New Dhalsim Player

Hey everyone,

I’m a new Dhalsim player and I’m wondering what the BnB combos are that I should practice?

Thanks so much

back + MK xx Yoga Flame

I suppose maybe a better question is: is there a website or forum thread that shows all Dhalsim’s Bnb?

u cant play dhalsim like any other character …
he has:

  • no true strings
  • no all his attacking specials are projectile based making them extremely punishable
  • technicly no safe jumps
  • no command throw
  • his combos are very situational
  • crap forward and back dash
  • no save wakeup apart from super which can be punished ( teleport doesnt count as its usually horribly punished or optionselected )
  • hes dead in the corner

on the other hand …

  • he has huge range to his normals …
  • a 3 frame jump
  • he can teleport in the air
  • good FA range
  • some decent frame traps here n there …
  • best zoning and anti airing

if you’re gonna stick to sim its gonna be a long ride … but deffinately worth it …
forget bnb … just get familiar with his pokes … and learn to be lame

Practice by only using normals for chunks of time over a few weeks. No throws, no specials. You may lose a bunch but who cares? Do it if you want to learn sim. 50% of his game is mastering his normals. 40% is learning how to block and not cave under pressure (trying to escape constantly). 8% is being unpredictable with the poking patterns. 2% is trying to optimize damage (combos, etc).

Hey guys,

I’m in the same boat as Joobie. I am totally new at Dhalsim, have been playing him over 1 week now and have used pro tips from EC and SMC:

  • become familiar with pokes
  • play patiently
  • using mostly normals (pokes again)
  • learning to block

I haven’t actually tried playing without using specials or not throwing although when I’ve been cornered I haven’t been jumping out and or trying anything tricky. More so have been doing my best to block although counter hit setups usually have been getting me.

I will try though this afternoon to use Sim without any specials and no throws. I’ll see how that goes and report back tomorrow.

The thing is this: I can’t do (standing + hold back and medium kick) into lp flame. I seriously can’t do this “simple combo” and it seems just about impossible for my fingers to do. I was wondering if there was any kind of technique that is used to make this combo easier? IMO, I should be able to win most games without using this combo but it would just help to actually be able to pull this combo off a lot because there are so many times I get AIT hp, hit confirm but no flame afterwards because I simply can’t press back mk followed by half circle back punch.

Any tips / advice or techniques on how to do this combo would be appreciated. It’s kinda sad because I’ve been doing so well with Sim but just can’t do this combo and I feel I may as well just not use him if I can’t do it as this combo, although it may seem insignificant and simple, is an integral part of playing Sim so if I can’t do it then what’s the point in using him as a main or secondary?

Cheers guys

Tau Namo

The correct notation is b.MK xx LP flame. But, we often erroneously do something like b.MK -> LP flame.

As far as that BnB cancel. Make sure that you turn on inputs in training mode to see what’s going on there. This is a cancel that you can do as fast as you’d like. The only way this won’t come out is if you either do it too slowly or don’t use the correct input.

Remember, yoga flame is a full half-circle motion. It’s not a quarter-circle. So, the move looks something like. b.MK, f, df, d, db, b + LP. Try to do it quickly and fluidly. These are actually the only combos you really need to know as a Sim player:

b.MK -> LP flame -> super

c.LK -> super (3 frame interrupt cancel into super, easiest way to do it is qcf, qcf, lk ~ p, you do it like a super motion but just before you hit the punch you tap lk to slide first, it’s actually very easy)

b.HP -> EX or MP flame

cb.MP -> cb.MP -> EX or MP flame

Low teleport -> jb.FP -> b.MK -> LP flame -> Super (In this combo you’ll often use jb.MK instead of jb.FP because it can cross up and will hit the opponent no matter which side they’re on preventing you from whiffing if they get pushed under you by a mistimed fireball.)

cb.FP -> b.FK (this is a preferred up close and personal punish because it builds good meter, requires no meter at all, has good damage and stun, and pushes the opponent back to 1/3rd screen distance.)

MOST important is making sure that you anti-air correctly every time and make sure that you’re always the correct distance from your opponent and that you’re always using the correct poke.

Thank you for your reply SMC : )

I’ll try the b.MK xx LP flame soon and again do a little report on my progress tomorrow. Thank you for correction my notations and sorry I’m not familiar with these and not familiar with the BnBs. I appreciate the combos listed here and have been reading the SRK, Dhalsim threads quite so much lately because I’ve really taking a liking to the play style he has. I never actually thought much about Dhalsim before and didn’t realise that he doesn’t have to combo to win! When ever I used him in the past I’d only look for opportune times to combo but now using Dhalsim in the way that you guys talk about here. Poking, staying stagnant like a wall and basically daring the opponent to jump and then punishing if I can.

So more points for me to remember:

  • anti air correctly
  • stand the correct distance. (Also I remember reading some where here on SRK to space so that the poke hits at it’s ‘tip’, so trying to do that)
  • use the correct pokes

Fully appreciate all the tips and advice given here.

u must learn to use as an anti air also
some players will predict your anti airs and will jump in in distance where ur or will wiff
so u must master this , and count exactly their jump range to use the proper anti air

true and I have used and also used and cb.hp as an anti air and they have all worked when I’ve used them in certain situations. One of which I have against a Cammy player which I’ll probably upload to the video channel that shows use of the anti airs chosen in that matchup.

Neither back medium kick or down back hp are good anti airs. They should only hit clean against empty jumps or really bad jump in normals:

These 2 are really good for beating Air Tatsumakis tho

True, and the video I have definitely shows how these anti airs kept the characters out where other anti airs could not be used. Regardless, the usage is probably MU specific.

s.MP is a good long distance anti-air for when you’re grounded. There’s also always neutral jump MP.

Would you guys say Sim is a good secondary to Bison to cover bad MUs? Honda/Chun/Guile/Gief

Kinda bored of Bison, looking for a secondary, and I know Sim is a lot harder in this game than say. Super Turbo…

Also is that MK xx Flame combo you’re talking about, that annoying one that catches so many people off guard online?

Yoga fire (bait), teleport > yoga spear > xx flame?

IMO Dhalsim can handle those 4 really well. Maybe except Chun but it’s 5-5 at worst.
And yes Dhalsim is completely different from super turbo, now he is the one suffering dives on his face lol

Yep, I noticed that lol. I played very bad one game, and the guy kept taunting. So I switched to Bison (my main) and did the exact same thing to him with a perfect. I definitely will need to try him out properly when I have time. Training mode, I got a few things down. In an actual match is a different story.

Played a few yesterday with him. I ran an 8 person Endless lobby, and realized the people I was against weren’t that good, so I used that as an opportunity to try Sim.

I think my problem is muscle memory, I know when to use which normal, but I tend to press the wrong button a lot, especially for like anti air. That, and pulling this off all the time. I only managed once without fail.

[media=youtube]jOFtg4rSfEs[/media] 21:52.

haha, same thing here!
I try to learn sim cuz he is mad fun.
so when I enter an endless lobby i kill their leader with blanka to get on top and than sim comes into play.
when I win with him I’m like “WTF? YEAH!!!”, when I loose I switch back to jimmy and show them who’s boss.
doing this I dont get frustrated, because I know, that they know, that I could easily destroy everybody…so I dont care bout loosing with sim

It’s cool to see people picking up Sim.

He was my first main in Super, right after I got my first stick. Stuck with him for a few months then moved on to T. Hawk because I fell in love with how he’s a grappler with a DP. Then I went to Ryu because he has a better DP.

Then everything comes full circle because Dhalsim and I have an odd relationship. I can’t stay away forever, it seems. :stuck_out_tongue: