New Fei video thread for Super

Unless Fei gets seriously screwed over in Super I’ll probably start maining him again and it would be nice to have a video thread like the current one but there’s just one problem, I don’t feel like commiting that much time into keeping the thread updated.
Would people like to see a Super Fei video thread which would be kinda like the current one (when I was still updating it) and would some want to dedicate themselves to help keeping it updated (me + 2-3 people should be fine)?
I absolutely hated the first video thread for 2 reasons. It was impossible to find videos and I spent way to much time arguing about mk cw in that thread (this could be why I could never find any videos:rofl:) and it would be really nice with something organized right from the start when super arrives.
What do you think?

sounds, like a good idea… i can help

I can also help bro.

count me in . we should make seperate sections for offline tourneys, online scrub bashing, and new info

I’m down as well.

Thanks for the support. HNIC Mike I agree we should have some better sections than last time.
I still don’t know how to organize this thing. The best would obviously be if several people would be able to edit the OP but I don’t know if thats possible. Sending PMs with the whole updated list to copy paste into the OP wouldn’t work too well since PMs has a much shorter maximum length than a forum post (10 000 v 25 000 characters). The simplest way is to just have someone post the entire updated list in the thread itself. That way it would be really easy to just copy it into the OP but it wouldn’t look too good with random 20 000 character long posts popping up everywhere in the video thread. Maybe have a seperate thread where all the updated lists go?

Fei Vs Abel from 1up stream

This player didn’t know Fei very well but it does show how crappy his 2nd ultra could be, Foward HK seems wicked fast, maybe we can use it to apply some pressure, his crouching HP seems a bit faster also other than that I couldn’t tell much.

It almost looked like Fei’s damage output was increased, at least slightly for his Rekkas. I dunno if that’s true, might just be a trick of the camera/eye.

Okay so super is approaching. Videos have already started to come and I’m 100% sure that Fei will be one of my main men. Time to get this shit started but first I need to know if I have some people to do this with and how we’re gonna do it.

Well if we all can’t manage a thread we are going to have to PM you the links you can copy paste, save the thread from becoming to much of a mess.

Yea PM seems the only way. Otherwise the url’s will be floating everywhere.

PM should work fine but just so you know PM’s maximum character limit is much less than for a forum post (10 000 - 25 000) but I guess that sending 2 PMs wouldn’t be the end of everything and it’ll take a while before it get’s that long anyway with the current video thread that took months only became about 12 000 characters long.

So how do we sort this thing out? After player like the current one, date, matchups? I feel that separating tournament, casuals and online matches is a must. I don’t think any of us is gonna want to change the layout of everything if we decide to change the layout in july so it’s better to get it down right away.

Yah with the ability to now save matches at will I am sure we will see a bunch more online/posted.

separating tournament, casuals and online matches is a good Idea, maybe even a favorites of the posters.

Evans (Fei) vs Alioune (Adon) : Very difficult match-up there.


Yikes. Adon’s got some pretty sweet normals–very fast overall. Any impressions on how Fei feels?

shoulda been wiff punnishing that roundhouse with rekkas.

or maybe there was a bunch of people waiting to play and evans didnt want to lose. i always try a bunch a shit out in casuals tho

maybe he just …couldnt…

Alioune bringing the zetsubou (despair) to the Fei forums. I see that you danced a lot outside of rekka range and poked Evans a bit with it a but there didn’t seem to be much from stopping Evans from dancing around your and poking with rekkas.

fck that st HK takes a fair chunk of life off.

Its to bad that Fei Long doesn’t have an effective F.HK and 1 hit usually misses unlike Adons which seems to work well. The should of just gave Fei his Forward step kick, looks cooler and was way more useful