New to fighting games (first one I've ever tried to actually learn)

I mean, if you grab someone it’s always gonna steal a power.

You can drop all your current powers by either using that specific power once or pressing 236H.

Reseting the match will also get rid of all your currently stolen powers.

@MARTIAN is there a good combo guide for ssj goku that recent? I’ve got a main combo for buu and 21 pretty much down but nothing for goku year. At some point in going to get either bardok or base vegeta as my third but for now I’m just going to rock goku so I can start playing online matches.

SSJ Goku has just about the most basic combo structure. He’s the poster boy for what your average BNB looks like in this game.

So I have questions.

First, I thought you just had to hold back and a button to get out of a combo if they drop part of it but when I played a few matches that wasn’t working. Figure I’m either dumb or there was more too it.

Second, do you have any tips on getting used to the rhythm of moves and transitioning to different inputs you haven’t labbed? For example I can do a basic BnB combo with kid buu (he’s the one I’m having the hardest time with because his moves have weird delays) the combo starts as 2m-5m-jl-m-l-jl-m-2h ect… but in a real match I have to do stuff like air dash forward h overhead to 2m-5m ect… Is there a good way to practice these kinds of changes so I don’t panic when I don’t just get a free setup? I find that I end up mashing so I get stuff like two 2m and miss my 5m opportunity. Same thing happens in some other combos when I have to wing the start, I’ll end up mashing.

Do I just need to keep grinding other combos and as muscle memory improves it will work itself out or is there something I can do to get used to reacting to those changes faster?

Hey, luckily I saw your post before leaving. I don’t wanna leave you hanging so I’m just gonna suggest you copy and paste your question here. Lots of SRK is moving over to Megashock, a forum that isn’t Discourse based and is actually made specifically for fighting gamers. Here’s the DBFZ thread:

It takes 2 seconds to make an account and you’ll probably see a lot more activity over there. Hope to see ya!

Been a huge fan of fighting games since the OG Street Fighter II World Warrior landed in Arcades. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 was the first fighter i ever really LEARNED and played seriously, with plenty of small-time tournies. Also UMVC3. Favorite Street fighter iteration ever, was the Alpha series.

Retired from modern gaming a while back. Barely touched stuff like the New Killer Instinct, SFV, and DBFighterZ.

What are you using? Pad, Stick, Hitbox? I suggest learning the basics first.

  • Movement
  • Defense
  • The universal combo 2B > 5B > JC(Jump Cancel which is just jump) > J.A > J.B > J.2C > SD > J.A > J.B > J.2C > JC > J.AAA (no you could JA > JB > J.2C again but you would need to vanish than DR).

Also Season 3.5 is a bit different than S1, so if you do find a guide but it’s older some things might not work…

I suggest practicing a lot, mainly good defense and movement.

Now I use ABCD as this is the norm for Arcsys games, but most notations will be 5L, 5M, 5H, 2L, 2M, 2H, etc.