New mortal kombat is coming

since this is the fighting game discussion it seems there a new mortal kombat coming. the most surpising thing tho it says it going to be 2d

here the link if you want to read it.

not much other info is given other then a tag team option and importance on story

makes me happy it 2d. i had a blast playing the old mk3

oh here the trailer

Well the juggling looks way better than in did in MK A.

2d gameplay with 3d graphics, FUCK YEA!

so hyped for this.

sektor’s teleport sound is awesome sounding

so glad they went back to their roots…

at least it looks more fluid in the way that is animated

sadly i did not see scorpion in the trailer but Kung Lao fatality oh oh man i hope this turns out good.

i bet they are saving scorpion for a bigger trailer… hes the flagship char like ryu, hell be in it.

lmao @ the fatality at the end. Right down the middle!

Also nostalgia - I recognize all those stages from the old 2D games (forest with the creepy trees from MK2, bridge with the spikes from MK1, etc.)

This looks promising. Hopefully it’s not a steaming pile of crap like every other MK game after MK3.

it would be nice if this mk turns out descent, i always nliked the series, yet not the gameplay
the last good mk was shaolin monks

Certainly keep an eye on this, could turn out really good. It looks very fluid in terms of movements and seemed to run very well. The fatality at the end looked like it was gonna get messy lol.

It looks like its returning to the roots that made MK great. Im really interested in this!!!

Please be good, please be good, please be good…

Trailer looks really good. Definitely going to get it, even if it sucks. Mortal Kombat was always cool, except for the actual fighting. Even the supposedly good games I can’t get into, this could change that though! I really hope they can make a good game, perhaps it will open the window for western developed 2d fighters.

I hope this is good, my interest has been caught.

To be fair, though MK:A sucked, that opening was fucking awesome. Watching Stryker hook Mileena made me laugh many, many times.

Please, please confirm that Boon has minimal involvement in this game and that they’re actually having it playtested for once.

Also, the next trailer (which I guess will be at E3) should have “Prepare yourself” somewhere in it.

Looks promising. Has a re-birth look but with nice impressive 3D graphics. I hope to see Kitana on it.


focus on story!!! omg yes!!!

for real tho, this game is gon be awesome.

Lets see here, judging from this trailer…
New Fatalities = win
Tag System = win
2d gameplay = win
trailer = win

Im in there