team. Just play a couple matches and accept the fact that you’re probably gonna lose a bunch. It’s not about winning at first, it’s about understanding what’s happening during a match.

Once you’ve settled into a team and you understand what your buttons do, here’s a few videos that might be really informative. Most of them you don’t even have to watch directly, just listen to them at work or something.

Next, heres some more specific tech for the characters you showed interest in.

Once you start feeling like you wanna do more damage, lab your combos until you don’t even have to think about doing them. They should be second nature. Your hands will do all the work at a certain point. You’re going to go into a lot of matches and get frustrated because you can’t land a combo you spent hours learning, but that’s just part of the process. Keep at it and keep playing, that’s the most important step to getting better. Just keep playing and keep learning.

If you have any specific questions, or ever wanna play on PC, don’t be shy. :ok_hand:

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Awesome, thanks for the advice. I come from playing melee so I kind of get neutral that’s why I plan on mostly spending time labing combos until in don’t have to think about the inputs. I noticed that I have no clue how to block correctly, are there any guides to help grind blocking and learning frame data so I know better understand when I can try to start something?

I’m definitely down to play sometime if you’re willing to give advice while we play. I always find it better to learn with someone early on to get some of my questions answered quickly.

Sure. Send me a DM and I’ll shoot my Steam tag over to you. I’m on every night, including tonight if you wanna play a few.

Blocking just takes experience. People are gonna do some really heinous shit to get you to stop blocking because almost any stray hit can be a dead character. So you just gotta put yourself in those defensive situations enough times to become familiar with what to do and how to block what strings.

I will say, start reflecting early on. You gotta learn when and when not to reflect. Something helpful that I didn’t know starting out is that reflect activates on frame 1 when you’re getting up from a knockdown. So when people try to pressure you with bullshit meaties as you stand up, reflect can give you a ton of breathing room.

Reflect is also a good way to check people with bad blockstrings. If you mash reflect during a blockstring and their string isn’t tight, reflect will push them away if there’s a gap. Characters with DP’s or frame-one parries are also good at turning defense into offense.

As for frame data, you can easily get that info off Google or just use the in game frame data in training mode. If you mess with the options, you can turn on how many frames of advantage or disadvantage the move has when it’s blocked, or when it lands, or when it whiffs, ect.

Thanks friend, you’ve been a huge help already. Turns out I’m dumb and can’t figure out how to dm on this website so you might have to dm me. I’m in class right now and don’t get out until 10pm pst. I think today and tomorrow I’m going to do the campaign so I can get 21 unlocked then I’ll start the real grind. I’m down to try some games tomorrow to get a better idea of how to set up my practice routine if that works for you.

Best way to learn. Try Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge and you’ll be decent in any fighting game except for the team VS fighting games where more than 2 characters can be on the screen at any given time. For that, start with Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes

I think new users aren’t allowed to pm for awhile.

Might be wrong

You’re probably right but I’ve already committed to this game and spend the money on it so too late now.

Yeah, that’s the conclusion I came to last night when I saw that screen cap. I don’t get that option when I tap someone’s name.

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Ignore Jion. Don’t play other games to get better at different games. If you wanna get better at DBZ, keep playing DBZ. It’s really as simple as that.

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For sure, I more or less dismissed that comment as soon as I saw it. Picked dbfz because it looked the most entertaining and if I’m going to learn a type of game I’ve never really been interested in I want to have fun while I do it.

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Yeah. Telling someone who’s new to fighting games to start with Marvel 2 is the exact opposite of good advice.

It’s a great way, however, to scare off newcomers from any other fighting game ever again. :rofl:

If I was asking what game to try first then it would have been fine but as I had already settled on a game it’s kind of pointless. It’s like if you are a new driver and after you get a car someone’s advice on getting better at driving is to get a different car.

I think DBFZ is as good of a first game as any.

People that think there’s a better first game than others are dummies.

Some games have a lot more systems in place, but usually, until you’re really proficient and fluent in fighting games, it doesn’t make a difference if a game only has one meter, or 3 with 2 hidden ones.

You should just be concerned with learning to block and realizing when it’s your turn

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Blocking has been challenging for me to understand because it’s so unique compared to any mechanic I’ve used in other games. Combos have also be difficult, they feel kind of rhythmic and the slight changes in timings really throws me off.

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@MARTIAN So whats happening here?

This is part of the combo I’m trying to grind right now:

But half the time I get a vanish like this instead of the 236S:

So I guess I want to know why this is happening and also how you even get just a raw vanish like that without an attack in it.

Well, what’s happening right there is you’re using the stolen teleport power instead of the natural dive attack 21 has.

When you grab someone with 236S, you have several follow-ups depending on what button you press after. If you want to dive on them on the same side like he does in the first video, you simply press Medium after a grab.

Light will put them on the opposite side, Heavy will do same side with more damage and more hitstun.

So its something I can only do after I grab someone not a missed input on my part. Is there a way to get rid of it or do i just need to remember I have it in game so it doesn’t make me drop the combo?