New to Devil Trigger. Tips?

Can you guys give me all the ins and outs of using Dante’s Devil Trigger? It’s a hyper that I just never use, but I now want to work it into my dante play.

I was playing around with it in training mode, and his combos become easier because of his speed boost. He also gets a slight damage increase, three new moves that look useful (one that packs invincibility and is immune to advancing guard!), and red life regeneration all at the cost of no meter building for the duration of the powerup.

My team is Dante (Jam Session), Morrigan (Dark Harmonizer), Dr. Strange (Bolts of Balls…ahem Balthakk) Because of Morrigan’s assist, I should have the meter to use DT every once in a while AND, assuming I land a combo, I’ll be able to build some meter while in DT!

So yeah, I just want to know things like when I should use DT (like maybe when dante has mostly red life, but I don’t necessarily want to switch characters yet?), what I should do once I’ve activated it, combos that include devil trigger, and maybe some useful DHCs you guys can think of for my team. For example, I know I can use Spell of Vishanti>DHC Devil Trigger>teleport, air S, etc.

Please and thank you!

first off, learn how to bold cancel. take like an hour or two learning it and you’ll be fine.

DT is for covering bad matchups where that flight and thunderbolt/vortex are invaluable (morrigan, zero, magneto, etc) and when you need added movement. it’s also good for incoming mixups because of the extra airdash and speed. there’s a lot of talk about it in the general discussion thread.

but yeah, learn how to bold cancel.

oh, the thunderbolt is invulnerable too? no wonder I see DT dantes using that over and over online =] i’d like to hear about using DT against that annoying zero.
I know how to bold cancel, but it’s just not an effective way of comboing online. takes me back to the SSFIV days where every combo has a one framer. sometimes I see people doing bold cancels online. it definitely looks cool and does more damage, but even most 2nd lords just do the combos I mentioned.

it’s not invincible but it cuts the screen in half, does great chip, and you can’t advancing guard it.

bold cancelling is not really hard at all. there’s really no point in playing dante if you’re not going to do it. go play vergil or something if you aren’t going to.

Yea man, learn to bold cancel, it’s confusing at first but after a little while it becomes brain dead easy to do! to the point of when you’re landing Dante combos you will bold cancel on reaction without even thinking about it, if you don’t learn it then your Dante’s average damage output will barely even scratch or go over 650k. (even when in devil trigger.)

let’s try and stay on topic, guys. DE.Vil-Trig.GEr
so far, all i’ve learned is devil trigger is good for zero. what else?

You can probably do a hell of a lot of chip in the corner with Bolts assist + Thunderbolt. Since there’s a delay between Strange’s two beams, you could cover the gap with Thunderbolt, and activate flight mode while the assist is hitting. I’m going to try this out, actually, I wonder how effective it is

Does somewhere around 350k in chip damage… assuming they don’t superjump out or just crouch, lol

ooo that sounds good for when people are running away from me!
like yesterday, there was this chun-li who kept jumping and jumping again and jumping again (triple jump) all over the place and ruining my plan of attack! she ended up getting morrigan’s clone with strange’s bolts, and you better believe she stopped jumping :3
i need to go learn the angle of devil trigger’s thunderbolt…

seriously? no one knows how to use devil trigger?
i COULD just play around with it in training mode for a long time, but one of the perks of playing a game that been out for months is people have already figured it out.

pweeeease? :3

theres a good chance they donr want to help you because you dont want to help yourself get better if thats the case i don’t blame them.

some people are jerks and can’t be bothered to help others. i know how it is. But if you’re gonna be like that, you probably shouldn’t be on a website dedicated to talking about games and asking questions O.O
unfortunately, it seems i know more about devil trigger than anyone here.

I like turtling and getting more mileage out of dante with Devil trigger. nother jump and dash I believe you get out of it.

Blew X-factor already? Use it for thunderbolt to force chip damage and recover some red health and let your team recover.

You can cancel Missile launcher (hysteric?) into DT and use the missiles as cover to dash in/ teleport/ fly over and spam Thunderbolt. That’s all I really use it for tbh.

I know he can’t build meter during DT but does Morrigan’s assist still allow him to gain meter? this should help him lame even better. Combined with Bolts of the Ballsack you can charge lock ons, dump missiles and be a go from offense to forcing chip and recovering Dante’s health.

sorry, i have another question: how does dante use The Hammer after a TAC? i saw like two people do it online and that might be better than doing sky dance. i tried doing s, m, m, h, hammer, and it didn’t work.

all stuff i already knew, but i still appreciate you answering the question and *staying on topic, *which is more than i can say for others.
you turtle when you use devil trigger?
morrigan’s assist definitely works while he’s devil triggered ^.^ builds 30% of a bar, and it should be completely safe to use once dante has started his combo! it’s a pity you can’t use morrigan’s assist while doing a special move, which all of dante’s combos consist of.

i thought there was more depth to devil trigger, but i guess it’s pretty straight forward: speed, boost, extra damage, etc. it certainly doesn’t make any whiffed/blocked attacks safe, nor have a found a combo for it, yet. i think his assist becomes better indefinitely, like hsien ko’s armor. i thought the same thing when i first tried out morrigan’s astral vision, but i now know that her fireball game increases a lot and sometimes makes her opponent block the wrong way.

the thing is, i can do cool stuff when dante has 4 meters (combo>million dollars>DHC into morrigan’s level 3) and i insist that my dr. strange has meter when it’s his time to fight.

Yeah i don’t see the problem with turtling or running away with Dante. Double jump air dash flight. Sounds like more ways to fish for mistakes.

The attack boost from DT applies to Dante’s assists. No clue on speed boost. I’m sure you can have Dante second and DHC him in with DT and be pseudo safe.

Just makes him a bit more oppressive with a free way in with hysteric xx DT, port. Mastering bold cancel will make DT mode more damaging of course.

but it only lasts like 5 seconds, tops. seems like you’d want to try as hard as you can to get a combo/chip damage in so the bar won’t be a waste.

The threat can be enough sometimes :wink:

Dante’s DT doesn’t give a speed boost, that’s just Vergil’s

oh, lol… seems you’re right! i read somewhere that powerup hypers are just a weak form of xFactor. he certainly seems faster.

also, what good would have frames 3-4 invincible do??

The combos feel slightly different though, but that maybe that’s just me.

Edit: With the invincibility you can dodge things like Gimlet and point blank Gamma Crush iirc.