New Samurai Spirits Sen begins testing October 27th

I know, I know…

Street Fighter is going to dominate the discussion for the next 12 months until its release. I thought it interesting to note however that Samurai Spirits Sen (the new 3D Samurai Spirits game not brought to you by the team responsible for Warrior’s Rage) is going to begin its first testing cycle in Japan on October 27th at the Hey Akihabara arcade.

I had assumed after the game no-showed the AM Show and wasn’t playable at the TGS the first time we would see it in action would be at the SNK Playmore end of the year event or the AOU Show in February.

It seems however they have other plans.

This should be interesting to see how it turns out.

Can’t wait first Samurai Spirits Sen then KOFXII:rock:

Don’t wanna bust up your party, but I advise you have more/better info on the game before you start trying to bump this thread. Might get more views and “quality”(?) posts that way, instead of the +1 cosign posts that are about to get deleted you have now.

Well, has a few images for their Loketest.
Anyway, until more SF4 info surface, we’ll at least get a glimpse of what this game will look like.

Man, I can wait for SF (seriously, not expecting much)… but I can’t wait to get my hands on this new SS. It’s the only 3D fighter I’m truely interested in. Shouldn’t be too long before we get some media on this. I’m dying to see what characters made the roster. Here’s hoping for Gen-An, but we all know that ain’t gonna happen.

Is it old cranky Haohmaru?

If so, I’ll play the shit out of this game.

^You mean PSX Warrior’s Rage Haoh? Nope from the pics it ‘young’/2D Haoh :P.

The whole fact that Yuki isn’t doing this makes me wary. The Warrior’s Rage series was kinda cringeworthy. Also given the fact they’d have to make big gameplay changes- it’s going to be hard for them to make this good gameplaywise. Really hard.

weeeell from what i heard it’s members of SS2, SS Tenka, SS64 and SS Asura teams, so I have faith that it’ll be good.

We will see how this game turns out when we get it…it appears to me to be like FFWA- a Remake of the first Samurai Showdown Gamebut with additional characters. Should it be KOF Maximum Impact meets Samurai Showdown?

Also this is SRK so you should expect SF4 to dominate things…this should reinvigorate the rest of fighting games, since SF4 is to be released.

I really hope it does not turn out to be maximum impact with swords, they really need to steer clear of the combo heavy, multiple systems

They have MI with Swords- it’s called Last Blade…

Well, MI 1- quality anyways.

They could do a number of things with this, will be interesting to see how it turns out.

He is right though…Last Blade is 2d Maximum Impact w/swords lol.

One thing I am kinda interested is the sound of the hit effects , I tend to like this sound in some fighters over others :P, and I pretty much felt like MI’s hit effects sound like punching a pillar of paper or such…

From what little I managed to play of it, SS64-2: Asura was decent enough that I am willing to defend it. The PSX game was just an incomplete waste of potential.

I am actually kind of pissed off it is a remake of SS1, even if they add some of my favorite characters from later games, the BEST SS game to remake would have been SS3. Zankoru was far more impressive as a final boss and really it is one of the least talked about of the originals meaning you don’t have to many people bitching ‘OY THEY RUIN XXXXX and its not as good as 2D.’ because very few enjoyed it over other games.

While I partially agree with that assessment (as I didn’t much enjoy the game system, or implementation for that matter), I believe the storyline and artwork for SS:WR was some top notch stuff. The character designs alone struck me as some of the best in any SS. In fact my all time favorite SS character, hands down, is Haito Kanakura (followed closely by Shiki). It’s just sad they choose to go with a clunky, bastardized, 2.5D game engine (espeically since the backgrounds were very well drawn). On paper SS:WR had Garou potential written all over it. Too bad it turned out the way it did.

Eh, I personally thought that the majority of the PSX-WR roster was forget-able. It basically had all the problems that plagued the SF3 roster (majority were throw-aways who didn’t have the pizazz of the originals), and didn’t even have truly outstanding gameplay to try and at least balance it out.

But any way…yeah. K2/Galapagos Team/The guys who made the first few SS games being behind this title give me the hope that it could turn out to be something great. Part of me really hopes that maybe they would basically go back to the storyline from the 64 games, and maybe just streamline it a bit to accommodate some of the newer characters (like Mina and Iroha, who probably won’t be going any where any time soon).

Also, I’m personally hoping for possibly a return of the Shura/Rasetsu (Slash/Bust) system. If it would mean awesome-ness like Enja-style Kazuki and Suija-style Sogetsu (SS64-2 style) to come back, then I think that would be all the more reason that we could free up the roster, and get rid of the rather meaningless clones like Rera, and just focus on making the most out of each character, split into two styles.

…And yeah…I second the notion that this will probably end up being a better title than SF4, but we shall see…

… How are they going to use the Warrior’s Rage storyline and some characters, but not have old Haohmaru?

I think SSV should’ve had old Haoh. It’d be cool if the series started to progress like Garou/KOF. Put Shiki in, Asura, Geezer Haoh, etc.

That would be easy enough. Either have the game take place as a remake of one or the other of the 64 games, or, on the other hand, have a game that takes place shortly after, possibly ret-conning PSX-WR out of the timeline.

Since the PSX game is easily a sour note in the series, I would think that SNK wouldn’t at all be opposed to the idea of taking measures to discredit it, and maybe try “re-making” the game at a later date.

Sharing some things that Iggy on MMCafe decided to share:

Well, this art style does more to remind me of the SS64 games (the GOOD ones, not that PSX abomination!) already. +1 to K2.

More to come, as hopefully the the loke tests will be starting very soon…