-NEW- Currently Playing Game Thread' Hyper Turbo: Get Juicy w/Dem Deets

Welcome to the New Currently Playing Game Thread due to the old one auto closing after 10K posts.

I finally started playing Splatoon 2. Since plenty of players have been playing for almost a year, I have a lot of catching up to do. Thankfully my time spent with the original Splatoon helped a lot. Having said that, all the new weapons and sub weapons definitely changes things up considerably. That new umbrealla weapon is nasty to go up against in capable hands and I’m having a tough time against Splat Duely users. With a few exceptions, lots of the newer stages seem smaller, leading to much faster shootouts. Overall, I’m liking the game but I feel my enjoyment is a bit hampered since I’m still adjusting to all the new stuff.

the splat duelys are so good because you get access to a dodge roll. iirc thats the only weapon that dos that.

Im balls deep in Monster Hunter World, building two character despite eveyone telling me not to haha. Both are at end game high rank using the charge blade and the switch ax.

Also been playing Fortnight with my brothers. Not really my kind of game, but its fun to spend time with my bros playing games like the good old days so i deal with it. Fortnights fun but i do have issues with it, building is too good imo just toss up a wall anywhere and if you build well enough not much anyone can do about it. Also in typical Epic Games fashion Shotguns rule the roost big time. But its still fun over all

Only other thing i have been playing is Psyvsriar on my Dreamcast. Games a ton of fun and the risk reward scoring system is adrenalin boosting.

Monster Hunter: World
Currently running 3 solo-weapon files: Lance, Bow, and Dual Blades.
The first two are mainstays while the third is mostly out of random interest.
Kinda wish there were more save files so that I can solo-run some other weapons.
If I didn’t run DB, I probably would’ve run one of the following HBG/LBG, IG, CB.

Kulve Taroth Siege was interesting.
Sometimes ran rounds/sets with some pretty capable hunters/groups, so that was nice.
Kulve Weapon reward rates could’ve been better, I think.
Kinda sucks doing a (completion) run and not getting a specific weapon type/class reward, relative to what you are using at the time.

Muramasa Rebirth
Finished playing through Genroku Legends recently.
The individual stories were pretty interesting, particularly some of the second endings.
Kinda sucked having to re-tread through all the older areas for all the extra stuff, though.
A follow-up game with some of the chars featured in the second endings would be interesting to see:

Sayo, the siblings, Dengoro

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Recently got to the end game.of Hollow Knight. I was stuck on The Watcher Knight for a while but finally got em today. Aside from the last two bosses (And the dlcs) I think the only boss fight I have left is the one in the bee hive.

Cloth is a bro.

Hollow Knight: I got axed in an area that I don’t have the map to yet and visibility is trash. I knew I should have gotten that torch. Killing the Shade an reclaiming my moola is easy. But getting out of that place has proven difficult.

Mega Man 11: I’m on my second play through of this game and still loving it. The weapons are a blast to use and the level design is far less obnoxious like MM9. I was not a fan of spikes in just about every single level in that game. I was watching some time trial replays and the stuff players are doing after only a week is CRAZY.

You’re in Deepnest huh?

Man the DLC episodes are so good. The only one I wasn’t super into was the farmer one, but I love that all the characters had unique systems that made them really different from both the main game characters and each other. I think Okoi was my favorite though

Like I posted in the General VG thread, I finished Spider-Man recently and enjoyed it immensely. Some things early on threw me off, such as attacks only hitting one person at a time, which kicked my ass for crowd control. At one point I was 2 for 100 against the Demons early on and would get my ass kicked by drug dealers on roof tops.

The problems were on my end as I wasn’t using the tool set I had at the time and was still coming to grips with some of my moves (Air Dodge for instance). I’m also not one to use items are secondary weapons until MUCH later when playing games. Once I focused more on that I was mauling the enemies. The bosses I never had much trouble with, but the regular enemies would kick my ass when I tried ‘winging it’ haha.

I’ll be replaying this game for a long time to come.

The two cons for in this game were the stealh sections later on in the game when the story just got crazy. I just wanted to FIGHT. The second being, New York doesn’t interest me much. The Avengers builiding is awesome, but a lot of places were…eh. I spent most time swinging and wall running. The few times I went of foot, didn’t do much for me, unless I was high-fiving people. This became apparent last night when I through in Kiwami 2. Seeing Kamurocho at night in the Dragon Engine will never not be amazing.

So now I’m back on Kiwami 2. I love the more dense areas to explore and and have more fun doing it. Kiwami 2 really excels in this area in that you can use the buildings as short cuts to go through different parts of Kamurocho without having to fight. Felt like home for me when I started the game up. I’ve been upgrading abilities and waited on Attack Level and damage boosts for Light and Heavy attacks. Decided to say fuck it and now I’m a wrecking ball, haha.

Man in Black was on some FUCKING BULLSHIT though. I have a save for that fight specifically beacuse it feels broken as all hell. I’ll keep at it to see if it is or not.

I saw HKDJ (HaoKuaiDeJian) is playing Bayonetta, DmC and DMC4SE. They have a Twitch channel and everytime I see this person play Bayo, I tell myself “Why wasn’t I doing that?!” or “I didn’t think of that?!”

I still have Megaman 11, Sonic, Sonic Mania Plus, Thunder Force IV and Fist of the North Star. I’ll type more on those later. Sorry for the wall of text.

Hmmm. How’d you know? It sounds like you speak from experience.

Dragon Quest XI
Near the end of Act III.
Draconian Quest settings: no XP from weaker enemies, stronger enemies.
Really enjoying the journey and experience.

Slime Rancher
Haven’t played this in a while; slimes probably wondering where I am and have likely overrun the ranch in the meantime, lol.

I still haven’t finished the post game from DQXI…

The last things I remember doing in DQ XI was roulette jackpot farming, some Wheel of Harma stuffs, and whatever story progression stuffs.

Then AT Kulve happened…

Man, Harma is pretty annoying on “strong enemies”. They’re pretty difficult and by the time you can do them kind of comfortably the items you get are already weaker than what you used to pass the trials lol. Btw, you said “Act III” but what do you mean exactly?

I must’ve done a fair amount of stat/ability respec stuffs to progress through the Wheel of Harma stuffs, lol.

Act III?
Probably meant to say post-game stuffs, lol.
Act III sounds better, maybe.

Cross posting because I saw this on the front page and I really need to post in this thread more but without further ado…

I’m loving Shenmue. Arguably more than I did when I played it back then, just because I’m more down to explore instead of finding something and going “what’s next…” in a rush to see the next big moment.

The aesthetic and setting were always my favorite parts of the game even when I was down on the game for not having the best beat 'em up sections (one of the main reasons I wanted and bought the game), which led me to disliking it as a game after a couple play throughs.

I think being more patient and now seeing that nothing since has been this detailed has helped as well(I hear Fallout, starting with 3 became this detailed?). The one thing with technology in general is being wowed by something initially and then wondering what awesome thing is going to happen next. I remember gaming articles and fanbases at the time would gloss over Shenmue with this mentality usually citing how upcoming adventure games at the time and beyond were going to blow past this game in terms of detail and refinement. Yeah…

Revisiting the game in current times has only strengthened this game good parts in comparison to what was out at the time and what is out now. I’m hoping Shenmue 3 keeps without having button prompts on what is or isn’t discoverable, and keeps the first person mode w/zoom-in for investigating.

I’m hoping the fighting improves. What I mean in that sense, is that there’s better hit-stun and animations to sell the impact. Having fighting game commands and buffers (but not cancelling) was awesome and still is moreso these days. I hope the after-image effect is still in place too.

It’s crazy how this game uses ‘quiet space’ for it’s immersion, and is one of my favorite aspects of it, moreso now than back then (which I still dug at the time, just not to this extent). The big thing in the BotW marketing was “See that mountain…you can go there”, with Shenmue it’s “See that object…you may or may not be able to interact with it, and there may or may not be an item…do you still want find out if you can interact with it?”

I remember the clerk at EB games told me that last part when I bought Shenmue when I asked his thoughts on it since he imported the Japanese release. At the time I was like, “I just want to drop people using the VF engine”.

The quiet space in this game is just blowing my mind right now and I’m glad I can revisit this game on modern hardware. Looking forward to starting Shenmue 2 since I’ve never played it.

I hope there’s an option for the original control scheme to. I always like using the triggers to walk and run.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: I LOVE this freaking game SO MUCH. I have my mains but so many characters are a joy to play as. Zelda’s Link to the Past design is helping me like her more sure but the more the play as her, the more I enjoy fighting with her. I didn’t know Dinn’s Fire could be aimed, which is great for sniping fools.

I’m playing more World of Light and I’ve added some Legendary Spirits to my collection. If you have some non Smash fighter amiibos, scan them, you may get some good stuff. I scanned my Callie amiibo and got the Squid Sisters Spirit that gives you fast Final Smash Meter charging.

I’ve managed to beat numerous fights that were giving me trouble but some are still too much. 9-Volt and 18-Volt are clapping my cheeks thanks to that Sheriff Assist Trophy and Dr. Wily is insane.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingom: If you love old-school action platforming with some RPG elements, GET THIS GAME. It does not hold your hand, leaving you to figure out boss battles and puzzles on your own. I got my first orb from a tiny snake, that I didn’t expect to give me too much trouble, but that fight actually made me sweat. I even died a few times.

I “finished” RDR2 last month and picked up Darksiders III this month, but I think I might return it. I like it quite a bit overall but there are performance issues that really get in the way of the gameplay, and I don’t really want to wait on a patch for it when I could return it and get Nier:A for less and scoop DSIII up again when it’s cheaper.

Also playing through Megaman 11, though it’s been a couple days. Should probably get back to it.

Also been fooling around with Border Down on Dreamcast. This is an interesting Horizontal Scrolling shmup, your “lives” are the difficulty settings, and when you die you Border Down to a harder difficulty. At the end of a stage if you score enough points then you get the chance to Border Up. There are 3 Borders, green (easy) yellow (normal) and red (hard). If you die on the red border then it’s game over. The trade off to it all is you score a good deal more points on the red border then the other two. Game also has a Break Laser you charge up by shooting enemies and collecting powerups. The Break Laser is used to quickly kill enemy ships, wipe bullets off the wcreen and get in huge Dragonball Z beam wars with the bosses. Games hard as fuck but hoping to break a dent in it soon.

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Currently playing SC6 and Valkyria Chronicles 4. I need to finish VC1 now that I think about it, but the difficult curve from mission 7 to 8 is fucking atrocious. It’s hella off-putting and ruins the game for me.

I’m about finished with my rerun of FE13, only because my last file didn’t feel “optimized” enough despite beating secret path apotheosis. I’m ready to take it on again with some really nice tricks up my sleeve. My 3DS was collecting a lot of dust, so I’m happy with the hours I’m putting in.