New Character for Tatsunoko vs Capcom: All-Stars: Frank West from Dead Rising

Frank West in TvC All Stars!

I’m not in love with the voice though…

wow the specials are really cool. Go megaman lol

Comeon Chairhome…you know there is a TvC section already posting about it.

Frank West? Cool. I thought there’s a TvsC section already?

Lol awesome, but yeah think there is a section for it down below. I like the zombie projectiles, nice touch Capcom.

I thought he’d be the last character they revealed!

How can you hate that voice actor?

“Oh my god!” (Shopping cart mauls opponent)

“That’s hilarious! Ha, ha, that’s GREAT!” (Puts Servbot head on opponent and viciously bulldogs them with triple replay)

“I’m getting outta here!” (Actually doesn’t get outta here, but instead stays to pose with partner)

I’ve never even played Dead Rising, but this dude already has my respect.

The new voice sucks, but everything else about Frank is pure win.

The voice just doesn’t sound like…somebody who’s covered wars, y’know?

EDIT: The 2nd new trailer actually confirms Williamette Mall as a new BG.

he should have the CDs projectile !

I’m pretty sure the voice is more or less the same as in the original games. I remembered him being huskier in tone, but after watching some vids of dead rising again I realised that he always did have that high pitched somewhat whiny voice. Oh well.

We’re all forgetting Frank’s personality. He’s self-important, has delusions of grandeur and sees himself as somewhat of a hero…actually he fits in with all the real super heroes, lol.

I don’t really see the point of his Mega Man super. I mean, Mega Man’s already in the game, kinda weird.

That’s because you haven’t played Dead Rising?

One of the secret items in that game was a megabuster gun and a megaman helmet that would allow Frank to shoot the trademark plasma at enemies. Also, Megaman Volnutt is in this game, (and possibly Megaman Zero) but NOT original Megaman. Think of it as a cameo I guess.

what he said.

also theres footage of tekkaman blade! he looks pretty sweet. but yeah frank west is totally stealing the show, as he should.

Great, four Megaman characters. Way to go Capcom, bloody brilliant.


I only see Volnutt, Roll and (reportedly) Zero. Who’s the fourth?

I think he means Frank’s immitation of Rockman.

Alright, stay cool.

Oh my god!

Oh my god!

I’m out of here! click.

Character looks cool, voice makes me want to avoid using him and commit murder if I keep seeing him online. :sweat:

I don’t see anything wrong with his voice actually. It’s just so jarring because it’s in ENGLISH while everyone else is speaking japanese.

Nah it’s not that, they’ve changed the VA from Dead Rising I think.