NetChamp Battle Arena Tournament - Montreal - 11/28/2009

UPDATED !!! (last update November 21st 2009)
Official Flyer / Poster

NetChamp Battle Arena Tournament

DATE: 11/28/09

Location: Netchamp
1822 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest
Montreal, Qc H3H1M1

Tournament Entry Fee:
$10 per Tourney
Venue Admission Fee:

-Everyone will be required to pay the 10$ entry free which acts like a day pass. You will be able to play as much as you want. Tournament fees are separated as stated earlier. A bracelet will be given to you upon payment.

PS. If you are just a spectator, you are not required to pay the location fee but you cannot play on any of the station if you don’t have a bracelet.


HD Remix
3rd Strike


(Hours subject to change)
Begin: Saturday, 28 November 2009 12:00pm
End: Sunday, 29 November 2009 03:00am

-Registration for the games will start at 12pm until 4pm

-HD Remix & Third Strike will both start at 5pm

-SF4 will start at 7pm and will most likely end by 11pm

SF4 (360 maybe a PS3) - HD Remix (360) - 3rd Strike (PS2)

double elimination tournament
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games per semi final match
4 out of 7 games grand finals

Tourney Directors:
PTS one (Phoun)
mongmong (Jin)


NetChamp Battle Arena Tournament!!! This is it! The last major MTL tourney of the year…Can’t wait till MAT7? Then join us @ the NetChamp Battle Arena Tournament!

What’s up MTLSF & The rest of the world. Netchamp Battle Arena has provided us with a sick venue for the tournament. This tournament will most likely be the last of 2009 in MTL so make it count! Bring your A Game!

The venue has 10 head to head setups all on Xbox 360’s with Hori EX 2’s on each, but feel free to bring your own sticks…

Pictures available here:

Video available here (Setup sneak peak):


We hope to see Ottawa and GTA at this tourney this shit going to be HYPE !

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What What!

is it better now Nagata?

need that HD remix side tourney

BTW, we’ll be trying to stream the tourney, or at the least record the matches with live commentary.

Add some T6

Nice! Glad to see Montreal is starting to get on the train and throw more tournaments! Good luck guys!

:tup: Thank you. Stickied. :tup:

Reminder for people to please pre-register at:

Click on the NetChamp Battle Arena Tournament link

Enter your Name/SRK name and email and book! This will help us greatly…

any toronto representatives?

Yo Concept i say we make an appearance

Ya man come down…bring stc with you :slight_smile:

can i get a ride? also… if not… i may fly if someone can pick me up from le aerogare!

Finally some real action in MTL , get hype mofos!!

Team STC always likes free money, especially from MTL.

The set up looks nice… is the venue big enough? and will there be a big screen TV for us to play finals/big MMs on?

Freddy, Veasna, Henri, i would like to challenge all 3 of u for $50-100 each of your choice. Race to 7. :karate:

JS ill MM you FT5 20$?

Im debating if i should bust out my double dizzy gief combo at this tourney. i am also taking MMs. 20 dollars max tho.

Bring it on TO the more the better :slight_smile:
whoever is comming please confirm in this thread or pre reg on please

Thanks see you guys the 28th


Niiice Team STC ! Yo guys dont worry the venue is big enough and the tournament is gonna run FAST. All big MMs and finals are gonna be on the black box dont worry and all setups are totally lag free