Netherealm next fighter... Killer Instinct 3!?

Apparently Netherealm is trying to get access to the Killer Instinct IP and last night Ed Boon himself at the VGA’s said they are takin a break from MK atm and moving onto something else…

I would leave my wife for a new Killer Instinct game. I used to play KI2 in arcades on my breaks all the time back in the day.

Oh god i hope they make it happen.
Ill just leave this here…

they’re making a beat-em-up or something I think.


I remember having fun mashing back on my SNES. At least I think I was having fun lol

I’m not sure how to feel about this. On one hand, I would LOVE to see a new KI. On the other, I’m not sure if the MK team is the right team to do it. Still, it’s interesting to think about.

I’d hope they’d make a sequel to Primal Rage instead.
a sequel did actually begin but was cancelled in the beginning.

But KI and Primal Rage without funny motion capture of figurines are not the same games :frowning:

Really? I would think the MK team would have a pretty good grasp on a KI game.

I would prefer if someone who knew how to make a fighting game got the license.

The article also says that they’re working on a new MK game and that contradicts Ed Boon’s announcement of taking a hiatus from the franchise. I don’t believe this rumor, but yeah NRS would be the perfect team to develop a new KI. I just can’t picture companies like Capcom and ASW pulling this off.

Ed Boon already smashed it!/noobde/status/140962919050510337

He is still unsure if KI has enough demand to warrant a new installment. It’s 2011 and we still don’t even get an XBLA version of KI1 though.

Wow THAT is awesome! And the current holders of the Killer Instinct rights(Rare?) aren’t doing a damn thing with the classic property. I’m all for Netherealm taking a shot at it.

Hopefully this also results in a KI&KI2 Arcade release for modern systems(they can edit out mention of the Nintendo name & Ultra 64, so it wouldn’t cause legal issues with non-nintendo consoles).

mk9 is a better game than marvel and 3so.

I wonder where most of old Rare is now in the industry

1.) Those are both Capcom games, and I did not say "I would prefer if Capcom made a new KI game."
2.) I disagree that MK9 is better than 3S.

I will play this game no matter how bad/random it is. I never had a Super Nintendo but I would go to my friend’s house religiously just to play this game. It was like the best parts of SF2 and MK3 in the same game.

The main thing is, I believe the problem is that it’s not just Rare who holds the rights. Nintendo holds the rights to KI, too. So unless WB and NRS were able to sweet-talk Ninty into giving it up, I don’t think we’ll ever see KI again.

Besides, for all the work that could go into trying to bring KI back, NRS and WB could easily dip into other parts of the Midway catalog. Like say, the aforementioned Primal Rage. Or maybe a new fighting IP starring DC characters (which hopefully would be more than just a “DC fighter with MK movesets”).

How about a completely new IP instead?

Maybe even one that breaks the mold that all non-Asian developed fighters have to be “gritty” and have finishers.

Maybe. I think they’d be good at getting the visual look down. But I’m not convinced they’ll evolve the gameplay the way it deserves to be evolved. I also worry about bad net-code and a barrage of balance patches.

Maybe a developer will pick this up that can put good netcode to use.

We already have SkullGirls.