New 3S Matches from KSK's arcade featuring Pyrolee and Frankie 3S

Delete this thread if it’s already been mentioned, but on KSK’s site, they are hosting the latest ranking battle featuring Frankie 3S and Pyrolee, as well as many old favorites such as AFM and Jima. You gotta love it when those Japs start chanting “USA, USA!” as a joke. Great video too. Get it here:

There’s like no people on bittorrent…

already a thread about this, so there may be no seeds now…

Damn it, could someone seed plz, would really like to get this

Yeah I’ve been trying to get this for hours, and I’m still at 0%. I’d really like to see this!

Anyone have it hit me up on aim plz.

noone seeding?

last night it was easy to get 300kbps download speeds off of it

ill seed now i guess

btw pyro vs afm = too good of a match

torrent works fine for me. getting 500k/sec

Sabre, send me whatever bit torrent thingy you use plz…mine is old as hell

USA chants = hilarious.

Also, somewhere between 40:00 and 42:00, some japanese guy said “OHH MYGAWD”. 250 MBs was worth just to hear that.

if you use bitcomet it should work no problem.

that SA II parry pryo pulled off on AFM was hot too.

lol they screamed “umehara” after the parry.

even japs know about evo 2k4

yeah i cant seem to download this either. :frowning:

edit: holy shit, its working!

omg, Frankie3s is real with that denjin. :wow:

I think Frankie3s now is what Alex Valle was with Ryu in the late 90’s and early new milliuem

yesterday’s news :stuck_out_tongue:

For some reason, my bitcomet wont download the last 0.5%? Anyone know why?

Probably because no one else who is currently seeding has the last 0.5%. Wait a while and it’ll clear up.

Its actually going down now, it was at 99.7, now its at 99.1, get seeding people!!!

I didn’t see the other thread - thanks. So far, I’m suprised Frankie is connecting with so many denjin. It’s almost like they aren’t even trying to parry it.