New P2P Game Server: 2DF FreePlay

A new p2p matchmaking game server has been developed using a customized version of nfba. Your input is welcome as far as features and games that you would like to be added.

[]Instant replays.
]Private messaging.
[]Detailed stat tracking (overall wins/losses, character specific wins/losses, etc.)
]Automated player rating system.
[]Ignore harassing players.
]P2P connection for best performance.
[*]No input delay for all games except those that run on CPS3 (SF3, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) in which input delay becomes noticeable when playing higher pings.

Benefits over IRC/Kaillera Servers:
[]No additional software needed. Just run the client and you’re good to go (you must have the ROMs for the games you want to play of course).
]Can challenge players directly from the client. No need to switch applications, exchange ips, or discuss emulator version.
[]Games are played via a P2P connection. Cutting out the middle man (server) reduces ping times, input lag, and greatly improves overall performance.
]Game automatically launched and players automatically connected when a challenge is accepted.
[]Visible player pings and locations.
]No port forwarding required (unless you want to challenge (host)).
[]Updates automatically downloadeded when client is run.
]Commitment to fix bugs immediately upon discovery, to add support for the games that are desired, and to add new features on a regular basis.

Current games supported:

[]Aero Fighters
]Aero Fighters 2
[]Aero Fighters 3
]Alien vs Predator
[]Armored Warriors
]Art of Fighting
[]Art of Fighting 2
]Art of Fighting 3 - the path of the warrior
[]Baseball Stars 2
]Baseball Stars Professional
[]Blazing Star
]Breakers Revenge
[]Cadillacs & Dinosaurs
]Capcom Sports Club
[]Cyberbots - fullmetal madness
]Fatal Fury 3 - road to the final victory
[]Fatal Fury Special
]Final Fight
[]Garou - mark of the wolves
]Hyper Street Fighter 2: The Anniversary Edition
[]JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
]Karnov’s Revenge
[]Kizuna Encounter - super tag battle
]Magical Drop III
[]Marvel Super Heroes
]Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter
[]Marvel vs Capcom - clash of super heroes
]Mega Man - the power battle
[]Mega Man 2 - the power fighters
]Metal Slug - super vehicle-001
[]Metal Slug 2 - super vehicle-001/II
]Metal Slug 3
[]Metal Slug 4
]Metal Slug 5
[]Metal Slug X - super vehicle-001
]Neo Bomberman
[]Neo-Geo Cup '98 - the road to the victory
]Night Warriors - darkstalkers’ revenge
[]Nightmare in the Dark
]Ninja Master’s haoh ninpo cho
[]Puzzle Bobble
]Puzzle Bobble 2
[]Rage of the Dragons
]Real Bout Fatal Fury
[]Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 - the newcomers
]Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
[]Ring of Destruction - slammasters II
]Samurai Shodown
[]Samurai Shodown II
]Samurai Shodown III
[]Samurai Shodown IV - Amakusa’s revenge
]Samurai Shodown V Special
[]Sengoku 3
]Shin gouketsuzi ichizoku - Toukon
[]Shock Troopers
]Shock Troopers - 2nd squad
[]Street Fighter Alpha 2
]Street Fighter Alpha 3
[]Street Fighter II - the world warrior
]Street Fighter II’ - champion edition
[]Street Fighter II’ - hyper fighting
]Street Fighter III 2nd Impact: Giant Attack
[]Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future
]Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha
[]Super Dodge Ball
]Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix
[]Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
]Super Sidekicks 3 - the next glory
[]Super Street Fighter II - the new challengers
]Super Street Fighter II Turbo
[]Super Sundays
]The King of Fighters '94
[]The King of Fighters '95
]The King of Fighters '96
[]The King of Fighters '97
]The King of Fighters '98 - the slugfest
[]The King of Fighters '99 - millennium battle
]The King of Fighters 2000
[]The King of Fighters 2001
]The King of Fighters 2002 - challenge to ultimate battle
[]The King of Fighters 2003
]The Last Blade 2
[]The Punisher
]Twinklestar Sprites
[]Vampire Savior - the lord of vampire
]Vampire Savior 2 - the lord of vampire
[]Waku Waku 7
]Windjammers - flying disc game
[]World Heroes
]World Heroes 2
[]World Heroes Perfect
]X-Men - children of the atom
[*]X-Men vs Street Fighter

I’ll check it out.

wow thats really cool.

but what do u mean by “A new game server has been developed primarily to pick up the slack left by GGPO, and to spark the wheels of progress.” ggpo is doing fine right now and really doesnt have any slack that needs to be picked up.

dude the game info screen is badass! Nice job there.

As an avid player of GGPO, I mean no offense. But there is no denying that GGPO has several bugs that have remained unfixed for the last few months, limited game support, and limited features.

Suffering from the same problem GGPO has; not open source. Without the ability for the code to be seen, modified, and improved upon, your claim of ‘sparking the wheels of progress’ is hollow.

ggpo does that to not step on developers like Capcom’s shoes. but on the limited features im going to have to agree but i know that ponder is working on adding features and fixing bugs. in fact he just released the test build 28.8 today. he is making progress but its all one step at a time.

i will join up when this thing gets bigger and when ggpo drops ST. if it ever will.

There is one thing about GGPO that bugs me and it is the fact that the roms have to be in the GGPO roms folder. You can’t point the FBA emulator to the roms somewhere else on your computer. If this is the same thing, then basically I would have to have duplicate the roms on my computer (the ones that are on both GGPO and this) and I don’t really wanna do that.

The first thing you do upon running the client is select your roms folder. Don’t have to copy roms anywhere.

I was referring to the wheels between me and Ponder. :slight_smile:
You should understand that open sourcing is not desirable for what we, or at least I, am trying to achieve. A centralized location where people can find other people to play with. There is only room for a small handful of players in this field.

when you say
"Uses a scaling input delay algorithm, as opposed to GGPO’s forced 1 frame. What this means is less rollbacks and frameskips at the expense of an undetectable input delay…"

does that mean there will be no lag so to speak but crazy button to frame delay?

The key word in my quote is “undetectable”.
As far as im concerned, noticeable input delay = unplayable.

I am getting an error when I try to run the program I downloaded from your site. I get a cannot start application error and when I click details, it gives me this.

EDIT: Got it working, details unimportant.

Gotta read the instructions man. If youre using firefox, you need to install the ffclickonce plugin. Then when you click the Play Now link, select “Run ClickOnce Application” instead of Save.

Ohh, I was using opera to download it, that’s why. I figured I didn’t have to do anything with any other browser… Whatever though, I got it to work through Firefox…

So you have to run it thought firefox everytime? That sorta makes it inconvient for people who don’t use it as there primary browser…

Just tried it out and we had some matches. Inputs came out properly and I rate it very well. This is looking very promising. GGs damdai.

This fails on so many levels

SSVSP? World Heroes Perfect?!? You, sir, are the MAN!

I only have one minor nitpick: Real Bout 2 is the preferred game in that series. But other than that, loving this!

No, you can use IE, which requires no plugins.


Actually dude, GGPO has smoothing option now. Test out the current test build and you’d see it for yourself. So its up to you if you want to see rollbacks and frame skipping in exchange for smoother input delay or vice versa. You can even set it to 0 frame delay.