New To Cody, Couple of Questions

Hi, sorry for creating a new thread but I didnt see a Q&A thread and the guide thread I think is outdated.

1- How to Implement ZONK on my game? I just cant find a way to use it except for wake up really I know a lot of people use this but how do you use it, also while charging it what normal should I use most of the time, what I mean by this is which normal you prefer not having? lp? mp? hp?

2- Ultra 1 or Ultra 2? U1 can be FADC into ultra so its my prefered one for this reason, but I think more use U2, why? for punishing? beating fireballs?

3- Whats Cody best punish combo apart for Close HP, xx HP CU? cause if I want to punish a whiffed shoryu for example alot of times I will not be able to walk for the Close HP to come out.

Thanks and sorry for the noob questions

  1. Normal Zonk is horrible on wake-up. EX version is much better for that, though still not a real reversal. Zonks work well for interrupting blockstrings with gaps to close in such as the the common shoto’s x fireball at tip range or Viper’s x thunder knuckle. Since Zonk will mainly be used at mid range to pass through blockstrings, charging with hp is the most reliable, as you’ll need the omnipotent and quick normals for poking midscreen, and hp doesn’t see much use outside of frametraps and combos.involving CU.

  2. Yes, U2 is commonly the better choice for its faster startup, better damage, better range, and typically requires less meter and less hits (so less scaling) to combo into. I get more use out of U1 though for always having the option to FADC into it in combos as well as a large reward off FADCing an EX Zonk, regardless of how expensive both options are. It ultimately depends on which ultra suits your play style more. Personally, I see U2 as the better option if you’re more patient and passive.

  3. The combo you listed is the best punish there is for no meter. Considering Cody is a close range character, you should always be at a close enough range to punish with it. If it so happens you’re not though, it depends on the situation. > x HP CU is always an easy and reliable combo, x MK Ruffian is good for wall carry, or x LK Ruffian for the untechable knockdown. Ultimately, the best punish to use depends on what kind of situation you’re trying to get the opponent into.

3 go with c.hp xx hp cu for mere damage. (or lk ruffian for knockdown, mk ruffian for spacing or hk ruffian if u go for a fadc followup).

Just like to point that Cody’s best punish is,, cr.hp xx CU. Does about 50 more damage and a crapload of stun over cl.hp, xx CU. But for situations you’re at bad position to get the best option, say after a lp shoryu, cr.hp xx something is the best option.

Thanks Mordio and also thanks zUkUu and otori, but one more question now that I have used cody a little more:

-I have a really hard time getting in, I can pressure my opponent easily but how to get in this situation is hard, because cody’s walk speed is really slow so I keep jumping. how do I get in?,, are appropriate tools to keep pressure on if you already close. his forward dash is also quite decent. but the main way you get in is to “wiggle” forward [vs fireball characters]. you see that quite often. walk a little forward, block, walk a little, block etc

do take note tho, that you DON’T HAVE to get in. patience is a bless. zoning is as important as pressuring.

Cody got a Kara throw with his F. HK + throw buttons?


How do I cancel bad stone and wake-up tech bad spray?

How useful is cody’s kara throw? Should i be using it?

if you know the exact range you can grab ur opponent where he can’t throw you. I’d still say it’s rather mediocre and nothing that gets you wins more often.

I see Sasaki doing a point-blank c.LK and then immediately kara throw sometimes. I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work without the kara.

  1. How useful Zonk is is match-up specific. You’re going to want to have it charged (preferably with HP, as LP and MP are too important to give up) against fireball characters and some other match-ups (Boxer?). Basically any match-up where the character has a safe move that hits the upper body from far away.
  2. Pick U2 usually. You can OS against most backdashes with it, do kill-only combos, and link into it off certain moves. CH f+MP links into U2 and it’s not too difficult to confirm. Links off CH cl.HP too, which is like the easiest CH confirm ever. But certain match-ups you’ll want U1 instead. Against Rufus, I would pick U1 for sure just so you can get a guaranteed punish on his EX Messiah, as well as the fact that you’re much more likely to land HK Ruffian in that match-up.
  3. If you’re too far away to punish, just do something simple like c.LK/c.MP xx HP Criminal Upper/MK Ruffian.

JFYI: u2 will punish any followups from ex messiah aswell. (lk followup, block => u2; sweep => gets beaten by u2; overhead => u2 will hit once with the dust and will juggle with the pipe afterwards).

That seems unreliable though. If they change the timing on the LK or overhead follow-up, won’t that fuck up the wrench part?

rufus is considered grounded during lk followup (otherwise he couldn’t FADC it), so a delay will result in a clean full u2. as for delayed overhead. if done VERY late u2 will hit him while being airborn, thus being unsafe. but hands down, the chance that that happens is quite small.

  1. needs a blocked messiah, which is seldom enough against a good rufus
  2. don’t have 2 meters to FADC it. most rufuses don’t even use a guessed messiah without the meter backing it up
  3. they’d need to go for the slowmo overhead.
  4. AND delay it

I just tested it with the delayed LK follow up. Dust hits and wrench whiffs. I’ll stick to U1 against Rufus.

what exactly did you do? mash u2 when he does ex messiah und you block it, you should get him before even hitting you when he delays the lk followup.

Yeah U1 is better against Rufus anyway.

I did reversal U2 after EX Messiah. I’d rather stick with something consistent than something that depends on the other player’s timing.

it’s about a general question, not about convincing someone lol. and you do something wrong; you hit him BEFORE he can hit you if he delays it. it’s a clean full u2. I just went to training mode to check again.

upload a video or something, I can’t reproduce it at all.