revised silent JLF design.

  • new board assembly design, no more wobbly microswitches.

  • reed switches last longer, etc. (same as old one)

  • new guide design, new internal parts design (actuator probably) improved actuation of directions.

new low price of 5184yen

haha edit- been announcend already i guess. thread for talking about it.

I ordered mine today, and @PresidentCamacho‌ ordered one as well. I’ll postmy thoughts after I receive it.

Wasn’t me that ordered one. I’m interested, but no plans to buy one yet.

Wow I’m an idiot. I meant @chaoslimits‌ . sorry @PresidentCamacho‌ !!

No harm, no foul.

That markup :I

Way too expensive.

Guaranteed for life micro switches would be the only way I’d consider paying that much.

It is rather expensive.
I played on one for an entire day at SCR and almost pulled the trigger at ArcadeShock’s stand that weekend (glad I waited lol). Not too impressed by sound dampening qualities but I love the feel of the silent JLF.

In fairness, a company has to make money somehow :confused:

But triple the price of the normal JLF for some silent switches? Give me a break.

Agreed, I will just buy some silent switches from Paradise Arcade Shop.

I like to have audible feedback from the switches, honestly. I really like the way cherry switches sound. Very quiet but not silent.

And still no word on that FLASH1 price drop.

Sanwa no longer makes the Flash, the Flash 1 you see now is a reproduction from the original molds/plans made by Rollie Electronics & Happ Controls

Oh no, I was simply referring to arcadeshocks mark-up. I’m sorry. I won’t argue the price, as it definitely is pricey. I’m not gonna justify it either, I just wanted to try it out :confused:

I rather buy another jlf and rollie flash than this “new” jlf and still will get all the noise reduction for less than that price… is way to expensive for me and just for silent micros, sorry but no…

+1. I held off buying the previous version due to the price but I saw the blue gate and reason went out the window :V

Are the switches the only difference between JLF and silent JLF? Cos switch aside, they still felt very different to me (more “smoothness” on the silent version). Mine gets in tomorrow and I’m eager to side-by-side compare them.

actuator on the older silent JLF is different material, also different sizing.


Switches are D2RV-G-SD2 (Sanwa Denshi 2?) and have yellow pin plungers. The pictures from focus attack show D2RV-G.