New Rufus player looking for some help

Hey Rufus forum! I’m here because I’m making the commitment to learn and play as Rufus for 2012. I’ve been playing Street Fighter 4 for about 8 months (AE the whole time), and I’m jumping from Dhalsim right now. I have a question for beginning my Rufus training. Where do I start? I’ve been dabbling with him now for a few days and have just been messing with some real basic combos and his links in to his U1, but where do I really need to go? What combos should I definitely know? What’s the best way to approach opponents in general? Also, as a very new and young player, how do I ease in to using a new character? Any help on beginning Rufus would be appreciated. Whether it’s things you did personally to get going or just tips in general, I’ll use it! Thanks in advance and share the popcorn!

Here’s a great guide for you and some professional gameplay for you. It’s a guide that shows strategies, combos, and what tools Rufus can use. You might see a combo or two you might use, and understand how he’s supposed to be played.

Have fun :)!!

Rufus Guide


First 3 things you need to learn
Instant dive kick
Short, fierce xx fierce gt ( lk,hp xx hp gt )
Target combo ulrta

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Thanks for the tips so far! I’m trying to get the short, fierce xx fierce gt down, but even with plinking I’m having a bit of a time with linking the short with the fierce. Now, I know most players go in to a fight having a gameplan. What is the typical plan with Rufus in any general fight regardless of match-up? When I play as Sim, my plan is something like, “keep them 3/4 away and poke them out when you can, but capitalize off their mistakes.” Thanks!

EDIT: If there is anyone that would want to be a Rufus mentor for me, let me know! I’m on PSN as EarthRyno. Thanks!

Looks like we’re gonna kill two birds with one stone,im new to the big guy too. Im interested in the answer ryno gonna get for his question . This forum needs updating.

Rufus’ bnb just takes practice. There aren’t any silver bullets for it. You just need to do it back and forth across the training mode screen until you don’t have to think about it anymore.

Basic game plan is usually to get in, mix up throws with instant dive kicks/low shorts and get max damage off of each opening. Bait crouch-techs, dps, jumps and punish.

Is dive kick,cl lk,cl lk,st hp xxx hp GT better than dive kick cl lk,st hp xxx hp GT? the latter does 2 less dmg. but i see all the high level rufus use it except for j wong. Whats with that?

prob hit confirms as it gives them more time to plink the hp gt…

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It’s just hit confirm. Either or is fine, but the second may whiff (not be cl.) if you’re not spaced properly.

Yes i realize . Question must i plink to connect the st. hp? Its timing is strict ,or is it just me . lol please say no plinking lol,i just dont understand how to perform it.

From what I’ve been practicing, plinking helps a lot! It’s not difficult. Here’s a good video for it. [media=youtube]acuTIlxcjz0[/media] It helped me a lot. The biggest problem I’m having right now is transfering the consistency of getting the short to fierce from training mode to an actual match. I’m taking baby steps and trying to hit a moving target by using the computer. I just need to keep working on it.

I have a question. Can someone reinforce for me why it’s okay to dive kick so much? I understand quite a bit for the most part, but when is it not okay? I’m just worried that I’m going to get to a point where divekicking is going to be shut down and I’m not going to know what to do. Thanks!

Sorry but i just don’t get the youtube tutorials. What are they saying? Do i hit the keys three times or do i hit 2 keys together and 1 after??

the best way I guess I could explain it is that you’re hitting two buttons one before the other. Hitting fierce activates the fierce move. Hitting fierce and strong at the SAME time activates the fierce move as well. Hitting fierce, holding it down, and immediately hitting strong should (if done quickly and precisely enough) read as fierce and strong+fierce on the inputs. The purpose of this is that it is basically like hitting the same button twice, but much faster than you could possibly do by hitting the same button as fast as you can. This technique only works for medium and heavy attacks. hitting jab and strong at the same time is still strong. If your trying to connect the short to fierce, you need to hit the correct frame in order to connect the two moves. Plinking increases the chances of hitting that frame.

to be completely clear, if you were to hit the buttons with specific fingers, it would be this: hitting either a medium button or a heavy button with your middle finger and then quickly coming down with your index to hit the less powerful button. You should end with both fingers pressing both buttons at the same time, and your middle finger should have not left the first button until after your index has hit the other button.

I hope that helps.

You have to press two buttons in quick succession. What happens is there is a leniency in the game where it remembers inputs to make pressing buttons simultaneously easier. For example, if you press HP and then MP one frame apart you will get HP on the first frame and HP+MP on the second frame. It should look like this:


Hope this makes sense.

This. He explains it much more simply.

I didn’t see your post. Not trying to steal your thunder or anything, heh.

No worries! Your explanation makes more sense. Nothing wrong with that! :smiley:

All in all the notations are heavy then heavy + strong?

Hey Guys! Another Rufus Noob.

I’ve decided to Sub Rufus because I heard his is a relatively simple character to pick up. But I have a few questions about him.

  1. Is he hard to learn overall? Is plinking a must, Do I need amazing execution ect? (Aside from already average skills in the aforementioned)
  2. Is U2 used best against Ryu / Sagat / Jumping pricks? Or does U1 fit the bill better universally?
  3. Best combo from a divekick (Excluding TC > Ultra)
  4. Are you all nice people?

0.o simple,he may not have crazy ass combos but those he has isnt what i would call simple. After countless training ur muscles picks up.
question1: {i ve been learning rufus for 2 days now and i believe to be consistent you need plinging especially for his go to combo. {dive kick ,cl lk,st hpxx hp GT} i havent learned plinking and it took me till the second day(2day) to hit 3-4 in a row (lol in training mode)

Question 2: both ultras works but my opinion i would say 2,when u have ultra it well limit the amount of plasma fired at u.

Question 3: {dive kick ,cl lk,st hpxx GT} easier on is {dive kick ,cl lk,st mpxx hp GT}

Question 4: i really don’t know,im quite new here ^_^. but it looks that way. (here really need updating though)

Looks like after the nerf most of the members left. Well looks like you guys got three new members ,hehe.