New 3rd Strike Empire Site

Hello fellow 3s fans. With 3s OE just around the corner I have decided to create a mega 3s site that is dedicated to the 3s community. My goal is for it to be the SRK for the 3s scene and will include strats, match videos, articles, tournament announcements, pod cast and just about any and everything as it relates to 3s. My friend who is a very talented web designer will create a quality site and I currently have Amir and 5star as contributors. I’d like to ask this forum for any volunteers in helping keep up the site. I’d like to collect as many influential and prominent members from the community to help build this site as I want it to be a site created by the fans for the fans. If your interested please post and spread the word to help get this mega site off the ground. Thanks and I hope this all works out.


I will tell my friends. They talk to everyone so you’ll everony will probably know in a few days.

i will contribute.

Hum. This could be promising. Why not?

No Rockefeller (and ranch blowjobs advice column by Amir) no buy.

in on first page.

if ur srs. im a web designer myself and am starting up my own web design company. i can help with the creation of the website/tech help/advertising/seo, plus if u buy the domain, ill host the website for free (for life). PM me if ur interested.

I am neither influential nor a prominent member of the community, but I am here to contribute!

Is the said website built yet?

I will contribute the most I can! Really can’t wait to see this.

Nah…sounds stupid.

Oh top players? Ok cool.

Sounds cool.

i respect your intentions but i can’t say i agree with splitting people up. it seems inefficient to get big names to contribute to a site that most new players won’t be able to find. i’m aware that 3Sers don’t like getting lumped together with the other stuff on srk, but i feel like the good outweighs the bad, especially on the verge of a big release.

Sounds awesome, kind of like TYM for Mortal Kombat, I’ll tell my friends. If SRK promotes it it will have zero problems getting off the ground.

I’d join the FUCK outta this site.

Speaking of streams… I’d give an arm and a leg to see some 3s ones around. That synchtube channel is the closest thing I know of to one.

I’d gladly join up.

Good luck.

Why do you have to create a new site? Why don’t you just add to the forums/wiki here?

To simply consolidate the mass of info in an easily readable format.

These forums are great for information, but the thread and post format doesn’t bode well if you want to have multiple tables for 20+ characters. Starting fresh allows us to remake it from the ground up. Something similar to this is what I’m expecting:

Good luck.