New Gundam Vs. game

The latest Gundam Vs. arcade game from the Amusement Machine Show:
Title is "Gundam Vs. Gundam"
MS and theme music from 15 previous Gundam series will appear
Release date is is some screen shots:

Nice I would rep you but I can’t. It looks meh but we shall see in the future. Only I would be the first to post in a Gundam thread.

ewwww, i see the turn A in one of the screenshots

look like it’ll be fun though

Wow, those are some primitive ass graphics.

Hell yeah they better polish that shit up…

im likin the user interface, although the graphics could be a bit smoother


I see GP02 Gundam and Turn-A with that sexy ass mustache.

All this game needs is Zeta Gundam,Sazabi,and Nu-Gundam to be complete

looks similar to virtual on.

Im sure that there will be some seed destiny mechs.

you>seed destiny

Revolutionary 3-stick gameplay, anyone?

These were my thoughts exactly. Even the graphics engine looks similar to Virtual On’s, just with beefed up textures and a higher poly count.

Yeah, confirmed.
This is officially Gundam On:


Screw Sazabi and Nu…I want Nightingale and Hi-Nu Gundam :smiley:

JERUS it looks like a PC game from 1992.

This looks like a hella step backwards from zaft2 plus, I think I’ll carry on playing that for a good while.

Now a game with zaft2 engine with all the gundams from each series would be great.

This game will be only acceptable if the following are met:
-Shining Gundam
-Burning Gundam
-Hi-Nu Gundam
-Altron(Endless waltz version)
-Deathsycthe(Endless waltz version)
-The gundams from Gundam seed astray.
A gundam game isn’t a gundam game without: SHINING FINGER!!!

fuck that AC crap. Gimme an Expansive UC universe game or point me in the direction of one :O…that is decent.


We’ll probably only be given mechs that have made it on a TV series. That’s too bad because I would have liked trying out Crossbone Gundam X3 with that wicked blade of Tobia’s.

At least I did see a shot of Gundam Virsago in there and I doubt the actual GX or Double X can make it since it could be hell to try and program in a Satellite Cannon super move or something.

Babelfish translation of the article:

Banpresto appears to be developing the game.

Shit needs more Gundam Sentinel in it.

As long as G and Wing are in it…

btw, did Gundam AD start yet?

Somebody imageshack this plz?

Isnt there suppose to be a Dynasty Warriors-Style Gundam game in the works?