New Rufus Combos?

divekick + + +

is this a new combo cause i can do it effectively in battle now. It seems like rufus’ most powerful combo. It’s easier to connect than the normal to st.hp plinking combo. Plus it does way more damage and looks cooler.

  • please add me on psn if you guys are really really good rufus players

It certainly looks cool, and if my calculations are correct, it’s the highest damage combo you can do off a divekick without ultra for 1 bar.
Divekick, st. lk, st. hp xx hp gt: 70+30+(.8100)+(.7120) = 264
Divekick, st. hp xx hp gt: 70+100+(.8120) = 266
Divekick, st. hp xx hp gt, lp gt: 70+100+(.8
120)+(.740) = 294 (corner only)
Divekick, st. mp, st. mp xx ex gt: 70+80+(.8
80)+(.7*130) = 305

Divekick, st. mp, st. mp xx ex gt, U1: 70+80+(.880)+(.7130)+(.5460) = 535
Divekick, st. hp xx hp gt, U1: 70+100+(.8
120)+(.6*460) = 542

It definitely has its uses - spend a meter to gain the life lead, and have the benefits that come from it, or spend a bar kill your opponent perhaps, lacking other high damage options. But 40 damage for one EX bar isn’t that great of a trade for Rufus, unless the extra damage means a lot.

Mmm, I did a little more testing and this is looking even better. If you go for st. mp after a divekick, you have decent frame advantage (+2) if it doesn’t hit, and it’s a good mixup against just using close lk, which is what I had been relying on as well as far lp for getting frame advantage in a close range situation. If it does hit, you can combo into a second st. mp pretty easily - the hitconfirm window is a good deal larger than off a st. lk. It’s especially useful against characters you can safejump, since safejumping after EX GT is so much easier than hp gt. Against safe jumpable characters, you can almost consider the safe jump afterwards to be part of the combo, giving back ~1/2 of the meter you spent and an extra 31 chip damage even if your generic jump hp, hp, hp gt is blocked.

After a st. mp on block, you get a frame trap of sorts, too - walk forward throw, walk forward st. mp, plinked st. mp, or delayed st. mp. If you can train reactions to fish for a counter hit, you can plink close hp, hp gt after the walk forward st. mp, or cr. mk xx ex gt after the plinked or delayed st. mp. I definitely need to integrate this into my game - the only counterhit fishing setup I have used previously is both corner-specific, and a lot less safe, since it was off cr. mp, which has 2 frames slower startup. Good shit, lightningblade.

just tried this combo on chun-li and dhalsim. you can land an additional cr.Lp after landing 2 St.MP

on Chun-li/Dhalsim: Dive Kick -> St.MP -> St.MP -> Cr.LP -> EX GT = 313

Dhalsim: Dive Kick -> St.MP -> St.MP -> St.LP -> St.MP = 282 (No EX meter used, plus it takes out more damage than St.LKx2 -> GT+HP

still cheking other charactes. I’ll let you know if I find something else.

Update on the combos I posted:

  1. on Chun-li/Dhalsim/Abel/Seth/Boxer/Blanka/Rose/dictatorClaw/Guile/Akuma/Makoto/Cody/Honda: Dive Kick -> St.MP -> St.MP -> Cr.LP -> EX GT = 313

combo 1 does not land on Blanka/Rose/Claw on Crouching State. Lands on Viper Crouching Only though

  1. Dhalsim/Abel/Seth/Boxer/Guile/Rufus/Dudley/Makoto/Cody/Honda: Dive Kick -> St.MP -> St.MP -> St.LP -> St.MP = 282 (No EX meter used, plus it takes out more damage than St.LKx2 -> GT+HP)

  2. Abel/Zangief/Dudley (Crouching Only): Dive Kick -> St.MP -> St.MP -> Cr.LP -> Cr.LP -> EX GT = 318

  3. Honda (standing): Dive Kick -> St.MP -> St.MP -> St.LP -> Cr.LP -> EX GT = 311

*Combo # 3 lands on guile/Honda Standing; not crouching though :frowning:

Does this only work in super? Trying it on vanilla on PC and I can’t get it to work. Both MP’s are close, right?

It’s specific to the angle you divekick with. Sometimes if you miss the combo the 2nd mp will be a far one, and sometimes if your divekick wasn’t the right angle your 2nd mp will be a far one.


this is gonna be my new favorite “ultra whiff” punishment.

Not a bad idea, if you do st. mp, st. mp xx ex gt it does 264 damage vs st. hp xx hp gt’s 220.

I found a combo that so far I could only
get it to work on a Cody, I think it is because
he may have a little larger hitbox than
most characters. It goes divekick-close lk-close
mp- close lk- into target combo. Where at the end
you have your options to go into ultra but scale might
be bad.

yea, my main combo is:
dive kick + + cr.lp + (265 damage). I do this one pretty much everytime. I use an ex bar but just do like two divekicks on the opponent and you get it back.

  • if i mess up this combo after the it still did like 156 something damage, whereas if If I messed up after the divekick + it would do way less damage because inflicts way more damage then
  • I do the double combo sometimes now. i still need to get used to it
  • On balrogs and those hard angle divekick characters i just use the divekick + + + cr.lp + it looks cool and does 263 damage.

I’ll be trying this on practice mode tonite. ive never seen this combo in gameplay before. sounds sexy though

Marn was doing > > cr.lp > cr.lp > ex.galactic during the release weak of Super. Video is somewhere on youtube.

I will defiantly be trying this later, I hate missing the 1 frame link online so if this is more reliable then BINGO :badboy:

This is a one frame link as well.

I’ve been doing this combo for a couple weeks now. A friend of mine, Kattermari from Philly let me in on the secret and a few more. It’s worth the bar and is free to hit confirm. Kattermari told me he thought it’s 2 frames but i’m not 100% on that.

its a 1 frame link. close mp comes out in 5 frames and its +5 on hit

I haven’t seen this combo before, but I will definitely be using it. Another good tool to mess around with on Rufus.

lolz why do rufus 1 frame combos require so much training and timing if i could just time those damn combos i would have no problems owning with rufus

waste 1 ex bar for 40 damage ? seems like not a good idea . . .
u should use back lk hp GT lol